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Finally, Edward guided me to the doors. "Time to leave, love." I looked up at him, and he smiled down at me.

"I thought you'd never say that." I muttered, his eyes making the heat return to my cheeks once again that night. I silently hoped that we could make a quiet getaway, but my hopes were crushed when Alice, who took over for the DJ, came over the microphone, interrupting the song that was playing.

"The newlyweds are leaving now!" Most of the crowd followed us as Edward swept me off of my feet and carried me out of the doors and towards the limo that waited just outside of them.

"Thanks a lot, Alice." I murmured.

"You're welcome!" I heard Alice shout from inside. Stupid, annoying, sensitive-eared vampire. Edward chuckled, opening the door to the limo and sliding me in. He slid in beside me, closing the door behind him. The limo started moving and I could hear the cheers from outside. I collapsed onto the seat.

"Thank goodness!" I breathed. "I though I would die of old age before we ever set foot in this limo."

"I wouldn't let that happen, love." Edward scooted closer to me, taking me into his arms.

"Well, you wouldn't have had to worry about that. I'm pretty sure these shoes would have made my feet fall off before I died of old age." I leaned down to start unbuckling the complicated heels. Before I touched the shoes, Edward had bent forward and both of the shoes were across the limo. I leaned back, cuddling up to him. He snuggled me closer, entwining my fingers with his. "Would you mind telling me where we are going?" I asked him.

He smiled down at me. "You'll see," he said, bending down to kiss me. My hands released his and went up to wrap around his neck and my fingers went into his hair. His hands journeyed around my waist and held me tightly to him. Before I knew it, I was laying on the seat, him hovering on top of me, his tongue probing into my mouth. I had to break for air, but his lips only traveled downwards, down my neck, to my upper chest.

"N-n-no…" I stammered, still not having my full breath. I knew one thing for sure, and it was that I didn't want to end up going too far with Edward and making love with him in the back of a limo. It was his first time, too, and I wanted it to be perfect. To me, doing it in a moving vehicle was not the best definition of perfect. Thankfully, he thought the same thing, and sat back up, pulling me onto his chest again.

"Don't worry, Bella, dear. I can control myself until we get to where we're going." He flashed a dazzling smile at me, knocking the wind out of me. I cuddled up to him, realizing just how exhausted I was. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thin I heard was Edward. "Bella, love. We're here. Awake, my sleeping beauty." I blushed, opening my eyes to look at him. He opened the door and, once again, lifted me out of the limo.

I gasped. "Edward…A hotel?"

He looked up at it. "Yes. It does seem to be a hotel, doesn't it? I would tell you exactly where we are at, but I'd love to see your face light up in the morning when you look out of the window at the view and guess where we are at."


"Don't worry, my love. It's all taken care of." He picked me up again to carry me through the clear glass doors. He walked up to the man at the reception desk. "Hello, I believe you have a room booked for me in advance? Last name Cullen?"

"Ah yes." The man said. "Here we are. Four days prepaid? Frank!" He called. A young boy galloped forward with a cart. "You show this couple to their room. And take their luggage from their limo with you. He pointed to the doors, where the driver was taking bags out of the trunk, and handed the boy the key.

It didn't take long for him to get the bags on the cart, and he then led Edward, who was still carrying me, to the elevator. He punched a button, but I didn't see which. I was still staring into Edward's eyes. I couldn't keep the smile from overtaking my face. The doors 'ding'ed open, and the young boy lead the way out and down to the end of the hall. There was a room with a double door entrance. He stuck the card in the slot on the door, and it clicked, swinging open. "Welcome to the Luxury Honeymoon Suite."

My jaw dropped in awe as he placed our luggage on the floor and wheeled the cart back into the hall. "Please enjoy your stay," he said, closing the door behind him.

The suite was the most beautiful thing I've ever been in. There was a huge window, with huge curtains over it at the moment, and a dresser with a box of chocolates and a vase of roses. Across the room was a large bed, perfectly made. To my left, I saw, was the bathroom, in white with gold trim. My breath cam out of my mouth in a whoosh.

Edward laughed. "Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding me?" I asked him, pecking him on the cheek. "I love it! Oh, Edward!" I kissed him full on the mouth, pulling away only because I was out of breath. "This is quite possibly the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me!" Edward's smile burst into a wide grin.

"I guess you will have to thank Alice for that. She's the one who arranged all of this."

"Oh Edward!" I threw my arms around him. He carried me swiftly to the bed and sat me down, kissing my neck as he did.

"I've been waiting a long time to do this…" He breathed, his lips skimming my shoulder. I could feel my heart rate climbing, and so could he. "But if you're planning on having a heart attack, I could wait a little longer."

"No." I said.

"Whatever you want, love."

"I want you."

He smiled. "Your wish is my command." He bent down to kiss me once more.

"Uhm…Edward?" He looked at me with curious eyes. "I think I need a human moment." He nodded, standing up to lift me off of the bed. I found my footing and strided to the bathroom door, closing it behind me. I reached to my back and started undoing the complicated pattern of zippers, buttons, and lacing that held my dress to me. I finally got it off, and stepped out of it. There was a closet with hangers right next to the shower, and I swiftly put the dress onto a hanger. I looked in the mirror. All I had left was my corset, that also served as a bra, and my lace panties, both gifts from Alice at my bachelorette party. She would be so pleased to see how well I looked in it. It made me look…well…hot.

I then started taking the many pins and decorations from my pinned-up hair. I was surprised to see that the curls that Alice had put in were still in their full spring. My hair had never held a curl very well. I took one last look in the mirror and decided that this was as good as it was going to get. I finally opened the door and stepped into the room. Edward was sitting on the bed, his jacket from his Tux draped over the chair in the corner. As I walked over to him, his jaw popped open as he took in the sight of me. I could feel the heat once again on my cheeks. When I was close enough, he scooped me into his arms and placed me on the bed with him.

"Wow, Bella…you look amazing." He was still ogling that my clothing. If you could call what I was wearing clothing. I didn't know what to say to him, so I kissed him. He eagerly responded, laying me down as he pressed his tongue in between my lips. My fingers knotted in his hair as his hand journeyed down my side and down to my thigh.

I released my fingers to start unbuttoning his shirt. This time, so much different from any of the other times that I tried to do this same thing, he didn't stop me. His hands left me as he pulled the shirt the rest of the way off, throwing it across the room, only to come back to me, caressing me. His hand began its journey once again, moving to the inside of my thigh. I could feel myself getting very wet. But then his hand left, and began fiddling at my back. Only a few seconds later did I realize that he was removing the corset. He threw it to the ground, taking his lips from mine and planting them on my neck, working their way down to my breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it. I let out a small moan, and I could feel his mouth bend into a smile. His hands started to pull my panties down my legs, flinging them in the same direction as the corset.

His lips connected with mine again, and I didn't care about anything else. He was here with me, we loved each other, and nothing else mattered. His fingers got closer to my sensitive area, and my breathing began to get erratic. He stopped kissing me and smiled down at me. "If you want me to stop, at any time, all you have to do is say so."

I responded by pulling his head back to mine, kissing him wildly. His fingers slid down my clit, the coldness only making me more aroused. He slid one finger into me, and I moaned into his mouth. The heat made a return to my face, and he chuckled, putting another finger in. He obviously wanted to make me moan more, try as I might not to. He fingered me until I couldn't take it anymore. My hands went to his pants, trying to steady them enough to unzip and unbutton them. Edward, using his free hand, whipped them, along with his boxers, off with ease.

He stopped kissing me to look in my eyes again, taking his fingers from me. "Bella, honey, are you sure you want to do this? We can stop if you want to. I wouldn't be disappointed in the least." I nodded. He smiled, kissing my cheek. I felt him place his member at my entrance. He pushed and entered me the tiniest bit. "Now Bella, I know this is going to hurt you the first time. Just tell me if you want to stop." I shook my head.

"Please, Edward, keep going." I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. He nodded once and started to slowly push further into me. He hit my barrier, and gently pushed. A wave of pain shot through me, and I let out a small gasp. Edward stopped, pulling out a tiny bit.

"Bella, honey, are you all right?"

"Yes. I know it's normal."

"It's hard for me to do this…knowing that it hurts you."

"I know, Edward. But we have to."

He nodded, and pushed again. I felt my barrier give way, followed my more pain. I squeezed my eyes shut tight.


"I'm fine." He waited until I opened my eyes. His face was filled with worry. I smiled up at him. "No going back now. We belong to each other now."

"I was always yours, my love." He bent down and kissed me again. Then, he started to pull out, and then thrust again. Try as I might to suppress it, I moaned loudly. He pumped into me again, picking up a bit of speed. I heard him groan in pleasure, which only added to mine. It only took a few minutes for me to feel a warmth start to spread, starting from my lower abdomen. I moaned even louder this time, and my body started moving without thinking. My back arched, my legs locked, my toes curled, and my eyes closed. I felt a strange swelling and bursting sensation, and it was wonderful. Edward noticed this and it sent him into his own orgasm. He pumped faster, groaning loudly, and spurting into me, adding to my pleasure. As soon as both of us had come down from our high, he collapsed beside me, taking me into his arms.

"Oh Bella."

"That was amazing."

"I agree."


"I love you, Bella Cullen."

"I love you too, Edward Cullen." I pulled him into one more kiss before laying my head on the pillow, falling into a deep and satisfying sleep.

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