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"I Understand. Yeah, thanks Sky." Stacie hung up the phone and through herself onto her large oak four-poster bed and sighed.

Five minutes her peace and quiet had lasted. She had let her youngest daughter go to Europe for the summer, her eldest son had moved to the city with his new wife and life seemed ok.

But of course there comes Chloe, Stacie's rebellious pain-in-the-ass. She was supposed to be traveling round France and mountain climbing in Ireland, but instead she had visited the one person that Stacie truly hated.

In Ireland she had found out that her father was living there with his new woman and their daughter.

Of course Stacie knew nothing about either of theses things as he had been presumed dead for 16 years.

Sky, her best friend from her childhood had rung to tell her this, and in return Stacie would fly out to Ireland to collect Chloe and bring her home.

The worst part of this would be seeing him for the first time in years.

Hunter wiped his hands on his jeans and looked out the window for the thousandth time that morning.

Three hours ago, his cousin had rung to tell him that an old friend would be flying out to see him.

She had left no name or any clue who this person would be, however the way she had said it made hunter think he should be very worried.

There was a creaking sound on the stairs and he turned to see this daughter stood there. She looked as worried as he did and yet still calm and cool. A feat she had no doubt inherited from her Mother.

Her older brother sat on the couch opposite him and was looking between them, as if trying to see all the similarities they possess. He git up and went into the kitchen to find Morgan.

Morgan sat at the dining room table, staring into space. Hunter hung his head and sat down across from her. He didn't know how to look her in the eye when he knew that all he was going to see was pain.

"Morgan, I'm sorry . I just, well it doesn't seem right, I was stringing you along. I couldn't do it. As soon as she arrived I knew. I couldn't keep doing this. I'm sorry" he tried to explain but the words just wouldn't fit into place. I wasn't sure what he was sorry for, was it that he didn't feel the same anymore? Or that he never stopped feeling anything for someone else?

Morgan looked straight at him and opened her mouth as if to say something but thought better about it. She did it again, but this time she spoke,

"It's not your fault-" she was cut off by the roar of an engine at the front of the house. Suddenly everyone was out of their seats and at the front door, just in time to see silver astin martin pull up in the front yard