"Mom, I'm going out with James tonight." I said, trying not to flinch as I said his name. I think she might have seen my body shake, but I hoped not. I didn't need her to find out, my life was bad enough as it was - a miserable excuse.

I hadn't known when I moved here, away from my brother Emmet, and my best friends Rosalie, Alice, Edward and Jasper, who, or what, perhaps would be better I would meet. James, the physically looking 17 year old 'boy', the guy boys envyed, the guy girls wanted, who had taken an interest in me.

James was a vampire. Who hunted humans. And was abusive. And I was his girlfriend. My life was aqful, no need to make anyone else's bad by making them worry about me.

"Why? Where?" I knew she didn't exactly approve of James, and no mother would. She didn't like his crimsom eyes, his cold greetings, the creepy way he smelt, the way after I went out with him, I wasn't as happy as I had been before which though hadn't been happy, wasn't as bad as when I had to deal with the of the bruises he inflicted upon me.

"Um . . . I'm going to his house." I replied. Of course, James practically lived by himself. His parents had died long ago, during the Spanish Influenzo or something.

"Okay then. I'm going to Phil's game tonight. Are you sure you don't want me to stay, I mean-"

"Mom, go. Have fun."

"Okay, then." She said, lifting up her suitcase, on her way outside, where Phil was waiting in the car. She'd be away for a week. Something James knew of, something I was scared about.

I got dressed, into revealing clothes, when I heard him come in behind me. Of course he had a key to my house, but I hadn't heard him come in. He wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. Then he started to touch me, places where you weren't meant to touch.

"James, please." I begged, tears falling down my cheeks.

In response he slapped me, "You're mine, I can do what I want with you. You're far too innocent Bella, and I'm changing that."

3 weeks later

Renee POV

I was concerned about Bella. She had been catonic that first week, and even now, she rarely ate, rarely slept and when she did, I heard her screaming, begging for mercy, for someone to stop. But who? Bella never talked voluntarily, only when asked a question and usually only with one syllable answers.

I feared what had happened when I had been gone. I knew it was my fault, I should never have went away. I had asked her what happened numerous times that first week, but she would only cry harder and I learnt not to mention it.

Then one night, when we were eating, well she just playing with her food, she started to talk, "Renee?" she asked hesitantly, as if I would punish her for calling my name. She flinched slightly as I spoke.

"Yes dear?"

"Can I move, to Charlie's?"

"Why?" Was her pain so bad she needed to move? What had happened that effected her so much? I wished dearly to know the answer, but there were many things we wanted that we couldn't have. All I could do at the moment was be there for her and do as she wanted, make her feel comfortable.

"I need to." The tears were coming again. Her voice had been a low whisper, one laced and wrapped with pain, pain on such levels I would never wish it upon anyone, not even someone I loathed.

"Okay. I'll phone him. Would you like to go to sleep, now Bella?"

"Sure." She answered, and I knew it was a lie. "Renee, can I leave tomorrow?"

"So soon?" I asked her? I wouldn't know how she was, but I suppose she wanted a fresh start.

"Yes." she whispered.

"Alright then." I said, picking up the phone and dialing Charlie's number.

"Charlie?" I asked.

"Who's this?" came Emmet's booming voice from the other end of the phone.

"Renee. Can I speak with Charlie, Emmet?"

"Oh, hi mum." He greeted me, before going suspiciously. "Why?"

I suppose it was a bit strange, me calling when I hadn't in almost two years. It was obvious he'd be suspicious.

"It's important."

"It's not . . . Nothing's happened . . . to B-Bella?"

"I need to speak with him."

"OMG! Is she going to be okay."

"Put Charlie on the phone!" I screamed.

"Okay." He said, in a shaking voice. I rarely screamed, it wasn't something I did. But this was my daughter we were talking about and she deserved to be happy.

Bella was going to Forks. She was on her way.

Emmet's POV

I was scared. What had happened to Bella? Charlie was on hte phone for a long time and then he locked himself in his room, saying he was ordering things on the internet, and to please get Esme to come over. He didn't sound happy, he sounded scared, and pained, emotions my father would never show unless it was someething big.

I went over to the Cullen's house where all of the gang were. Jasper and Rose had stayed over for the night at the Cullens. I ran in, and they could tell from my expression something was wrong.

"Where's Esme?" I asked them, urgently. I was going to do what Charlie had told me right NOW. This seemed to be an urgent matter and though I did not know what it was, I would do what I was told.

"Emmet-" I cut Rose off.


"In the kitchen." Edward answered, looking startled.

I ran in, calling, "Esme?"

"Yes, dear-" she stopped when she saw my panicked expression.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, he didn't say."


"Charlie. He says he wants you at hte house now."

"Okay." she said, slipping into her trainers, grabbing her keys and sprinted to her car, driving away at an illegal speed.


It wasn't something that usually happened, seeing Emmet like this. He was always joking around, like a teddy bear. As he stepped out of the kitchen, he shared what was happening, what he thought. I told him I kept seeing flashes of strange things, of a news reporter reading the death of someone, a man with red eyes, all sorts of things.

That seemed to make him even more scared. All of us were. What had happened? Did something happen to Bella? We weren't sure. We had to find out!


We hopped into my car and drove to the Swan's house. We had decided we couldn't take it any longer, and needed to find out what was going on. Outside the Swan house, men were carrying in a large bed, sofa (both of which were bright, cheerful yellow), a white dresser, mirror and television. A bright canary yellow 911 turbo was parked in the drive way.

Charlie was standing outside, handing a check to a car saleman who tossed him the keys and left.

Esme was in the house, directing to put the furniture in one of the many spare bedrooms in the Swan mansion. The one she was directing was the largest. She had large buckets of paint in various colours of cheerful yellow in front of her and seemed to be deciding which one to use.


What was happening? Neither Esme or Charlie would talk to us, saying they were busy. Esme had sent Alice on a shopping trip to buy clothes for a guest and shoes. She said the guest needed lots of clothes, as well as shoes, but to be home by dinner.

By that time, the walls had been painted and were dry. Furniture was being added when a giant delivery van from Amazon came. It was fulled with books and CDs, all of which were being delievered for this mystery guest.

The books were taken and put in by alphetbetical order into the bookshelf which took up a lot of one side of the wall of the giant en suite bedroom. The other side was taken up by a sound system even more sophisticated than mine, and a CD collection I was envious of because it too was bigger than mine.

By dinner, we all wanted to know what happened.

"Kids, Bella's coming." Charlie said.

"To stay? Yay!" everyone squealed.

"The thing is, she isn't happy right now, so please be nice to her, and don't ask hard, mean or painful questions. Emmet, don't ask who did it, and don't demand she tells you so you can beat them up. I undertand from Renee she's going through a difficult stage." and with that, he left us, speechless.

Bella was coming.