A Nightmare In Your Fantasy

Summery: Carlisle and Bella are kidnapped by another coven of vampires with strange abilities. One of the vampires has a strange resemblance to Victoria, and is soon recognized as her sister…and like her sister she has a thirst for revenge.

Chapter 1: Nightmare Or Warning?

Once I'd fallen asleep, I was automatically dreaming. I found myself looking onto my Dad's front porch. There, on the porch's stairs, was another me that was toying with a daisy from the small pot of flower's that also occupied the porch's stairs. While observing myself I dared to get closer. When I was about an arms length away I stepped to right and noticed that the other me was angry…maybe even sad. After a couple seconds of staring I rapidly looked up, well she looked up, and I followed her gaze. I heard her gasp, but I didn't know what there was to gasp about. Then I saw her…Victoria. I heard myself gasp, shocked that the agonizing memory of her hadn't passed yet. She was killed nine weeks ago! But there she was…still haunting me. Could she ever just leave me alone! All of a sudden I heard a bloodcurdling scream come from the me that was on the porch. I looked at her, bewildered by her scream. Then unexpectedly she started to do what looked like hyperventilating. What the heck was wrong with her?! To my left I heard growling and instinctively I turned to look at where it was coming from. From looking at the sight I could no longer breathe. My lungs gave in and I felt a huge knot get stuck in my throat as though some one were choking me. There were two of them! TWO VICTORIAS! That's impossible! I-It cannot be! As the control of my lungs slowly gave up I saw the two Victories dash towards me on the porch.

"NO!" I shouted, hoping it'd be enough to prevent them from attacking me. But it wasn't and as soon as they tackled the other me flat onto the wooden floor of the porch I was overwhelmed by darkness. The last thing I remember doing was shouting "EDWARD!"

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