Sorries, but this isn't an update. :(


I've written chapter 5 like three times all ready, but none of those three satisfied me with what I plan to do with the story. ANYWAYS, like I was saying, I REALLY need you're help!! DESPRATELY! I'm like on a HUGE writers block and I would like some ideas for how I should continue! Ok, now as for if bites her or not, I won't tell you simply because I want it to be a surprise… BUT PLEASE HELP ME BY OFFERING SOME MUCH NEEDED IDEAS! I can't thank all of you enough for reviewing! I'M SO HAPPY AND ASTONISHED THAT SO MANY LIKE THIS STORY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just wanted to let you guys know that I havn't abandoned this story and I'm just a little stuck at the moment…PLEASE HELP ME!

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- Emberseve :)