Severus stood smiling as he watched his son get ready for graduation. It was hard for him to believe that Harry was graduating. It was still hard for him to believe it had been almost three years since Harry had become his legal son.

Harry turned around. "How long have you been standing there dad? I am sure you have better things to be doing."

Severus walked across the room and kissed his son. "Better then helping my son prepare for his graduation ceremony? Nothing I could think of."

"Thanks dad. You know how much it means to have you here for me today." Harry admitted.

Severus smiled. "You know it means as much to me Harry. Being your dad has meant the world to me."

Severus and Harry had grown so much closer since that first summer and while Harry had eventually moved into Slytherin after re-sorting in his fifth year, he had continued to spend most evenings with his dad in his private potions lab if he was not playing quidditch or out with Viktor.

Severus handed Harry a package. "A graduation gift for my amazing son. I thought you could wear them for the ceremony."

Harry lifted the lid on the box and found a pair of cufflinks, one with a lion head and the other with a snake head. "Dad these are amazing."

Severus went to help put them on. "It is a tradition with old blood families to give their sons cuff links when they graduate. Lucius was buying Draco a set."

Harry had never been much for jewellery and other then the pocket watch he had received from his godfathers for his seventeenth birthday, which had been in the Black family for years now, Harry had only ever worn the ring that Viktor had given him.

The door opened again as Severus was finishing and Harry saw his godfathers and Tonks. "Hey you guys. Come in."

Sirius smiled and pulled him into a bear hug. "I am so proud of you Harry, and your mum and James would have been too. Head boy and second top boy in grades."

Severus added. "And having led Slytherin to the quidditch cup for the past three years in a row."

Remus laughed at the look on his best friend's face. "You might want to forget that part. Sirius still had not forgiven you for converting out beloved godson."

Tonks laughed and came to Harry's rescue and pulled him into the best hug she could manage as she was over seven months pregnant with her and Remus' son. They had been married for over a year now and were so happy they had managed to get pregnant. Though they had been assured there was no chance he would pass on his curse, it was still often hard for werewolves to conceive.

Sirius was not put off his pout though. "I still can't believe you turned down position training as an auror with me. And for potions for that matter."

Harry smiled. "You know I never thought I'd get into potions either but working with dad all of these years, I love it. And after the war, I don't want to fight."

Severus had been as surprised as anyone when his son had told him he wished to pursue a career in potions but he had been so proud as well. He had convinced Minerva to allow him to train Harry as his apprentice here at school. A potions master apprenticeship took seven years and with Albus retiring next year if he stuck with his plan and Minerva likely a few years longer down the road, Severus thought his son would likely take over as potions professor, when he was done.

Severus placated the man. "Well at least it will allow Harry to continue with quidditch. You know he made reserve seeker for the United. He starts training soon."

"Well at least you will not be playing against your own boyfriend." Remus pointed out.

Harry nodded. "Viktor was thrilled when Madam Hooch asked him to take over when she retires this summer. And he will still play for Bulgaria."

Madam Hooch had finally decided to retire from teaching as she was becoming a grandmother and wanted to move to Ireland to be closer to her son and daughter in law, and she had asked Viktor to consider taking over. He had been helping out with some refereeing the past few years and with his record he was perfect.

Harry took one last look in the mirror. "Well I guess that I'm ready to go and graduate."


As Harry and the other graduates filed into the Great Hall that afternoon it was quite sad to see how few of the people who had been in the sorting ceremony when he started school, were there now. Harry and Neville were the only Gryffindor boys, and other houses were missing members as well.

Hermione came to his side and squeezed his hand. "You're thinking about him too aren't you?"

Harry turned to her and nodded. "How can I not think about the person who was by my side when we were sorted? He was my best friend for three years."

Hermione looked at the crowd in the chairs. "Well at least his family is here for you. Your family I should say. They love you as a son, as much as Severus does."

Harry smiled as he saw the extended Weasley family sitting there watching, minus their two youngest of course, one who was in prison and the other who was serving another detention of course. He loved them as much as his dad and godfathers, and it meant the world that they had all come.

He kissed Hermione on the cheek. "You know they are here for you as well Mione. They love you like a member of the clan."

Hermione shook her head. "They care about me but I have never been a daughter or sister like you are their brother. I'm more like a loved cousin."

He knew in a way she was right but he had a feeling that a cousin that was loved enough that the Weasleys would still have come for the ceremony. Harry was touched to see others who came including his quidditch buddies from his first years, and even Adrian Pucey. Viktor of course sat there proudly.

Harry smiled at who sat by him. "You didn't tell me your own blond Bulgarian was coming."

Hermione looked over at Androv. "You know he isn't really my own Bulgarian. We have kept in touch. He is here visiting that boyfriend of yours"

Harry knew she was telling the truth but he also knew that Androv still had an eye for Hermione who he saw when ever he came to see Viktor. He was really the only one from Durmstang that had come for the tournament, that Viktor had ever been that close with.

Draco, Pansy and Blaise soon came up to them. Draco clapped him on the back. "Hey little brother, excited about this?"

Harry smiled and hugged him. "That I am big brother. I hear that our fathers had the same idea for a graduation gift for the two of us."

Draco smiled and showed off his own cufflinks which not to Harry's surprise had both snake heads with emeralds in their mouths as Draco had never been a lion. Harry's had stones as well but there was an emerald in his lion mouth and a ruby in his snake mouth.

The headmaster spoke and motioned for the sorting hat to be brought out. "It will call your name and one by one you will come forward for your degrees."

Harry watched as Abbot, Hannah, went first. "You know so much has changed in seven years. I remember she was so scared she was nearly in tears."

Draco smirked. "And you had every eye in the room on you and were determined never to be a snake. Things definitely change Harry."

Hermione was the first of their group to be called. Hermione was studying to be an attorney come the fall and she and Draco would be in the same program together, a three year program at the ministry of magic. She had of course been head girl and top in marks.

"Longbottom, Neville." The hat shouted and Neville walked forward with a smile. He would be at school like Harry, apprenticing under Professor Sprout.

"Malfoy, Draco." Was called and Harry nudged his brother with a smile as he walked up to receive his diploma.

Pansy came up. She was going to be working for the Daily Prophet and was still dating Draco seriously. Harry did not come for a time later for he was called as Potter-Snape, and his name went alphabetically by the last of it.

"Potter-Snape, Harry." Harry walked forward to accept his degree.

Albus handed it to Harry. "We are so proud of you Harry. You have grown into such an amazing young man."

His father kissed him on the cheek. "I am so proud of you Harry."

Harry knew how much he had changed as much as he said others had. He had come to the school a half starved and mentally abused child in need of love, with no family or friends. He now had his beloved father, two godfathers and Tonks, the Weasleys, an amazing boyfriend and his friends who he relied on.

Hermione hugged him when he came back. "Can you believe it, we finally did it. We graduated."

Harry had once been worried how he would feel when he graduated as Hogwarts had been his home for so many years, now more then ever as he spent summers between here and Spinner's End with his dad, but he'd be apprenticing with his father for some years to come.


The Malfoys had invited everyone to their manor for a huge celebration that night and Harry had been having an amazing time with his friends and family but Viktor asked him to take a walk out on the grounds.

Harry smiled and took his boyfriend's hand. "You know there isn't anything I'd like more. It's been too many days since we had any time to ourselves."

Viktor led him out the door. "You have been so busy with your NEWTS and try outs, and with me home in Bulgaria training, it has been a while."

Harry pulled him close. "Well you only have to go away a few days a week and my tests are over. I hope tonight is just the start."

Viktor had an odd smile on his face when Harry said that and for a moment Harry was worried but Viktor just kissed him and pulled him off for a walk through the gardens for a time. They stopped though at a fountain.

Viktor shocked Harry when he pulled a gift from his pocket and handed it to Harry. "I wanted to make tonight special for you Harry."

Harry opened the lid of the box and found a beautiful platinum and diamond ring inside. "Viktor, is this what I think it is?"

Viktor nodded. "Harry we've been going out for almost three years and I know we're a bit young but I love you. I know we could make this work, we have already been through the worst life could throw at us Harry. Please tell me you'll make me the luckiest man in the world, and marry me."

Harry looked down at the ring and felt tears in his eyes. "Yes. Yes Viktor. Yes I will marry you."

Viktor slid the ring from the box and onto Harry's finger and kissed it. "You have made me so happy. We can have a long engagement if you want, anything. I love you."

Harry felt himself lifted off the ground as his fiancé twirled him around in a long warm kiss. Harry pulled a part from him in surprised response to clapping as he realized they had an audience including his entire family.