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Emmett POV.

I watched the goings on of Alice and Bella from my post, where I was cleverly propping up the bar in my slightly, extremely drunken state. Bella had been moping at my side for a large chunk of the pre-midnight hours, killing my chances of chatting up any lucky ladies because it looked like she was with me. Now, after the countless shots that I had managed to coax her into downing, she was shaking her ass on the dance floor, as I had intended, within a large group of other drunken women who looked like they were all having simultaneous spasms.

But, by now, it was too late for me. Having taken a good hour to get Bella smashed enough to go dancing to some cheesy pop; the rest of the females had also lost their appeal to me. I was far too drunk to chat anyone up, thanks to my slurring and even through my beer goggles, the women in the club couldn't even compare to the stunner I had seen earlier in the night.

"Miss Painfully Obvious to Mr Stud Muffin!" Alice's drunken holler reached me. I looked up to see her weaving her way toward me through invisible people. Well…that's what it looked like to me. The truth of the matter was that Alice was too pissed to walk in a straight line.

"Miss Painfully Obvious!" I called back before tapping the barstool beside me. As Alice approached me, her eyes whirled around a little before they focused on the stool, and then she laughed. Yeah…like she could actually get up here…I reasoned. "How you been?" I asked her as I got down from my barstool and opened my arms to Alice.

She giddily flung herself into my arms, resting her head on my shoulder while I held her a few feet off the ground. "Poopy…" she sighed childishly before continuing. "Jasper left an hour ago with your lady so I've been talking to some boring bankers since then." She told me as I turned and set her on the stool I had just got off of.

Alice had been semi stalking her neighbour, Jasper, for the last few hours, getting increasingly obvious in her actions as she got increasingly drunk, hence the conspicuous nickname, 'Painfully Obvious'. I had, at the same time, been dubbed, 'Stud Muffin' No explanation needed there. And Bella 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart', which had been shortened as we got increasingly drunk to 'Lonely Heart'.

While Alice stalked her poor neighbour, I watched from the bar as Jasper kept close to the breathtaking blonde who had come through those very doors with him at the beginning of the night and left with him an hour ago. Alice and Bella had immediately noticed my attraction to the blonde and seeing that she was already with Jasper, they helped me drown my spirits like the good friends they were.

"Bankers?" I questioned Alice, tearing my mind from the memory of the blonde.

"Yeah, borrrrr-inggggg!" Alice drew out the word before scrunching her face into a look of disgust. She grabbed my beer from the bar and chugged some down before slamming the bottle back down on the bar, causing beer to froth over the top and run down the bottle. "Would'ja look at that?" Alice said in awe as she cocked her head to the side and stared at the bottle in wonder. "If I'd know that happened when I was a kid, I would have done it in front of the class when we were studying volcanoes." I chuckled beside her as I watched her slam the bottle down on the bar again, letting the beer spill over for the second time, but with less fervour. "I would so ace that assignment and then Miss Green, could go kiss my a-"

I cut her off. "Alice…why did you hang out with a load of bankers if they were boring?" I asked as I ordered myself another beer.

"Because they were bankers…they had lots of money to splash on me, so they bought me drinks." She declared as she polished her nails on her shirt. She grinned mischievously before she laughed triumphantly, "Suckers!"

I chugged down half of my beer quickly while Alice's drank hers slowly. "We need to find Lonely Heart…" I whispered as I scanned the dance floor. Within seconds, I had spotted her, in the middle of tens of women, dancing her heart out to Aqua 'Dr Jones'. I'm going to tease her tomorrow about this…as long as I remember it… I thought. I ordered Alice to stay put before I ventured into the sea of swaying women.

"Bella baby, time to go!" I shouted as I reached her. She seemed oblivious of me as she continued to dance around with her eyes shut. "Bella!" I shouted once more, eliciting no response from her. I planted my fists on my hips while I waited for Bella to notice I was here, but when I started to feel drunken women press up against me, I gave up.

I grabbed hold of Bella's shoulders and turned her to face me. She opened her eyes open and gave me a smile before I chucked her over my shoulder. "Time to go." I called out, waving at Alice while Bella screeched in protest.

"Emmett!! You're not supposed to drink and drive!" Bella screamed as I stepped outside with her still flailing over my shoulder.

I laughed at her attempt of getting me to set her down while Alice added in the most sober and serious voice she could muster, "Mr Stud Muffin, do you have a licence for the Swan that you're carrying?"

I laughed along with Alice while Bella protested feebly. I set her down after a minute of two when I noticed Alice limping slightly.

"Alice…you wore new shoes didn't you?" I asked as I set Bella down and tried my best to focus my unruly eyes on her feet.

"I…erm…who me? No…" Alice's lying skills were shockingly bad when she was drunk, and even though I was drunk as well, I could tell that she was lying through her teeth.

"And you even had a dace-off…stupid sprite, come here…" I beckoned her too me, and then indicated to a small garden wall that I wanted her to get on.

"What if she falls?" Bella panicked as Alice got to the small, knee high wall.

"She wont." I said simply before I turned, ready for Alice to jump onto my back.

"Yeah…she wont. I mean I wont." Alice answered quickly after me.

Behind me I could hear Bella and Alice talking each other through the giant task of getting on the wall. Finally after a good five minutes and a pep talk from Bella, Alice was safely on my back.

"Anyone a little thirsty?" Bella asked beside me with a smile in her voice as we headed toward our homes.

"Bella! What's that?" Alice asked as she tried to lean over to swipe the miniature bottle from Bella's hand.

"Vodka baby!" Bella laughed as she held the bottle from Alice's reach. "Don't worry, I've got us one each…" Bella admitted as she fished in her purse for the other two.

"Bells, where'd you get them?" I asked as I took the small bottle from her.

"I had them at home and bought them with me…I just remembered I had them…" she admitted as she unscrewed hers.

"Why'd you bring them? We were going out to get drunk…" Alice asked from behind me before I heard her take a swig from her bottle.

"Because if you two would have hooked up with someone, I could have drowned my sorrows faster…" Bella admitted with a shrug to her shoulders.

Alice sighed while Bella and I drank on. "Still looking for Mr safe, trustworthy, protective, gorgeous, clever, caring…and all that mumbo jumbo?" Alice asked her question, slurring all the while.

"Ahhhh shut up." Bella sneered childishly before she gulped down the remaining alcohol in her bottle. "Whoa….that vodka's got some kick to it!" Bella laughed.

I kept silent, but did agree with Bella. This stuff was strong and pushed me further into the realm of drunken stupor. While the girls babbled on in the background, I focused on getting Alice home safely first, seeing as her apartment was closest. I knew I wouldn't have to bother walking Alice up the stairs to her place as I usually would because her roommate, Jacob, was home and assured me earlier in the night that he'd stay up long enough to make sure she got to bed alright.

As we turned a corner, I saw Alice's apartment, the lights of the living room acting as a guide to Alice's final destination. The lights in the apartment reassured me; at least I knew that Jacob was still up.

"Home time Alice." I said as I walked to the door. Alice jumped down from my back, reeling back slightly before she regained her balance.

"I love you two! Gimme a kiss!" Alice ordered as she held her arms open.

I bent down and smacked a loud kiss to her cheek which caused her to laugh aloud. Bella soon pushed past me and kissed Alice's other cheek while I pounded on the front door and buzzed Alice and Jacob's apartment to let him know she was at the door.

"You guys go, I'll be fine!" Alice declared as she shoved Bella and me, looking back to the door ever few seconds to see if it had opened.

"'Kay, say hi to Jake for me!" Bella called as we slowly headed down the street hand in hand. Once the door to Alice's apartment opened and I saw the tall figure of Jake stood there, leading Alice in, I turned and headed Bella and me toward Bella's place.

Within a minute of leaving Alice's place, Bella was playing with her phone, running through the songs on her phone while I led her to her home. I had to keep my arm around her shoulders as we walked in order to save her from tripping up.

We got to Bella's place soon enough. "Bells, come on…" I sighed, trying to get her to look up form her phone and concentrate on where she was walking.

"Yeah yeah…" she mumbled while I walked her to the front door. Thankfully, Bella had drunk less than Alice and she had also danced most of the night so she wasn't as drunk. I felt confident that Bella was safe enough to get into the house and too her bed without causing any mischief so I reached above the door for the hidden spare key and opened it for her.

"Thanks Emmett…" Bella whispered as she shut off her phone and turned to face me.

I kissed her forehead before she yawned and waved to me. Once she was in the house and had shut the door as silently as she could, I left. I laughed as silently as I could to myself over how weird Bella was to be so fastidious about keeping quiet in her street after a night out. She'd admitted a long while ago that she was worried of making a scene in the street or waking anyone up because it'd make her feel guilty.

A few moments later, and I had reached my final destination. "Hey there plant pot!" I laughed as I walked to my back door, smiling at the object which had a wilting shrub planted in it. It was my random object which helped me know when I'd reached my house. The other houses in this street was so alike it used to take me a good ten minutes to cipher through all the door numbers before I found mine, now I just looked for my obnoxiously pink plant pot.

I went round the back of the house and got in through the back door. I frowned as I closed it after me. I could have sworn that I locked the back door before I left to go out…I thought to myself. I locked the door this time before heading to the living room to crash out on the sofa.

Rosalie POV.

A night on the town was just what the doctor ordered. I decided as I lay in bed, the late morning sunshine seeping through the small gap in my curtains. A night out with my brother never failed, he always seemed to make me feel better, no matter what the cause of my shitty mood had been. This time, it had been Royce. Regardless of how many times I told him that it was over, he would never get it through his thick skull and grasp the fact.

I stretched my arms above my head and yawned before I slumped back into the bed, smiling as I remembered Jasper's promise of helping me to get Royce to see the light. Jasper was a softie, but when pushed, he had a dark side that even I was scared of. I had only ever seen it once when a randy guy had been too strong for me to push away at a party. Jasper's reaction had been frightening to both me and the horny guy. I never knew that Jasper's voice could even hold a dangerous tone or that his face could contort into such a look of menace.

I yawned and stretched once more before deciding that it was time to get out of bed. I had gotten back earlier than expected last night, and before I had got drunk enough to warrant a hangover today, thank god. I flipped the covers off of me before I headed to my bathroom, whistling happily at the fact that I felt fine, and had no hangover.

After brushing my teeth and showering, I threw on a tank top and sweats and headed down stairs, towel drying my hair on the way. I reached the bottom of the stairs before I heard it. Snoring.

I froze as I wondered what was going on. I quickly looked around, and found myself 100 percent positive that I was in fact in my own house. I then tried to remember if Jasper had decided to stay the night. Nope, he was adamant about getting home…I recalled as I tip-toed to the cupboard under the stairs.

By the time I had rummaged through all the junk and had found my baseball bat, I was sure that whoever was in my living room, was an intruder.

A voice in my head kept shouting at me to call Jasper or even the police, but I wouldn't listen to it as my feet carried me to my living room door.

'What if the person on the other side of that door's a murderer?' the little voice inside my head questioned.

'Well…if he is, why would he be so sound asleep?' I answered myself.

After psyching myself up for a few seconds I gripped the door handle with a shaky hand while I held the baseball bat in my right hand in a death grip.

I held my breath as I turned the doorknob and inched the door open soundlessly. I exhaled in relief as I took in the sight of a sleeping form on my sofa, at least it hadn't been a recorded sound which could have been used as a distraction for a killer… my mind told me before I shuddered at the thought and tried my best to bury it to the back of my mind.

After raking in a deep breath I gripped the baseball bat in both hands over my shoulder, ready to swing at the guy who seemed to be sleeping soundly. I pushed myself to walk toward the man to see what he looked like so I would be ready with a description for the police if this guy managed to get away from me.

Just when I was a few steps from him, he moved. I froze in my spot, my breath caught in my throat as he turned to lie on his back, one arm thrown lazily over his stomach while the other rested behind his head. A surge of instinct to 'Awww' and laugh, came over me as I realised that this huge man looked like an innocent five year old while he slept. I watched him for a few more seconds, smiling slightly as he moved his hand from his stomach to rub his nose while he mumbled under his breath.

I held back my irrational desire to go and throw the blanket, which lay over the back of the sofa, over him and tuck him in. He's a stranger! A cute, well built…stranger. Instead, I gripped my baseball bat tighter in my hands and thought of how I could greet my intruder when he would eventually wake up. I glanced around the room and instantly got an idea of what to do. First…I need to move that chair from the wall…

Emmett POV.

An annoyingly hypnotic, rhythmic tapping stirred me from my sleep. I made to open my eyes, but shrank back at the bright light. Bella and Alice had either come around and opened the curtains in my room in the hopes of waking me up, or I had fallen asleep last night without a foreword thought of closing them. I shifted a little and realised that the latter of the two scenarios was the most realistic seeing as I had obviously fallen asleep in my clothes to boot.

The mysterious tapping continued and aggravated me to no end. I slung the arm from behind my head, over my eyes and sighed heavily. I didn't want to work out what the tapping was, for all I cared, it could be a bomb. I just wanted to get back to a blissful sleep which would rid me of my agonising hangover.

But no. The tapping wouldn't cease, no matter how much I muttered explicit threats under my breath. I sighed heavily as I rubbed my eyes, preparing myself for the full wake up. There was no way that I could fall back to sleep now. I opened my eyes slowly, letting myself get used to the sunlight. Little brighter than usual…I noted as my eyes squinted of their own accord.

I frowned in concentration as I tried to work out what was going on. Why was I surrounded by a swarm of 40watt's? All my adapting eyes could seem to see were light bulbs in different shapes and forms from table lamps, to tall standing laps which even had flashlights taped to them for added light.

"What the…?" I muttered as I shot up into seating position. I looked around the room I was in, but could see virtually nothing. The lamps around me had made me even blinder to what was in the room especially seeing as the rest of the room was basked in darkness.

My eyes slowly adjusted and they followed the sound of the tapping that my ears once more picked out. It came from the form that was sat facing me. I could by now, see the outline of an armchair and the legs of the person sat in it. One leg rested normally, while the other leg was bent at the knee, slung lazily over the other just like a man would do. But this person wasn't a man. Her bare, cute feet told me that alone. Cute feet? What the hell am I going on about? Pull yourself together man! The little voice inside my head pulled me back together while I studied as much as I could see of the person in front of me.

My eyes quickly adjusted to the odd lighting and I was able to see more of my intimidator. The baseball bat that was being rhythmically dropped into an open hand was a little disconcerting, but the red polished nails reassured me slightly. This woman was probably just some random chick who had a baseball bat in her house because her father gave it to her for protection. Not that she needs protection…she's doing pretty good on freeking me out…

I took a breath and began to explain to this woman that I had no idea where I was and meant her no harm. "Look…I don't kn-"

Rosalie POV.

Damnit! It only just came to me when the guy sat up. He was the one that I had seen in the club. I think Jasper had told me that he was named Emmett…but I had already got used to calling him dimples by then. 'Dimples'…not exactly the sexiest nick-name, but that was all I could come up with last night when I first laid eyes on him, seeing as Jasper hadn't told me about him until I pressed him information later on in the night. I also couldn't tell Jasper the first raunchy nick-name's that I had come up with…that would have been a little too embarrassing.

"I don't want to hear it dimples" I snapped. I felt my cheeks flush a little in embarrassment as Emmett jumped a bit from shock. When he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, I let my embarrassment drown away; this guy didn't seem offended in any way.

"Dimples huhhh?" he questioned me cautiously as he inspected his nails, smiling all the while to show off his dimples.

"Would you rather daisy instead?" I retorted quickly. He smiled even more at my rhetorical question. "I'm versatile, I could easily get used to calling you daisy…" I added as I pointed my baseball bat at the guy.

"Nah…dimples is good." He muttered back in an accepting tone before he leant back into the sofa and stretched his legs out before him. We both remained silent for a few moments while he then stretched his arms over his head and yawned. I gripped the baseball tighter in my hands as I watched his shirt ride up his stomach, giving me a delectable peek of his ripped lower torso.

After that little show, Emmett dropped his arms and gave me a knowing smirk. I knew that he couldn't see me, but I still felt slightly unsure. "So care to tell me what the fuck you're doing here?" I questioned in a hard tone, hoping that he would remember my baseball bat and who was supposed to be the intimidator and the intimidated.

"You tell me, dominatrix…" he said back with a slight edge of teasing to his voice.

"Dominatrix?" I almost choked on the word as I gripped the baseball bat almost painfully. Imagining the guy's neck in the bat's place was a little relaxing, but that didn't take away from the annoyance of this intruder taking over my superiority.

"Hey!" Emmett laughed as he held his hands up in defence. "You've got the mystery, the sexy voice, the cute feet, red nails, bad ass attitude, and a baseball bat to top it off…" he listed. I realised that he could see more of me than I had anticipated, but I was glad that he had taken note of the baseball bat…even if he thought it was some kind of kinky prop.

"You have got to be the most annoying intruder known to man…" I muttered, my sentence getting ever weaker as Emmett stretched, once again to show off his stomach.

I was glad that the man couldn't see me and didn't know who I was. I still had the upper hand. Or that's what I thought until he leaned toward the lamps surrounding him. He flicked one light off, and then another and another in calm procession.

"Hey…what the hell, leave those on!" I demanded. My demand was a little weak seeing as I couldn't actually get up from my chair to physically restrain him or else he'd see me and the fun would end.

"So…you don't like to play games in the dark…?" he questioned, his voice laced with sexual innuendo as he switched another light off…and another.

"Ohhh I can play in the dark dimples, I just end up playing dirty…" I retorted, putting on my most alluring voice. If this guy thought that he could win, he had another thing coming. I would scare the heebie-jeebies out of him if it was the last thing I did.

The speed in which Emmett turned off the remaining lamps was astounding. I sat stock still where I was, listening to his deep breaths, feeling a little like a caged animal now that the room was completely basked in darkness.

I hesitantly got to my feet, using my baseball bat as my sight as I held out in front of me much like a blind person would do with their white stick. I knew that I needed to either get to the cluster of lights…which were right next to Emmett, or get to the window behind me and open the drapes. Better option…I told myself. Or is it?…He's a pretty hot guy and seemed gentlemanly enough last night at the club…But do we really want him to be so gentlemanly? Stop it!! My mind was starting to scare me. I was thinking to myself as if there were two of me! There isn't, get it? Ohhhh god…I just addressed myself…

While I was having my mental tirade, I didn't hear Emmett creeping up on me until it was too late.

My eyes opened wide as I sensed him standing in front of me. He wasn't close enough to touch, but I could feel his breath on my hair. I resisted the urge to look up. I knew that I wouldn't be able to see anything, but I craved to see just how much taller than me he really was. "You didn't move…" He whispered, his breath tickling me ear. My face flushed slightly from knowing that he was leant forward, inches from me. "I put you down as the hard to get type…" he continued as his right hand touched me left, which still held the baseball bat in a death grip.

My fist tightened around the bat while his hand lightly brushed over my knuckles. I concentrated on keeping my breathing steady but found myself giving up and matching his which had sped up slightly. "Who said I'm not playing hard to get?" I finally managed to whisper out while he still brushed his fingers over my hand.

"You could have fooled me…" he chuckled under his breath. His laughing tickled my ear and I couldn't help but turn my head to stop it. That only made it worse because his breath now tickled my neck.

I shot my hand up quickly to rub my neck and took a step back. The loss of contact from his hand and the loss of his close proximity caused a wave of anxiousness to wash over me. It was as if I had been thrown into a desert without a map. I felt lost, in my own house no less. I knew this place like the back of my hand, but in this scenario, in the pitch black, I had no idea where exactly I stood.

"Did I say something wrong?" Emmett questioned in a whisper. He didn't move, but I slowly backed up as quietly as I could in order to reach a wall, or the jackpot, a window. I needed some light, I needed to see him and for him to see me. It all felt slightly surreal to be flirting with a guy not long after having found him dozing at my house. The only comfort I had over this situation was the fact that I knew Emmett… the term 'knew him' being used loosely. I knew he was Alice's friend, who was Jasper's neighbour…but that was about it. I had managed to watch him a little last night, enough to see that he wasn't some sleazy womaniser. He had stayed at the bar all night, bantering with the barman while looking out for Alice and another woman who Jasper filled me in as being Bella.

"No…" I belatedly answered his previous question flatly. I realised how down I sounded, which certainly didn't go with my previously feisty demeanour. I needed to correct that before Emmett would notice and question me. "You didn't say anything wrong…" I began, "I thought we were going to play a game…" I prompted while I continued to move through the room at a safe, snails pace.

"What do you want to play? Blindmans bluff? Twister in the dark…" he suggested, emitting a giggle from me.

"Whatever you want…" I offered as I gently lay down my baseball bat on the ground, seeing no need for it now that I knew that this guy was harmless.

"Blindman" Emmett said clearly, his voice above our normal level. I could tell that he was somewhere in front of me, about ten paces ahead I guessed.

"Bluff…" I responded, before I darted as silently as I could to the left.

I could hear him moving before he said once more, "Blindman"

"Bluff" I responded quickly, my heartbeat climbing up as I realised that he had gotten close to me.

"Blindman" he was behind me now, but I managed to move away, reaching my arms out to pick out any obstacles like my coffee table.

"Bluff" I gasped after smacking my shin into a corner of the mentioned coffee table.

"Are you okay?" Emmett's gentle concern brought a smile to my face.

"I'm fine…" even I could hear the smile in my voice as I answered him. "I just smacked my leg…" I responded before laughing aloud at my stupidity. A few moments later, I realised that Emmett hadn't said a word. He was quieter than I would have expected, it felt slightly eerie.

I turned to face the direction of where Emmett's voice was previously. "Emmett?" I whispered while cursing in my mind that I didn't have a light at hand or even infra red like they always had in the films to let you know what was going on.

Emmett POV.

It was her. I'd heard that laugh countless times last night already and had it recorded in my mind.

"So…" I began, trying to sound casual, but probably failing miserably. "Do you have a bo-brother?" I was about to ask her if she had a boyfriend, but decided that that question could go down badly. Who was I to ask her that?

"Yes…he's called Jasper…" she answered hesitantly, obviously not understanding my sudden conversation topic.

I sighed in relief. Jasper wasn't her boyfriend; Alice would be just as pleased as I was right now.

She was stood in front of me. No more than a few steps away I guessed. I needed to end this now. The sooner I could reveal to her who I was, the sooner I could let Alice know that Jasper's 'girlfriend' was in fact his sister.

I took three large steps forward, keeping my arms in front of me. The moment I came in contact with her, I wrapped one arm around her waist and reached the other behind her in order to flick on a light.

Rosalie POV.

His arm wrapped around my back was scorching. Not literally, but all my senses blazed, making me hyper aware of his every touch. His chest up against mine, felt hard and safe, there was nothing that I wanted to do more than rest my head against him and wrap my arms around his waist.

I had my arms around his waist and was about to rest my head against him when he threw a bucket of ice water over us both.

"Rose." He said my name with such conviction. He knew who I was without a doubt.

I froze in his arms and held my breath as he flicked on a light. Instinctively I hid my face in his chest while my eyes squinted against the blinding light.

"Rose…" I could tell from his tone of voice that he wanted me to look up at him, but I didn't. "Why didn't you tell me who you were? What was with the interrogation?" he asked gently as he rubbed my back.

"I like to play games…?" I whispered uncertainly. My statement sounded more like a question.

His laugher reverberated through to me and his breath once again tickled the top of my head. This time, I didn't deny myself, I looked up. He was tall, at least 5inches taller than me I would guess.

Emmett's eyes seem to sparkle after his recent bout of laughter. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, even when he lifted a hand to brush my hair behind my ear. His tender action humbled me. I never imagined that such a big, burly guy could be so gentle.

'Owner of a lonely heart,

Owner of a lonely heart,

Much better than a,

Owner of a broken heart..'

"Shit…" Emmett sighed as he dropped his eyes, and hand from me to fish his ringing phone from his pocket.

I hid my disappointment by laying my cheek against his chest and snuggling closer to him.

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