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Bella POV.

"Here Bells, have another drink…" Emmett grinned mischievously at me as he pushed another tequila shot toward me.

I looked back at him, my brow arched. His whole arrogant demeanour screamed that he didn't think that I could handle the shots.

I pulled the piece of lemon off the cocktail stick and set it on a napkin. Next, I grabbed the salt packet which sat beside my drink and sprinkled it over the back of my hand. Emmett gave me a nod of encouragement before I licked the salt from the back of my hand, downed the tequila shot, and bit into the lemon.

While the tequila burned down my throat, Emmett cheered like a child before ordering himself and me another round of shots.

We spent the next hour or so challenging each other, seeing who could complete a line of three shots the fastest, or who could shot tequila without pulling a face from the burning sensation and the taste.

"Thanks Emmett…you sure know how to cheer a girl up!" I laughed as I swayed on my barstool.

"And you sure know how to handle shots…" Emmett replied looking slightly awed as he lazily waved a hand over the dozen or so empty shot glasses in front of us.

"Thank you, thank you, I'm here all night!" I laughed before I drunkenly leaned over to pull Emmett into a hug. Emmett, who couldn't be bothered to lean over to bridge the gap between us, pulled me down from my chair to stand in front of him while he remained on his barstool.

"Ohhh sure, make me stand why don't you…" I sighed as I gripped my arms around his waist a little tighter, secretly glad that I had him to hold onto for the moment while I tried to gain control on my drunken legs.

"Awww…" Emmett laughed as he patted my back patronisingly. "Someone's drunk…" he added before pulling back from me. He held my chin in one of his hands while he looked at my unfocused eyes. "Yep…last orders for Bella…" he chuckled while I protested, trying to pull from his grasp. "Just admit it, you're drunk." He finally said before pressing a kiss to my forehead and leaning back into the hug.

"Jeez thanks Emmett…you always knew how to make me feel like a five year old…" I sighed as I shook me head against his chest.

"Hey, it's what I do…" he said casually before we both began to laugh.

We remained silent for a few minutes, hugging all the while. Personally, I was a little weary of moving back in case my legs gave out, but I was pretty sure that they would hold all the same. I watched the dance floor as he minutes ticked by, bobbing my head along with the cheesy pop songs that they had started to play.

"Go dance Bells, have some fun, I'll wait here for you…" Emmett whispered in my ear before he pulled back and held my shoulders. "Show everyone in here how it's done…" he added before he span me and pushed me gently from him.

I had to laugh. Me showing people how dancing was done? Puhhh-leeesee! I laughed in my mind as I made my way through the swarm of people, ready to make a complete fool of myself with my lack of co-ordination.

I picked thecramped, but relatively dark corner of the dance floor, deciding that if I was as bad a dancer as I thought I was, people would have less chance of seeing me in this crowd and with the bad lighting. The countless shots which I had consumed gave me some courage to start dancing on my unsteady feet, but I still felt a little awkward to be dancing alone. I shrugged my shoulders at the thought and told myself that if I felt really lonely, I could just close my eyes and imagine that Alice was with me.

Edward POV.

Here I was once again, on another staff pub crawl, which had ended those of us that were still left standing, at a club.

I made a direct shot to the bar and got myself a beer before I leant against the bar and looked around. There were a lot of people here tonight, and practically all of them were drunk, completely off their faces.

After chugging back some more beer I turned my back on the dance floor only to have my eye caught by an enticing vision. A woman sat a few meters down from me, facing in the other direction. I couldn't see her face at all but I could see enough. She had dainty shoulders, a neck that screamed to be ravished, hands which looked feminine and soft and long brown hair that any man would gladly run their hands through. I stared at the beauty for a few more moments, trying desperately to push aside the knot in my stomach which had formed at my first glimpse of her. My stare was soon broken off at the sight of someone familiar sat in front of her.

There, looking just as mischievous as ever was Emmett McCarty, a guy who I had considered on of my best friends back in high school before we both went on to different collages and lost contact.

Just as I was about to go over to him my beautiful woman threw herself into Emmett's arms and they hugged, whispering to each other. I turned to look around at the rest of the club, feeling slightly sick at the revelation that Emmett had already snagged her. I didn't know why this fact caused me pain, Emmett was a good guy and I hadn't even seen his girlfriend properly, let alone spoken to her. Even with all of this, I couldn't deny the attraction I had to her; it was as if some sort of gravitational pull drew me to her.

I turned back just in time to see Emmett kiss her forehead and hug her again. I rested back on the bar once more, feeling a painful stab of jealousy hit me before I felt slightly dejected as a short, beautiful woman with spiky black hair all but danced past me singing, "Owner of a lonely heart…"

A few minutes later, I turned back in time to see Emmett sitting alone at the bar, and his girlfriend just disappearing into the sea of bodies on the dance floor. I took this as my chance to go over there and talk to him, I knew it was wrong. I considered Emmett a friend, but I was also coveting his girlfriend at the same time.

"Emmett!" I called cheerfully as I took the vacant seat beside him.

"Edward? What the hell are you doing here?" Emmett responded before he pulled me to him and patted me on the back forcefully.

Thankfully, he let me go so I could answer him. "I moved here a few weeks back when I got a new job." I told him where I now lived and he told me that it wasn't far from his place. We chatted a little longer about what we had been up to since we last saw each other before I plucked up enough courage to ask him the big question that had been burning inside of me.

"So how long have you been with your girlfriend?" I asked casually before drinking down some of my beer.

"Girlfriend?" Emmett questioned me, looking utterly bewildered.

"I saw you with a woman just before I came over…" I explained before I shrugged.

"Ohhh…" Emmett's face broke into a grin of understanding. "You thought that she was my girlfriend?" Emmett laughed heartily, making me feel a little uncomfortable.

"Well…I know for a fact that she wasn't your sister." I retorted.

"Oh really?" Emmett drew out the question as if he was mocking me.

"Emmett, you don't have any brothers or sisters. She wasn't your sister." I told him simply.

"Hey, you remembered!" Emmett laughed before he shook his head. "That was Bella, one of my best friends, not my girlfriend." Emmett stressed the 'not' part before he chuckled and faked a shudder.

"What's so wrong with her?" I asked as normally as I could while I glimpsed through the crowd.

"There's nothing wrong with Bells…" Emmett stated defensively. He was as loyal as ever to those he loved, nothing had changed there.

"Stud Muffin!" There was a blurry movement beside me which accompanied the female voice.

"Hey Alice, this is Edward." Emmett introduced us, gesturing between the pixie like woman and myself lazily.

"Nice to meet you." I smiled at her while she greeted me back.

"And no, she's not my girlfriend either, I don't have one." Emmett suddenly said without prompting. Alice cut a look of curiosity between me and Emmett before she shrugged her shoulders and ordered Emmett to get her a drink.

While they busied themselves with that task, I looked over the swarm of people on the dance floor and caught a glimpse of Bella in the far corner, seemingly dancing alone. "I'm just going to see where the rest of my work people are…I might see you later…" I said quickly before I headed into the crowd of people.

I shoved through the mass of bodies, tugging away from the drunken hands that reached out to grab my shirt. The way the women would grab at me, reminded me of the cursed people in Little Mermaid after the evil Ursula had seen to them.

I drew closer to the dark corner of the club which was only faintly illuminated with the faintest of lights. Why Bella had chosen to recede to this corner was beyond me, her beauty was unparallel to the other women in here and she should be making that clear to everyone here by dancing her heart out in the centre of the dance floor.

My path almost came to its end and I was mere meters from Bella when I noticed that she was dancing, but would jerk her right arm occasionally to stop the drunken guy who was next to her from touching her. I controlled my anger, shooting a quick glare to the drunken man before I closed the gap between myself and Bella. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her back safely against my chest, away from the drunk.

I felt her stiffen in my arms, but she thankfully didn't push me away. I realised that my previous thought had been incorrect. It would be lethal for Bella to be the centre of attention; she was being bothered already in a dark corner where it was hard to see her properly.

I leant my head down to her ear and reassured her. "You shouldn't be let you out here alone; you're too beautiful for your own good." Her breathing stopped while I spoke and resumed a few seconds after I finished.

"Well I suppose you're here to keep me company?" she amazed me by responding in a flirty voice which lit a fire in my chest as she began to move to the music, making me move with her.

I had never really been interested in dancing. I enjoyed the old styles of dancing which were so much classier than the modern day dancing, but now, my opinion was being swayed. I realised that I did like this style of dancing; I just hadn't met Bella before now. We moved in synch, rarely uttering a word to one another, but even so, I felt so comfortable with her.

I had never been brash, I was more reserved, but as the time slipped through my fingers, I decided that I wanted, no needed to see Bella again. I needed to meet her outside of the club, maybe I could take her to dinner?

After plucking some courage, I bowed my head down to her ear, hoping to god that she wouldn't refuse. "Could I have your number?" I asked her.

"Sure…" I could hear the smile in her voice clearly. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back at her, not that she could see, because she was still pressed up against my chest.

Just as I reached for my phone, Bella grabbed my other arm, which I still had around her waist and a tickling sensation ran over the inside of my forearm. I looked over Bella's shoulder to see her slowly writing down her mobile number in a bold font. I kissed the side of her neck lightly as a result to the happiness that washed over me. She paused when my lips touched her, but soon resumed writing down her number and leaning into me further. She clearly didn't want me to loose her number, it would probably be clear to see from the other side of the club.

Once she was done, she spun around to face me. I could just make out the smile on her face as she held the pen up in the air for me to take from her. I gladly took it and grabbed hold of Bella's left arm.

She wore a long sleeve shirt which would hopefully help protect the ink I was about to put on her arm. I stuck the end of the pen between my teeth while I held onto Bella's left hand. Slowly, I gripped her hand in my left and rubbed my thumb over her palm. With my other hand, I teased wrist. I ran my fingers over the sensitive skin lightly before I slipped them under her sleeve, slowly drawing it up with me.

Her soft skin mesmerised me. I drew out the moment for as long as I could, until I reached her elbow. I pushed her sleeve behind her elbow and ran my thumb gently over the inside of her arm. I could hear her short breaths which matched mine, especially when I pulled the pen from my mouth and lowered my lips to press a lingering kiss her wrist.

I couldn't help myself; I let my tongue flick out and brush her soft skin. I heard Bella's gasp at my action and soon straightened back up to carefully write my number on the inside of her forearm making sure that no numbers could be mistaken for another.

Once I finished, I pulled her sleeve back down over her arm and gave her back her pen. She slipped it into the back pocket of her jeans before she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around my waist, resting her head on my chest.

"What's your name?" Bella shouted over the music as she looked up at me.

I hugged her back and tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear before I lowered my lips to her ear and said mischievously, "Wouldn't you like to know."

She leant back from me and looked at me in utter shock. I could see the smile playing at the corner of her lips, so I guessed that she must have some sort of retort to that.

"Fine, I wont tell you mine…" she said smugly before she rested her check back against my chest.

"Fine, you don't have to tell me your name Bella…" I whispered to her as I rubbed her back. The smirk that was plastered to my face was un-missable.

"How do you know my name?" Bella gasped as she narrowed her eyes at me. I wondered quickly if she was trying to read my mind.

"I just followed the saying, 'Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature'…" I lied, eager to draw out my pretence of not knowing her. "Lucky guess" I shrugged my shoulders while Bella frowned at me, obviously uncomfortable about not understanding me.

"But it's too dark for you too see what I look like…I can hardly see you…" Bella fought her corner, but I remained silent. A few moments later, Bella had shrugged off her Sherlock Holms demeanour and had decided to give up on finding out how I really knew her name. She didn't believe my 'beautiful by name, beautiful by nature' line either; even though it was true this once.

We danced together in relative darkness, lacing our hands together occasionally, pressing our bodies closely to one another and occasionally, on Bella's side, grinding against me.

When a familiar tune began, I couldn't help but laugh aloud. Bella gave me a curious look before she mumbled unhappily, "I need to get back to the bar once this song finishes…"

I nodded my head in understanding. I had hear Bella's friend, Alice singing a line from this song earlier, and from what Bella just said, I wondered if this was her song or something.

Once the song ended, I wrapped my arms around Bella tightly, not ready to let her go back to Emmett and Alice.

"Hey, man with no name! I need to get back to my friends…" she laughed while I responded with simply tightening my grip on her. She managed to spin in my arms so she had her back against my chest, but that position didn't help her with her escape.

"My friend is a big guy…" Bella laughed as she tried to pull at my fingers in attempt of causing me enough pain to let go. "He'll come looking for me and kick your ass!" she ensued that threat while looking over her shoulder to look at me.

I merely shrugged my shoulders and said confidently, "I'm sure I could take him…" I smiled as I remembered beating Emmett a few times at the occasional wrestling matches we'd had in the past.

Bella rolled her eyes at me before they sparkled. I guessed that she'd just had an idea. Her evil looking smirk backed my idea up. The next thing I saw was Bella bending forward, trying to bite at my arms.

"Hey there cannibal!" I laughed until it was cut short by a familiar voice calling my name from over my shoulder.

I stiffened at the sound, and felt Bella stiffen in reaction as well.

I turned my head and faked a smile at my co-worker Mike. I held Bella more possessively, now, not willing for Mike to see her and try to work his charm on her like he did with every other woman with a pulse.

"We're booking a cab, want to pitch in and get a lift home?!" He asked as he swayed over to me on unsteady feet.

"Sure…" I nodded my head at him and couldn't quite contain my grimace as Mike managed to slip around me so he was stood in front of Bella and me.

"Hey Edward, care to share?" Mike asked me in a slimy voice while he looked over Bella. I couldn't help myself, I clamed my hands over her breasts just as Mike's eyes reached her neck.

Bella's gasp reminded me that she wasn't my Bella. It was totally uncouth for me to be touching her like this, but when her hands rested on top of mine, I realised that she didn't mind.

"Go Bella, get back to your friends, I'll call you tomorrow…" I whispered in her ear as Mike continued to sway on the spot and rake his eyes over her.

"Thanks…" she whispered back, giving my hands a squeeze as she said it. She broke into laughter while my jaw dropped at the fact that she had just unintentionally caused me to squeeze her breasts. "And I guess thanks for that too…" she added slyly before she kissed me quickly on my cheek and dropped her hands.

I followed suit and dropped my hands from her body, apprehensive of letting her go.

In the distance, I could see Emmett, scouring the crowd with a frown on his face. I looked back to Mike, only to see that Bella was still there looking up at me while she chewed at her bottom lip.

Fury bubbled inside me like molten lava as Mike licked his lips and looked down at her butt. "Go!" I urged her, giving her pert butt a playful slap.

Her laughter ran around me as she sauntered away, waving a hand of farewell without looking back.

"Lets go." I said darkly to Mike.

Bella POV.

Uhhh…my throat felt dry and my body felt heavy. I stretched my arms up above me and winced as I felt some very distinctive shots of pain in my thighs. I quickly remembered where I'd most likely got that pain from. Emmett. His fireman's lift was safe as houses, but the guy's strong grip could also be a nuisance because I usually ended up feeling bruised the next day. As I did now.

I opened my eyes, ready to face the TV seeing as I had already summarised that I had fallen asleep on my sofa. I quickly snapped my eyes shut when my eyes gave me an image of a gorgeous baby grand piano. I opened my eyes once again and realised that my eyes hadn't deceived me. I was really seeing a piano.

Emmett had definitely walked me home, or so I thought, to the door but I was obviously not at my house, that much was apparent, neither was I at Emmett's or Alice's. I hesitantly stood up, trying to keep as silent as possible.

My head span a little at the sudden movement and I couldn't stop myself from giggling. How did I get myself into this mess? I wondered as I headed toward what I hoped to be the front door.

Just as I was about to grasp the door handle, a voice behind me froze me in my tracks. "Stop! Who are you? What are you doing in my house?" the deep male voice asked hurriedly.

I could physically feel the colour draining from my face as I turned to face the gorgeous man in the doorway to what I guessed was his bedroom. In one hand, he held a cell phone, and in the other, he held to the door frame in a white knuckled grip. My eyes couldn't help themselves from being rude and scanning over the beautiful mans delectable body. He wore only a pair of sweats which hung loosely on his hips, which showed off his impeccable body perfectly. His dishevelled auburn hair caught my eye and caused an irrational sense of familiarity to flash through me.

"I'm sorry…my friend walked me home last night…we must have stopped at the wrong house…" I mumbled as I dug into my pocket for my phone.

"So did you have a good night last night?" The man asked in a gentle voice as he pressed a digit on his phone and held it to his ear.

"Please, don't call the police…" I begged as I held onto my phone, ready to call Emmett to shout the odds.

I was startled as my phone started ringing in my hand. My mouth fell open as I realised who was phoning. On my way 'home' last night I had played around with my ring tones and after programming in my mystery guy's number, I chose the song.

"(More than a feeling)
(More than a feeling)
Well it's more than a feeling,
(More than a feeling)
When I hear that old song they used to play,
(More than a feeling)
And I begin dreaming,
(More than a feeling)…"

It couldn't be. The flirty, caring man from last night couldn't be the drop dead gorgeous man who stood mere meters from me. Or could he? Only one way to find out! My mind raged with the possibility until I had finally pressed the 'accept' button and held my phone against my ear, never breaking my eye contact with the man opposite me.

"Hello?" I whispered feeling utterly terrified.

"Hello beautiful." He spoke, his eyes burning with fierce passion.

"Its you…from last night…" I gasped in awe as my hand dropped from my ear, my phone hanging limply in my hand.

"Its me. Edward." He said, as he kept his eye contact with me and shut his phone.

"How? How did I end up here?" I whispered the question, hoping that Edward had the answer.

He merely shrugged his shoulders and went to walk past me. As he passed me, his fingers lightly brushed my wrist, making me shiver at the flood of memories that came back to me about last night and the time I spent with him.

I quickly rang Emmett, feeling desperate for an answer.

"You're so beautiful…" Emmett's dreamy voice reached me.

"What are you talking about?" I snapped as I rested a hand on my hip.

"Rose…" Emmett replied vaguely.

"Jeez Emmett, your talking to flowers now…" I sighed before I quickly cut off his protest. "Where did you walk me to last night Emmett?" I all but growled down the phone.

"Home?" he responded weakly, obviously doubtful of his own answer.

"Wrong, guess again stud." I replied. "I'm at Edward's house…not my house!" I chastised him while I cringed at the fact that Edward had seen me looking like a complete mess.

"Edward Masen? Tall guy, drop dead gorgeous?…not in a gay way…" Emmett questioned me.

"Bull's-eye" I responded crisply.

"Ahhh, wotcha complaining about, he's the safest guy around. I must have sub-drunk-consciously dropped you off at the wrong house. Just a technicality…" Emmett said cheerfully before he hung up on me.

I took deep breaths in order to calm down. I held my face in my hands while I contemplated which form of torture I could get Emmett with.

'Owner of a lonely heart,

Owner of a lonely heart,

Much better than a,

Owner of a broken heart...'

I span around quickly to face a smirking Edward. "Like it? I heard some short woman singing it last night…" Edward said casually.

"Suppose so…" I answered him, unable to fathom how he could react so well to having found a near enough stranger in his house. "I can't believe how cool your being about this…" I said as I shook my head lightly in disbelief.

"Its not every day that I wake up to a beautiful woman," he began with a shrug to his shoulders, "Not that she was exactly in the right room…" he continued with a glance toward his bedroom door as he pushed away from the wall he was leant against and walked toward me. "But I'll take what I can if it concerns you." He finished as he stopped in front of me.

I looked up at him with a small, unsure smile playing on my lips. I wondered if he was being sincere. He had looked out for me last night and had been great company, but last night, he had been unable to get a real good look at me. My own reaction to him was that evident. I hadn't recognised him until he had phoned me.

Edward ran his fingers gently through my tangled hair before he bowed his head down to breath into my ear, "I'll get breakfast ready, the bathrooms over there…" he told me as he pointed to a door beside his bedroom.

I nodded weakly, still feeling slightly intoxicated from his proximity, especially when he flaunted his muscles by standing inches from me.

I hurried to the bathroom and grimaced at the sight of my reflection. My eyeliner had smudged over half of my face, my hair was a mess, my clothes were askew and creased, the list went on and yet Edward had called me beautiful. Twice. Yeah right…

Once I decided that I looked half decent, I opened the door from the bathroom and headed toward the kitchen. A promising smell of pancakes led my nose in the right direction until I was stood directly behind a half dressed definition of a perfect man.

"What do you want with your pancakes lo-Bella…" he asked me as he pulled me to his side and kissed the top of my head. I noticed a blush on his cheeks as he avoided my gaze.

"You…" I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?" he asked me slowly. He'd heard me.

"Nothing…" I lied as I bit my lip and my cheeks flushed scarlet.

There was going to be a completely different ending to this, but it got way too steamy for its T rating, so I had to cut it, BUT, I will add that little steamy bit into a future story of mine 'Wild Wild West Wales?' but it'll be a while until that one comes around, because I want to get Divine Intervention finished first and there's LOADS more to go with that one!

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