Chapter 12


-"…Ugh. I have such a head ache right now," were my first string of words upon awaking to the enclosure of a dark room with little streams of light gleaming out of a crack from a door nearby. At this point, I was already getting used to feeling confined.

When I tried to rise, I felt a quick pain in my torso, which caused the rest of my body to suddenly spring into an Amber Alert. I moaned out in frustration and moved into a more comfortable position on the bed of blankets I was resting on. Within the next few minutes, I heard the door ease open. I instinctively buried myself into a few of the blankets, away from the light.

"…Despite Inoue's healing, you still shouldn't be moving in the state you're in, missy," a familiar soft voice penetrated the silence. I turned my head to see Urahara leaning on the side wall with hims arms hidden behind his sleeves. Something about him standing so comfortably within the darkness put me on edge, yet intrigued me at the same time.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But I'm not exactly a vegetable. And I love it how you say that after you command me to do your dirty work," I commented dryly while carefully trying to read his expressions, even though there was only a twitch of a casual smile.

"Observant one, aren't you? Despite the fact that you couldn't apply that to the battle that almost completely cost me my shop yesterday." The tone in his voice was harsher than normal and I couldn't even come up with a proper response to that. He suddenly hocked up a laugh.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" he waved his hands in front of him, jokingly before moving forward a few feet. I didn't realize what was coming before he was sitting beside me in my little nest of blanket material.

"Does this mean that I still have my job?" I actually scooted away from him a bit or else I'd be suffering from a fever from how hot my face was getting with him so close by. He began to play with his fan between his fingers.

"Oh definitely. We just had to test you to make sure that you're good and healthy before I send you off for any assignments." He smiled.

"So..when do I start then?"

"Hmm..." He started scratching the back of his head in thought. I rolled my eyes assuming that he was most likely kidding.

"I think that I actually have a few packages that need some shipping. But.." I saw his eyes peak through the shadows. "-But I think that it'd be best if you started your training today."

"T-training? For ..what?" I stammered, even though I should have seen this coming.

"At this point, I think that I have a pretty good idea that you're definitely not from around here...Yet you lack the basic necessities in order to work with us. So, I've decided to develop whatever it is that you have so you won't be ripped to shreds whenever something goes wrong. Do you understand?" Even though there was a casual smirk on his face, I felt all of the color drain from my mocha tinged skin.

"You look grim," he teased as I buried my face in my hands.

"Ugh. So I guess I should ..change into some sweats or something?" I asked while trying to shake the tiredness from my limbs.

"Yeah, I was about to mention that you are in desperate need of a shower," he commented casually even though it caused my eyes to bulge open.

"Have.. you also guessed that I'm on my own as well?" The question was so blatant that it was on borderline of betraying my first introduction. I prepared for the worst. Instead of directly responding, he flicked up the tip of his hat, symbolically meaning that he'd be more serious.

"To be honest, I'm sort of used to having a flurry of random visitors come in and treat this place like their own.." He trailed off.

"Wait...wait. You're kidding? You're really-?" I was in complete disbelief.

"As long as you stay on top of your workload, unlike some people in this popsicle stand," he chuckled softly and tousled my hair with a hand.

"Speaking of which, I'm sure that you're wondering why Renji was fighting in that attire and with a hideous, bone like retractable sword?"

I actually knew quite a bit about Mr. Abarai, but instead of lying through my ass, I inquired a pleasant bluff through my teeth.

"A few years ago, I learned some legend about this world being protected by 'Soul Reapers', I think. I'm guessing that Renji..." I didn't bother to continue.

"Mmm.." He moaned out a yawn while responding.

" - Yes, Renji Abarai is indeed a Soul Reaper. From the moment you fell out of the sky like a star, I already knew that you'd find your way over here. I may not know 'what' you are exactly..but I know that there's no point in hiding what the nature of my company is from you."

Out of nowhere, Tensai burst the bedroom door open with a loud sliding crunch and hurried next to Kisuke, sitting on his knees. He was holding a sketch pad and a handful of colorful markers. The entire mood suddenly spiked into a joyful one.

"You see..We live in what we call the 'Ningenkai' or the 'Human World,' which we're aware of," He explained as Tensai drew a large, messy green blob on the sketchpad and filled it in with happy little smilie faces.

"..Then there's where Renji comes from, which is called the 'Serieti,' or rather 'Soul Society.' Soul Society is basically a military based, hierarchical society that is made up of departed souls that harness new power and are eventually broken up into different factions. It's primary function is to maintain order and balance within the human world and of both worlds in general." As he paused to take a few breaths, Tensai created an elaborate pink blob filled with faceless little ghosts waving swords.

"Now, those scary monsters what you saw recently are what we call 'Hollow.' Hollow are what you get when a soul's hatred or despair consumes them and they're no longer in control of themselves. They reside in an area in between the Human and Spirit worlds in a desolate region called 'Hueco Mundo." Tensai drew a large parenthesis in between the blobs and drew scowling and fat little skeletons surrounded by stars.

"Every few days, a pack of Hollow attack the Human World in order to satisfy their varying appetites by feeding on souls. It's up to Ichigo, Renji and another friend of ours here to make sure that that doesn't happen by performing their roles as 'Soul Reapers.' It's a Soul Reaper's job to defend this world against Hollow and to guide wandering souls into a peaceful rest in Soul Society." Upon finishing, Tensai flipped to a new page and scribbled three messy figures. One had a matted tangle of hot pink hair with a black gigai and an angry face. The other two wore similar that were meant to represent Ichigo and Rukia.

"Thank you, Tensai," he rested his hand on his large, bulging shoulder before Tensai walked out of the room, quietly sliding the door back into place.

"Now, I'm sure you're wondering where you fit into all of this?" He asked, scratching his stubbled chin.

"Well that'd certainly help, I think," I replied, awaiting his response intently. Urahara smiled and drew in a sharp breath.

"Yoruichi and I believe that you fell into this world from another dimension and you had limited knowledge of us beforehand. So that caused you to wander into my shop inquiring about wanting a job because you had no other method of fitting in. Am I right so far?" I actually audibly gulped and stared at him unflinchingly. I couldn't believe this.

"Yeah, you've definitely nailed it so far." I responded truthfully, which caused him to chuckle.

"And..that spiritual power that you have is most likely an inherited side effect you gained from traveling in between dimensions. I'm assuming that you come from somewhere that is eons away, meaning that whatever you have will inevitably grow to massive degrees because of how much energy you gained from traveling that distance."

I ended up falling back onto my pallet and rose my hands above my face. I examined every little perfectly drawn line to every crevice. After all of my complaining about not leading an 'adventurous enough' life, this was my new solution. But the question am I supposed to assimilate into a world that I was never born into to begin with? Urahara cleared his throat and continued.

"..So we think that it'd be a good idea to train you the best we can because we want to give you a chance to harness the power that you've been given. That's how we trained Ichigo and Renj, afterall. It took awhile, but they're grateful for the amount of power they're able to properly use now because of us."

I looked over at him.

"I feel like such a charity case, now. This is going have to take some getting used to for me because I wouldn't think you'd help out someone...that shouldn't even exist." My eyes began to grow warm and he placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"You're right. I could have completely ignored you falling into this world. But I didn't think that it'd be right to not give someone a chance...just because they're different." As I tried to hold back a well of tears from how beautiful those words were to me, he shook me back to my senses.

"..Come on, it's time for you to clean yourself up and try to forget any doubts you had about being here." He rose and looked back at me as he slid the door open.

"...You're family now."

A few days ago, I was a normal teenage girl excited to be enjoying the summer by hanging out with her friends, relaxing and peaking on the edge of fully becoming a young adult. On one of my first nights into such a summer, I stumbled into a hole that aligned two conflicting dimensions and I fell into a different version of the world that I grew to love. Over my past few days here, I've been running into characters that I once thought were fictional and I'd never actually meet. Not too long ago, I thought that I'd be living a normal life, with normal expectations.

Now I'm learning that whatever my fate is, is meant for much more than that.

My name is Kisamu Nakata and this is my story...

as an unexpected chemical within Bleach.