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Dr Temperance Brennan strode confidently into her new office at the Jeffersonian Institute.

This day was a realisation of a life-long dream, after years of hard work she was finally a Forensic Anthropologist with her own team at one of the most prestigious Forensic labs in the world. It was everything she had ever thought that she would want.

However luckily for her it wasn't all that she had.

Smiling gently, her hand went to the delicate chain that hung around her neck, her fingertips brushing against the rings that her husband had so carefully placed there that same morning. Moving around her desk to finish organising the items which she had brought with her that day, Tempe smiled softly as she remembered the first time that her husband had hung her rings there.

It was her first day back at her current research post after the wedding and she was getting dressed when Booth came into the bathroom, his hands behind his back, smiling nervously. Slightly suspicious having seen that expression on her sister's face many times after Meredith had borrowed something and broken or lost it, Tempe turned to face her husband, raising a curious eyebrow.

Rather than respond, Booth merely handed her a small box and indicated that she should open it, smiling widely as Tempe gasped in surprise. Reaching out, Booth carefully lifted the delicate white gold chain out of the box before gently pulling her engagement and wedding ring off her left finger, sliding them both onto the chain. Watching her husband's antics in confusion, Tempe smiled as Booth reached around her neck and slipped the necklace on, the rings clinking softly against each other as they came to rest against her chest.

"I know that you've had to keep taking your engagement ring off whilst you've been examining those lovely bones of yours and I also know that whether you admit it or not you're always worried that you'll lose them. This way," He explained gesturing towards the necklace, "They're safe and you can still put them back on if you need to scare off any horny professors." Booth finished, remembering in annoyance Tempe's research professor, who had continually tried to get Tempe to go out with him, no matter how often she showed him her engagement ring and told him that she wasn't interested. Tempe, seeing her husband's irritable expression smirked and wrapped her arms round his neck, her blue eyes locking with his brown ones.

"There's the alpha male I first fell in love with." She teased, before placing a gentle yet loving kiss on his lips. "Thank you for the necklace, Booth, its perfect."

"Dr Brennan?" A voice suddenly called, breaking her out of her memories and Tempe turned to see an older gentleman entering the room, an intelligent look on his dark face.

"Dr Goodman," She replied courteously, holding her hand out to shake his.

"Its good to see you again, Dr Brennan. I trust everything here is up to your standards?" He inquired gazing quickly around the room.

"Yes thank you, Dr Goodman." Tempe replied, placing the last few things on her desk, some photos of herself and Booth, Meredith and Derek and finally of all of them taken the previous Christmas.

"Your family?" Dr Goodman, admiring the photos.

"Yes, this is my sister and her husband and this is my husband." Tempe said, gesturing towards the figures in the photos.

"A handsome family, Dr Brennan, you should be proud." Dr Goodman paused and looked at the young woman in front of him, once again impressed by the intelligence and passion that radiated from her. One thing still confused him however. "I must admit I was surprised at your request to keep your marriage a secret from the rest of the Jeffersonian, may I inquire as to why that is?"

Tempe looked at her new boss, carefully scrutinizing him, wondering whether it was indeed a good idea to confide in him. In the end she went with what Booth would call her gut but what she would say was an instinctual feeling based on previous knowledge of the man.

"It's quite simple really," She began, "My private life is that, private and with the careers that my husband and I have its probably safer for all of us if our relationship is not known. However I'm not going to actively stop people from knowing about us although I'm also not going to broadcast it either. The fact that I'm married has no baring on my ability to do this job and therefore it is not information which I feel I need to share with my colleagues." Tempe finished calmly watching as Dr Goodman processed her declaration.

Finally Dr Goodman smiled and nodded, "I'm very pleased to welcome you to the Jeffersonian Institute, Dr Brennan, I believe that you will fit in very well here," and with that surprising comment, Dr Goodman turned and left her office leaving Tempe to stare after him in surprise. Of all the answers which he had could have given her, this had definitely been the most unexpected.

Suddenly her cell phone began ringing and swiftly grabbing it, she answered it.


"Jeese, Tempe, could you be just a little bit more formal when you answer the phone, I mean you never know, it could be the President calling or something, not just your little old sister." Meredith's teasing tones sang out from the small device.

Rolling her eyes at her sister's antics, Tempe wandered over to her desk and collapsed down on the chair placed behind it. Choosing to ignore her sister's comments, Tempe instead asked,

"So did you have a reason for calling or did you just want to make comments about how I answer the phone?"

"Nope, just wanted to tease you, I've got an hour until I'm finished with this god-awful night shift and since I can't sleep, figured I ring and annoy you." Meredith paused and Tempe smiled as she heard a deep voice scolding her about waking up poor doctors, who were trying to sleep. "Derek says hi." Meredith commented cheerfully a moment later, causing Tempe to laugh as she heard the deep voice grumble again at Meredith's words.

"You're mean you know?" Tempe commented as she imagined the scene at Seattle Grace, where her sister and her husband were currently working. Most likely the pair were curled up in an on-call room and from the sounds of it although Meredith couldn't sleep, Derek had had no such problems until Meredith's phone call.

"I know but he loves me for it so I could hardly change now could I. Anyway he's just grumpy cos I'm stuck here and he can't sleep without me so he's stuck here too." Tempe laughed as Meredith giggled at her husband's continued irritable mutterings before they were suddenly interrupted by a loud beeping. "Oh damn, pit's paging me, I'll speak to you tonight, Tempe, I want to here all about your first day. Miss you loads, give that big lug of a husband of yours a big, embarrassing, smoochy kiss for me."

"Will do Mer, miss you too, speak to you soon." Tempe replied, before ending the call. Smiling softly, Tempe gazed at the picture of herself and her sister that had been taken the last time the girls had been together, almost a month before.

She remembered how alone she had felt before Meredith had found her in that car park, broken and bleeding and how that had all changed after Meredith had rescued her.

It had only taken a minute for her life to change drastically but she wouldn't change a second of it.

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