A New Hogwarts

By Leath1

Title: A New Hogwarts

Disclaimer: The normal: I do not own the Characters of Harry Potter. I am just doing this for fun and maybe to liven up my dull life.

Rating: T

Read "Petunia Takes Charge" and "Return of the Heirs" before you read this…

Summary: AU Story, Voldemort is dead for good. Slytherin's plot to control Hogwarts had failed. Hogwarts is free to be what the founders wanted her to be. What does this mean for Harry and his friends? What is life going to be like now that they are free just to be kids? Well, read and find out…

Chapter One

Harry, Dudley, and Neville were in the back yard of the Potter Estate, enjoying the Boo Boards the boys got for Christmas. The snow had long since vanished, and the grass was just starting to turn from its dead gray to a bright green. School still hadn't started yet, and it was starting to look like it might never start.

Fudge and others were still trying everything they could to get the house system reinstated at Hogwarts. The trouble was that the magic that had created the hat died when Voldemort was defeated. In addition, any time anyone put any banner or symbol with one of the founder's crests on it inside the school, it would burst into flames. The only banners that the school allowed were the ones with all four crests together.

Things were to the point that now everyone was involved in getting the school running again. Parents, members of the school board, members of the Wizengamot and the press were to gather this day at Hogwarts for a formal meeting in hope of solving the problems they had to address.

This was why Harry and his friends were going to stay at the Potter Estate under the watchful eye of Augusta Longbottom and Mad-Eye Moody. The others hadn't arrived yet, so Harry, Dudley and Neville were playing tag on their Boo Boards, flying around the massive back yard of the Potter Estate.

Harry was just about to tag Dudley when a red blur flew past him, almost knocking him off his board. "Hey, Ron, you prat! Watch where you're going," Harry yelled.

Harry looked up to see the smiling face of Ginny Weasley, and his face turned red. "Prat? Ginny asked Harry.

"I … um … I didn't know it was you, Ginny. I thought it was your brother. I would never call you a prat," Harry said.

Dudley and Neville were watching all of this with identical smiles on their faces. Dudley starting to sing a childish Muggle tune that he had heard the younger kids sing around the older kids. "Harry and Ginny sitting in a tree! K I S S I N G. First comes love, then comes marriage then comes …" Dudley didn't get to finish it because he was soon too busy running from Harry, as the boy chased after him on his board.

"Get back here, you prat," Harry was yelling.

Ginny was giggling and a bit red-faced as she watched the boys race after each other. Neville flew over and said, "Where are the others?"

"Mad-Eye spotted something in Fred and George's pockets, and he's checking it out to make sure it isn't dangerous. Mum's busy yelling at them for that and Ron for knocking over one of the Potter's lamps. Percy and his girlfriend Penelope, or Penny, as she wants to be called, went towards the library. I think they're going to go snog, but they say they want check out the books there." Ginny said.

Neville laughed at this and noticed the others walking out the back door by this time. "Come on, let's go stop Harry from killing Dudley and join the others on the ground."

"Sure," Ginny said, and the pair went flew off heading in the direction where Harry and Dudley were flying around each other play fighting. It was clear that was what they were doing because the boys were laughing as they took swings at each other, missing the other person by a mile. After getting Harry and Dudley to stop, the four of them landed to get another parental speech from Molly about behaving for Mad-Eye and Augusta before she left to go to Hogwarts.

Sirius Black and his two female cousins, Andi Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy, arrived at St. Mungo's hospital to check on the women's sister Bella. Sirius would have rather been anywhere else; but sadly, as the Head of the Black family, he had to at least show up and act like he cared, even though he couldn't care less about the nut-case.

Bella was not dealing with being free from Azkaban as well as some of the others. It didn't help that the healers had discovered that she was pregnant. This was causing trouble of its own because Bella and her husband hadn't been together for over ten years; the child could not be his. This left everyone to wonder who the father was, and if Bella had had sex with the father of the child willingly or not.

"Sirius, you will be nice to Bella," Andi told her.

"Yes, I'll be nice to Trixie," Sirius said smiling.

That smile vanished as the two women turned and glared at him. "You will not call her Trixie. You know she hates that nickname," Narcissa snapped.

"Please don't call her that; we don't need to get her worked up. We really need to find out who the father of her baby is and if …" Andi couldn't finish what she was about to say. She knew it was possible. It did happen in prison; Bella might be strong, but she was still a woman.

"Yeah," Sirius said. He had heard stories about some of the guards taking advantage of the women in prison. He never thought any of them would go after his cousin. Bella was … well, Bella! She was not like the other women there. He couldn't see any of the guards even going into her cell. This idea bothered him as well because if it wasn't human then it could be … Eww … Sirius didn't want think about that; it was worse than the other possibility.

"Have you talked to Rodolphus?" Andi asked as they started to walk again toward the restricted section of the hospital.

"Yes, I did," Sirius, snarled. If there was anyone he wanted to talk to less next to his cousin, it was his cousin's husband. He hated Rodolphus. He thought their world would be better if Rodolphus and his brother got the kiss not freed from prison.

"And?" Narcissa asked.

"And he doesn't care if Bella had sex willingly or not. He wants to use this as an excuse to dissolve their marriage. He wants money, of course," Sirius said.

"Prat," Andi muttered.

"It isn't shocking. I know Bella and Rodolphus' marriage was not the best. I know she took the Dark Mark because he ordered her too, not because she wanted to. The ironic part of that is that it was Bella that Voldemort wanted, not her husband," Narcissa said.

"Why?" Sirius asked.

"Because of her gift," Narcissa snapped. "The Dark Lord knew that she was a seer."

"I talked to Bella's healer about that, and she said that it is possible that because of Bella's gift that the Dementors were attracted to her more than the others," Andi said sadly.

Sirius just nodded his head solemnly, and the group walked into Bella Lestranges' room to find her sitting naked on the bed holding her belly with a half-smile on her face. "I'm out of here," Sirius said, turning and leaving the room quickly.

"Please, Ms. Lestrange, you have guests. You need to get dressed," the young nurse said, holding up Bella's hospital robes for her.

Narcissa took the robe and said, "Here let us. We know how to deal with her."

Andi walked over to her sister's bed and said, "Bella, honey. Mother would not approve of this. You have to get dressed."

"Yes, Sweetheart; besides, Sirius needs to talk to you. He can't come in here until you're dressed," Narcissa said.

"Sirius?" Bella asked, looking around the room for her cousin. "Where is he?"

"He's outside. Now, please get dressed," Narcissa, ordered as she gently but firmly helped Bella to her feet.

"Okay," Bella said as she willingly let her sisters dress her.

Finally, Bella was dressed and sitting on the bed with her hands wrapped around her stomach again. Andi walked to the door and opened it. "You can come in now," she said to Sirius.

"I really didn't need to see her like that," Sirius complained as he walked into the room with a sour look on his face.

"Sirius," Bella said smiling sweetly. "It's good to see you. You were the talk of the prison after you were freed."

"I bet I was," Sirius said standing there trying to keep his face neutral. He didn't like or trust his cousin, and he felt all of this craziness was just an act. She was up to something. He just didn't know what it was.

Sirius had given Narcissa a look, and she nodded getting the point. He wanted her to get on with it, so Narcissa walked over, sat down next to her sister and said, "Bella, honey. Your husband is saying that this child is not his. Is that true?"

"Yes, it is. It isn't his. It's My Lord's baby!" Bella said.

Sirius Black started to choke. The poor nurse in the room dropped the tray she was carrying and ran from the room. As for Narcissa, she stayed calm and asked, "Are you saying he visited you?"

"Yes, a few weeks ago," Bella said.

Narcissa looked at Andi. Andi looked at Sirius, and Sirius just stood there stunned. "Are you saying that he visited you as Albus Dumbledore?"

"Yes, but I knew it was him. I could see it in his eyes," Bella said sweetly.

"Oh, hell," Sirius said dropping down in the chair looking stunned. Narcissa and Andi agreed and looked at their sister, who just sat there, smiling as she held her stomach and started to sing lullabies.

Severus Snape was checking out one of the few new rooms that he could possibly use for his potions classes. He had spent years telling Albus that the dungeons were not the place to brew potions. The dampness and cold affected the way the potions turned out. Therefore, taking advantage of the changes in the school, Severus talked Minerva into allowing him to turn one of the first floor classrooms into his new classroom.

He thought he found the perfect place. It was the last set of classrooms at the end of the hall. One was large enough for a lab area in which to brew potions, and it had a large storage area in the room. It was connected to another room that he could set up as a classroom. He talked Minerva into allowing him to have an assistant professor. His assistant would teach the lower years the basics of potion making. He would then take the students who passed their OWLs and no longer needed someone to guide them in the step-by-step process of potion making. It was something Severus had dreamed of doing for years. He had always felt as if he was lowering himself to teach the lower years. He now could do what he had always wanted: with only needing to teach a few hours a week, the rest of his time would be spent on just brewing potions, research, and developing new potions.

Severus was walking around the larger of the classrooms, making mental notes on where he would put things, when Petunia walked in. "I see you found your new rooms," Petunia said as she walked into the room.

"It will do. How is your meeting going?" Severus asked, turning to face her.

"To use an expression Dudley and Harry use, Fudge is a prat," Petunia said, sitting down in one of the students' chairs and sighing deeply. "We are never going to get anywhere with him fighting us every step of the way.'

"The chances of the school opening for the rest of this term are slim," Severus said, as he joined her and sat down in the chair next to her.

"Very," Petunia said sadly.

Severus shook his head and said in a sad tone, "If Fudge isn't careful, Hogwarts may never open."

"That's what everyone is starting to feel that is going to happen," Petunia said sadly.

"So, I may be wasting my time here," Severus said.

"You might be, but then again, maybe not. There is always hope that we can work things out," Petunia said.

"I hope so," Severus said as he took Petunia's hand.

"Severus," Petunia said, starting to pull her hand away.

Severus didn't let her and he held it a bit tighter. "Petunia, when Potter gave us Lily's diary, he wished that we could read the things we needed to know," Severus said.

Petunia bit her lip and yanked her hand away from Severus. "I need to leave," she said, getting up to leave.

"Please, Petunia. I know why you never told me," Severus said.

"Do you?" Petunia snapped getting angry. "Do you know I was going to tell you the night you took that mark? I was there hiding, watching you bow to that monster. You were kissing that man's robes. I knew he was going to be a threat to my family. I also knew there was a chance that the child I was carrying was the heir in that prophecy. No, I couldn't tell you, not after what I saw that night."

Petunia had turned away from him. She stood there with her arms wrapped tightly around her. The problem was that she didn't know if she was angry at him or herself. "Fate, of course, put Vernon in my life. Vernon's uncle had left him a large sum of money, but he had to get married before he could claim it. Vernon was not a man most women would go for, so you could say I allowed him to use me as I was using him."

"You could have told me. I would have protected you both," Severus said.

"Yes, like you protected Lily. I know what you did, Severus. I know you were the one who told your master about the prophecy that you overheard. Would you have told him the other one if you had known about it? Or would have given your son to him with a smile on your face?" Petunia asked, turning to face him with tears in her eyes.

It was Severus' turn to turn from her. "I wouldn't have done that. I regret that I caused Lily that pain. I would have never said anything if I had known," Severus said.

"It shouldn't have mattered," Petunia cried.

"No, it shouldn't have; all I can say is that I was young and foolish. I thought that following … Voldemort would give me the respect I thought I wanted. However, I would have never given him my son. I would have died first! I would have died to protect you," Severus said, turning around and wrapping his arms around her. He held her tight.

At first, Petunia tried to pull away but finally she gave in. She leaned her head against his chest and started to cry. Severus held her tight, letting cry it out. "I hate Vernon, but I hated myself more for getting into that mess. I was scared; and after awhile, I was alone. I had to stay with him. I was powerless, and I had those boys to protect.

"Do you know what it's like watching a man you hate hurt the people you love. I used to watch him sleep and wondered what I could do to end his life. Would they have caught me? If they did, what would happen to Harry and Dudley? Would your friends get to them? So … I didn't do anything. I just lived with it until my powers came back."

"Did you ever tell Albus?" Severus asked.

"He knew about the abuse. He did nothing about it. He just visited now and then to make sure the wards were still strong. I had to protect my boys and I did. I made sure that Vernon would never know about Dudley. I also made sure he didn't hurt Harry. It wasn't easy and, some things I did I'm not proud of, but I did keep them safe. I guess that's all that matters," Petunia said, and she started pull away.

Severus wasn't letting go. "You don't have to do it alone anymore. I'll be at your side if you want me?" he told her with a pleading tone of voice.

Petunia dried her eyes as she managed to get free from him. "No, I don't need you at my side. I have done it alone this far, and I'll keep doing it alone," Petunia said.

"And Dudley?" Severus asked, not pushing the issue.

Petunia sighed. "Depends on you; he needs a father. Vernon doesn't want anything do with him. I know it hurts him not having his father in his life. If you are willing to be there for him, we will tell him; but if you plan on walking out at any time then don't bother, Dudley would be better off not knowing that you are his father."

Severus fought the rage that was burning inside him as he said, "I won't leave either of you."

"Then we will tell him before school starts, but I want do it together. I want to make sure he understands why I never told him," Petunia said.

"Fine," Severus said.

"Well, I have get back to my meeting," Petunia said, and she rushed from the room.

Severus pulled his wand and blasted a nearby chair to pieces. "Damn, that stubborn woman!" He snapped as he stood their fuming. He loved her. He knew it. He had always loved her. He also understood why she wasn't willing have him. He had made several mistakes with Petunia. He was going to have work on making it up to her. He also had a chance to be a father for the first time in his life. He could be a better man than his own father ever could be, and maybe he could make up for a lot of lost time.

Petunia returned to the meeting with a red, tear-stained face. Lily noticed it; but when the sisters locked eyes, Petunia just waved her off and the meeting got started again. Fudge, of course, started right in and something in Petunia snapped.

"Shut up!" Petunia said from her seat with the other school board members.

She stunned Fudge and the others with her sudden outburst, and he started to sputter. "What did you say?" he demanded.

"I said shut up," Petunia said standing up. "Minister, if you force us to delay opening this school, I will personally see you removed from office. I have had enough listening to you rattle on about what you don't like about what has happened. The Sorting Hat is gone. The school is no longer accepting separate houses, and there is nothing we can do to change that. You had our best minds here trying to work on it, but nothing has come of it … to your liking. So, for the children's sakes, give it up; or trust me, I will make sure you are removed from office."

As Petunia sat down, James Potter and Frank Longbottom lead the standing ovation that forced Fudge to take his seat. Fudge sat there for the rest of the meeting, ashen-faced and quiet. Things started to pick up from that point on, and the school board was finally able to begin addressing the issues that needed to be attended to that day.

Petunia half listened, but her mind was not really on the meeting any longer. She was thinking about her run-in with Severus. She knew he would find out eventually, but being confronted with it had rattled her just a bit. She needed time to think before things got too much further out of control for her.