We, the Sparky Army, decree 2008 to be the Year of the Spark. We pledge to post a new sparky story or chapter of a sparky story every day from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008. Though the Powers that Be have removed Elizabeth Weir from the regular cast of Stargate Atlantis, we feel that she remains an integral part of the show, and that the relationship between her and John Sheppard is too obvious to be ignored. We hope that you, and anyone might happen to read these works, agree.

And if that isn't official enough for you, we don't know what is. Seriously, guys, we're just trying to have some fun--and show TPTB that Sparky is the way to go. So sit back and enjoy the 366 stories coming your way!

Note from Author (BlueSkys91): Short, sweet and to the point, this is a very rare occasion because I'm normally not very good at this kind of writing. So if it sucks it's not my fault, I am not good at serious stuff, but this one wouldn't let go.

The Week after Next

The week after next they were going to earth, to face the inevitable. He knew it was coming for some time he just did not want to accept it.

The week after next they were to stand in front of the IOA, General Landry, General O'Neill, and God only knows who else. He was scared to death, which for him did not happen often.

The week after next they were going to have to explain it all. He still did not know how they were going to do it. He had asked her about it that morning; her only response had been a smile. That reassured him a little.

The week after next everyone would know that John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir were more than just co-workers or friends. They would know that they were husband and wife.

The week after next everyone would know that it had taken the last harvest festival on New Athos, and a little too much to drink for the two Atlantean leaders to finally admit feelings for one another.

The week after next everyone would know that they were married that night. The same night they had also become soon to be parents.

The week after next was going to be hell. Worse than anything he had seen in the field, he knew that much. In the end it would be worth it though. That was what he held on to.

The week after next his career he knew would more than likely be over. He was fine with that though. If it kept the woman currently asleep on his shoulder there forever, he was fine with that.

The week after next was just that, the week after next. Right now, he was more than content for the night not to worry about it. They would get through it just like they did everything these days, together.