Sakura,Syaoran,and the Nowhere Island
Chapter 1-The Storm

"This is the life!No homeworks,no math problems..only the sun,the sea and later the sand!"gushed 11-year-old Sakura Kinomoto,raising her arms.

Her class is spending the day on a field trip to a nearby island to observe marine life.But that doesn't mean they can't swim in the sea for a few hours!

"Too bad both Eriol and Tomoyo can't join the trip."Tomoyo has a recital today and Eriol volunteered to accompany her.

In the corner of her eye she saw Li Syaoran looking at her intensely.She whirled around just in time to see him blush and make a quick move to hide behind the life boat.

"Since when did you enjoy playing hide-and-seek,Li-kun?"asked Sakura.

"Since never.I,uh,dropped something,that's all.Y-Yeah,it's got absolutely nothing to do with my feelings-"Realizing he's just digging himself a deeper hole of trouble,he clammed up and ran away,blushing furiously.

She shrugged then turned her attention back to the beautiful view.Suddenly the skies darkened.

"What's happening?"Sakura could sense that this is not just an ordinary rain.It was a gorgeous weather awhile ago,so why did it become like this all of a sudden?

"Maybe Syaoran knows the answer."She thought before looking for him.

Syaoran stood still,his eyes shut in concentration.A minute later,he opened them."This is not a natural storm.This must have been manipulated by magic or something.B-But who would do this?"

"Hey Li,let's go!"yelled Yamazaki.

"Huh?Where are we going?"he asked,confused.

"Ms.Kaho said our boat is having an engine trouble.We gotta use the lifeboats to go back."explained the boy.

Li looked at him skeptically."Is this another one of your stories?"

"Li,I wouldn't joke about something as serious as this!Now come on!"He pulled Syaoran to the group.

"Ok,get into the lifeboat one by one!There's enough space for everyone."ordered Kaho amidst the chilling wind.

After the girls have settled in,the boys began to take their places too.Syaoran was about to hop in too when he suddenly noticed something very wrong.

"Look,we don't have all day,Syaoran."said Kaho impatiently.

He turned to his teacher."Sakura isn't here!"He looked up at the boat."Sakura!Sakura!Get in here,hurry!!"

"Syaoran,where are you?Where is everyone?"Sakura hugged herself.It was getting really cold!She then heard her name being called.

She hurried to the source of the voice and gasped.

"Sakura!"Li was flooded with relief.She's ok!

"Why are you all down there?"asked Sakura.

"No time to explain.Sakura,jump!"ordered Syaoran. "I can't!It's too high!"

"You've got to!You're gonna drown!"

Her emerald eyes were wide with fear."I'm scared!"

He held out his arms."I promise to catch jump!"

Sakura hesitated before nodding.She locked her gaze on Syaoran's assuring face before positioning herself to leap.But a giant wave suddenly crashed on the boat and Sakura.

"Sakura!!!"Everyone cried.

Syaoran,meanwhile dove to the icy water to rescue Sakura.Fortunately,she's just within his reach.He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up to the surface to breathe.

"Syaoran!Sakura!!"Kaho called out.

"We're fine,Ms.Ka-"Another wave crashed on them,but he refused to let go of Sakura.They surfaced again,but he realized they were getting farther and farther from his classmates because of the currents.

He decided to swim where the currents will take them.He glanced at her face.

"She lost conciousness!"He embraced her tighter.No matter what happens,he will make sure Sakura will make it back home safely.

But only God knows whether they're heading home or to Russia.They might be swimming in the Sea of Okhotsk already!

After what seemed like eternity,he spotted a piece of land.With renewed vigor,he swam to the island.Minutes later,he and Sakura were lying on the sand.

He looked wearily but happily at the sleeping Sakura."See?I told you you'll make it safely on land." With trembling hands,he reached out for her while feeling the urge to close his eyes and go to sleep.

"I love you so very much,Sakura.."
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