Sakura, Syaoran, and the Nowhere Island
Chapter 5- The Next Day

Only to wake up a few hours later when he heard his name being called along with Sakura's.

He slowly woke her up."We're going home."he whispered.

She stretched lazily."Already?"

He laughed softly.He helped her up and ran towards the source of the voices.

"I'm sure Sakura's ok..I can feel it!"insisted Tomoyo,crying.

"Please,Tomoyo.Take your rest now.You haven't slept a wink since last night."Eriol gently pleaded.

"I-I can't.Not when I know Sakura is..Sakura is.."she burst into tears again.

Touya looked grimly at Kaho.The teacher looked at Eriol before glancing away.

"Here we are!"Sakura shouted,to everyone's utter surprise.

"Sakura!!"Tomoyo ran happily towards her best friend.They hugged each other joyfully.

"Hey there,brat!It's good the island of Alta Vista survived you."teased Touya.

"Big brother!"She jumped to her brother's arms."I thought I'll never see you again!"

He messed her hair."Silly girl!We're siblings,remember?We're stuck with each other,no matter what."He hugged his precious sister tightly.

On the corner of his eye he saw Syaoran watching them quietly.He stood up."What's the matter,Li Syaoran?Want a hug too?"

"No,I want you to disappear."he said,facing him eye-to-eye.

"Big brother,Li-kun was the one who took care of me through the whole ordeal!" informed Sakura.

"Is that so?"He walked in front of the boy.Li faced him squarely.

To everyone's amazement,Touya held out his hand to Syaoran."Thanks for taking care of my princess."

Li accepted his hand."No problem,Sir."He looked at the others."How did you find us?"

"You're just kilometers away from the island you were supposed to visit."explained Eriol.

Kaho kneeled infront of Sakura."I'm sorry if our rescue came a bit too late.The storm was too strong and it was dangerous for any kind of transportation to face the storm-"

"If our island is that near to where we are,how come our weather is beautiful and yours wasn't?"asked the emerald-eyed girl.

"That is strange."whispered Tomoyo,suddenly turning to Eriol.She caught a mysterious smile on his lips.She suddenly felt a shiver.

Eriol looked back at her,smiling.But Tomoyo was sure it wasn't genuine.She averted her gaze.

"Oh well,at least we're all safe and sound!Let's all head inside the boat and eat!"invited Yukito,wrapping a brotherly arm around Sakura.

Obviously,Syaoran didn't see it that way. "I'll just gather my things!"he said,his voice a bit too loud.He went back to the log they slept in last night.As he was gathering his things,somebody handed him a towel.He looked up and saw a smiling Sakura holding the coral he gave her last night.

"T-Thanks."He wiped his sweat with the towel."Who's towel is this?"he asked casually,but deep inside he knew the answer."Sakyura shared me her towel!She does care about me!"his mind cried joyfully.

"It's Eriol's."she replied.

Tons of brick seemed to fall on him.Eriol?!Argh!

She frowned."You're not wiping your body thoroughly.Let me help."She put down the coral and forced him to sit down the log.She rubbed his back gently."There!"

Li smiled.When you come right down to it,it doesn't matter if the towel belonged to Eriol,Touya or even stuffed animal for that matter.As long as it was Sakura's skin cells rubbing his back. He let out a sigh of contentment.