Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that appear in the TV

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that appear in the TV. They belong to Belisarius Productions and CBS. Any original characters that appear in this story are all mine.

A/N: Okay so this is my first ever Kate Todd/Stan Burley ship fiction but I thought it might be nice to try so it is now officially "State". I hope you like it; it's for a challenge on NFA called "Burley's back!" Please leave comments or reviews; it would be great to see what you all think, thanks heaps Kandon Kuuson.

Kate Todd smiled at her self in the mirror as she looked at the dress she was wearing. It accentuated everything. She had also added blonde streaks to her hair, which she thought made her look sexy. At least Tony wouldn't be in her ear about who she was going to be with in the dress, he seemed to find out every time when she was on a date. Kate was hoping that Steve would like it; maybe tonight they could spend sometime together wrapped in each other's arms. Maybe even the whole weekend if she was lucky, she smiled to herself as she saw everything in her minds eye, and then shook her head to get rid of those thoughts before she got herself too crazed with that idea. Her cell phone rang and she walked out to the lounge where she had left it earlier, "Kate Todd?"

"Hey Kate," Steve called into her ear, he sounded like he was on a tarmac.

Kate looked puzzled, "Steve where are you? We're suppose to be going to dinner tonight?"

"I can't make it Kate," Steve replied, "SecDef just decided to take a trip to Guatanamo so I won't be back until Tuesday sorry Kate."

Kate's shoulder sunk as the words hit her, "That's okay…I'll see you when you get back."

"Kate I'm so sorry," Steve called again, "I love you!"

Kate sighed, "Yeah me too. See you when you get back!" Kate closed the connection and sat down on the lounge. Kate placed a hand on her face and shook her head. She wished she hadn't started dating Steve; he was always on protection duty with the Secret Service. Kate looked down at herself she wasn't feeling up to changing again. She picked up her phone and dialled a Marcy's phone number.

"Marcy Collins?" Her friend said when she finally picked up.

"Marcy, its me," Kate said trying not to sound desperate.

Marcy's voice changed when she realised it was Kate, "Kate, sweetie I'm going out to a club soon so I can't talk for too long."

"That's okay Marcy," Kate smiled as she heard her friends words, "I was hoping I could tag along. Steve left with the SecDef again tonight."

"Well I'm meeting Eric and a friend of his tonight," Marcy said unsure how to that would work, "But it would be nice not to have another girlfriend around so I didn't feel outnumbered. How bout I pick you up in ten?"

"Sounds great, I'll see you soon Marcy," Kate said feeling like her weekend wouldn't be so boring after all. Kate rose to walk back into her bedroom, she checked her dress, makeup and hair again and once satisfied with it she scooped up her bag and walked toward the door.


Marcy had been quick, she had arrived for Kate to only get the feeling of cold for a few moments. Before Marcy in her small Lotus Exciege came round the corner and pulled up close to the footpath. Now Kate and Marcy were standing in the line waiting to be let into the newest club in DC called Marty's Cave, Kate looked at Marcy, "He was taking the a protection job with the SecDef!"

"I don't know what you see in Steve," Marcy said as they moved forward in the que, "He's an adrenaline junky that would take any job that made his blood pump faster. I don't think he is your type Kate!"

"But…but," Kate thought she caught a glimpse of someone familiar.

"What Kate?" Marcy asked as she looked forward following Kate's look, "What?"

"I thought I saw someone I haven't seen in two years, its nothing," Kate said as she tried to get back on her original conversation, "I …I…just feel…that." Marcy was looking at her as if she was a mental patient. Kate could only think about whom she thought she had seen. Was it Stan Burley? Was it old Gibbs' team member? Kate shook her head, "Come on Kate think…" She muttered before she looked at Marcy again. "Sorry Marcy!"

"Never mind Kate," Marcy said as they reach the entrance of the club, "Just don't do that right now!" Kate smiled at the bouncer then back at Marcy. The bouncer looked both of them up and down and grinned at her. He stepped to the side and pulled the rope aside. Kate and Marcy smiled at the bouncer and walked into the entrance of the club.

Marcy looked as they walked deeper into the club, Marcy smiled and pointed as she spotted her fiancé Marine Captain Eric Stone. "There he is come on Kate," Marcy pulled Kate toward where Eric sat alone a grin on his dark face as Marcy reached him. Marcy kissed Eric as he held her close. Kate tried her best to ignore them for their quick one on one time. When they finally broke their kiss Eric grinned at Kate, "Hey Kate!"

"Eric! I know what your going to say," Kate said, she knew Eric enough to know he would press her for information of where Steve was.

"I wasn't going to say a thing Kate," Eric said defensively, before pointing toward the direction of the bar "I was actually going to introduce my friend from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower!" Kate turned to see the man walking over with drinks in his hand he was silhouetted against the bright lights behind light. Kate jaw dropped as his face became visible and she stared into the green eyes of Stan Burely. His smile melted slowly away as Eric grinned, "Stan I want you to meet a friend of Marcy's. Kate this is Stan. Stan this is Kate."

As if there was something in the air, time stood still as they said in unison, "We know each other!"

A/N: Okay so I wanted try this…its only the first chapter so I hope you like it. Thanks heaps Kandon.