Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that appear in the TV show

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that appear in the TV show. If I did I would be a millionaire as it happens I'm not so...yeah. Anyway any I do happen to own the original characters so they are mine.

A/N: Okay so just so you're aware this is an Alternate Universe fiction in which Twilight has not yet happened or isn't going to happen so yeah. Please be aware also this is a Stan/Kate fiction so if you don't wish to read this then don't.

Kate's eyes flicked open as the smell pervaded her senses. The othersider of the bed felt cold, which meant Stan wasn't lying next to her, a million thoughts began to rush through her head. She sat up and immediately felt the cool air in the room hit her naked form. Kate looked hastily around for something to wear before she made any more moves. She found her silk nightgown and pulled it on. Once satisfied that she looked reasonable enough to see what was going on in the kitchen she walked quickly down the small hallway of the apartment. She stopped abruptly, Stan was standing in his boxers his back to her as he cracked an egg and whistled to himself, Stan was making her breakfast. He hadn't been leaving which had been what the thoughts in her head had been saying.

Stan turned around to place the bacon on the plate and stopped mid whistle a grin taking its place as he looked at Kate. "Morning you goddess you!"

Kate blushed at the comment before walking round the bench, "Well a goddess always needs a god to making everything work," provocatively insinuating things like a school girl. Beofre her lips pressed against his shoulder.

"Oh are you suggesting we skip breakfast?" Stan grinned as he turned to her his arms wrapping around Kate's waist, his smiled broadened as he pulled her close, "Your not wearing anything underneath are you?"

Kate gave him a soft smile and then snuggled into his chest, "No I'm not but I could do with breakfast, a shower and maybe some moreā€¦" Kate lips brushed Stan's softly, before they were hungrily kissing one another and pulling each other toward the bedroom for another round.


Three Months Later

Kate walked out of the elevator, she looked tired and worn out. She had broken up with Steve and that had been painful. She took in the bullpen, Tony and McGee sat at there desks. She was late again, she hadn't been feeling well for the last couple of months. It wasn't hard to guess why, as she placed her hand on her stomach. Taking a breath she walked into the bullpen, Tony and McGee looked up.

"Looks like someone has a secret admirer!" Tony grinned at Kate as she took in the red roses scattered over her desk, "I wonder who that could be Probie?"

"No idea Tony," McGee said eyebrow arched, "I don't ask and she doesn't tell."

"Who is it Kate?" Tony grinned as he rose and walked over to her desk to see if there was any evidence as to whom they may have been from.

"Stan knows you're pregnant with his baby Kate?" Gibbs said walking past. Kate's face went crimson as Tony gave her a funny look. But it didn't stay that way with Gibbs slapping the back of Tony's head as he walked past a second later.

"So I'm gonna be a dad hey?" Stan whispered as his arm wrapped around her waist. Kate felt his lips on her neck, before he spoke again, "It's a good thing we're going out tonight."

"Why?" Kate half turned so she was looking at him, ignoring Tony and Gibbs.

"Because I have a special question I need to ask you," Stan grinned at her before kissing her neck again, "For both of you."

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