I wrote this Captain N sonnet as an assignment for my creative writing class
on September 17, 1997. Hey! I can hear you guys laughing! Cut it out! I said
that's enough!!!

Now, it took me about two hours to write this, mostly because I was working
on the chat logs at the same time. I started at around 7:30 PM and added the
title at around 9:30 PM.

I read this sonnet near the end of class the next day, at around 4:50 PM. My
instructor, Dr. Brenda Willis, asked us if we had any sonnets. I raised my
hand, and she invited me to read it. First I just told them a bit about the
show, then I read it. Everyone applauded wildly, then Dr. Willis reached out
a hand and said: "I want it!" I gave it to her, because I still had the file
on my hard drive at home.

In this poem, I sorta combined the TV series with the comic books. Why'd I
write it? Because I love Captain N!

So now, for your reading pleasure, here is the poem in its entirety, as I
read it in class on that Thursday:

The Game Master
by Mark Moore

The League of Darkness was bent on domination.
A champion was needed to unite the forces of light!
So, after a search through every city, state, and nation,
They found someone with enough courage and might.
Kevin Keene, the hottest game player the world had ever seen,
Wouldn't do his homework or clean up his room.
But it was this lean, mean, game-playin' machine
That would save Videoland from its doom.

Kevin, alone, had the knowledge and determination
To defeat the Mother Brain, that wretched villainess,
Put an end to the years of tribulation,
And defend the honor of Videoland's Princess.
No person more cunning, smarter, or faster
Than Videoland's hero, Captain N: The Game Master.

On Tuesday, October 14, 1997, I submitted this poem for publication in my
school's literary magazine, "IN THE WRITE MIND", and it was approved! It has
been published! The poem appears on page 24 of Volume 8 of "IN THE WRITE
MIND" (1997) in the section "Inventions". At the end of the magazine is a
section called "Mental Convergence", where all the authors give a brief
message. Mine reads: "I am a big sci-fi and fantasy fan. I love '80s
cartoons, music, and video games. My favorite shows are Star Trek,
Highlander, Sliders, The X-Files, Kidd Video, and, of course, Captain N: The
Game Master."