Jacob's point of view:

Jacob's point of view:

I sat on the beach watching the waves flow peacefully back and forth. The beach always seems so serene at night. The charcoal grey water blends effortlessly into the misty sky. I heard the crunch of sand behind and turned, though I already knew who it was.

A harm smile lit up her face as she came to sit next to me. Despite the frigid winter air I only had on a light jacket. She leaned against my bare chest trying to absorb the warmth through the various layers of sweaters.

"The stars are lovely tonight aren't they?" Her voice was always soft and thoughtful. I looked up to see what she had meant. To my surprise the clouds had lightened and parted leaving a thin trail of stars in between.

I lay back against the sand to get a better view. She did the same. I slipped my arm behind her neck and marveled at the thick, black hair that she had let fan out behind her.

Andrea and her mother had moved up here from a reservation to the south. They had been trying to escape her abusive father and stumbled upon our tribe. I can't say that I really imprinted on her- some of my wolf abilities here still weaker than the others- but it was as close as I was going to get.

We met on the first day of school, only a week or so after I got back form Alaska, and we've been inseparable since. Today was her last day in town- she's leaving to go back to her hometown to visit her family for the holidays- so we were going to spend it together.

"When are you going to get over her," she questioned my distant stare.

"There's nothing to get over. You are all I need now, you know that." I growled under my breath. She knew me too well.

"I do know that, but I can tell you need her too." I rolled on to my side to look into her deep chocolate eyes, she wasn't scrutinizing, just concerned.

"Bella is my best friend and she is married," I spoke through clenched teeth, "but you, Andrea, are so much more than my girlfriend. You don't understand how much you truly mean to me."

She thought about that and figured it wasn't worth the argument. The fact was that she was here, in my arms, and Bella was somewhere in Alaska. We spent the rest of the evening in silence. I held her tight in my arms as if protecting her from the cold and we watched the stars fade in and out of the clouds until it started to rain.

I walked through the front door soaked. I had driven Andrea home and the torrential downpours came on shortly afterwards. Billy was already asleep so I stepped out of my quietly and walked towards my room. On my door was a sticky-note from Billy.

Bella called while you were out, she'll try again tomorrow -Dad

I scowled in the dark at the frustrating piece of yellow paper. I had been waiting all month for that call.

After I left Alaska Bella called to make sure I was okay. We talked for a good hour. At the end of our conversation we made a pact: she would call me once a month if I promised to "behave". I never knew when the call would come, but I'd jump anxiously every time the phone rang just in case.

These brief calls were all that held our friendship together. I wasn't allowed to visit her considering they hadn't really settled anywhere yet, and she certainly wasn't ever allowed back into Forks after the treaty was broken.

I shuffled to my bed and lay on my stomach, irritated and exhausted. Even though the Cullens had left, we always had a few members of the pack on constant patrol in the event that others would stop by. This morning had been my shift and I hadn't had time to fully recuperate yet. With that being said, I was unconscious within seconds.

I was woken up by the shrill tone of the ringing phone. I hurled myself out of bed and was at the phone before Billy could react. My heart pounded with the anticipation of hearing her voice. I knew it was irrational, especially since I had Andrea now, but some part of me couldn't let go of Bella. She was my best friend, nothing more, and I had to believe that I truly wanted it to stay that way now.

But none of that seemed to matter once I answered the phone.

"Good morning Jacob, I hope I didn't wake you," the musical voice of a seraph rang through the speaker, and knew that that was enough. As long as I had Andrea by my side, just hearing Bella's melodious voice was enough.

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