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Chapter Seven

One-year-old Draco gurgled happily as his mother waved his favorite plushie-doll---a hand-made soft Harry Potter plushie—as he sat on his emerald silk baby blanket, dressed in his impeccable satin baby clothes.


Narcissa squealed as her son started his first attempts at his first word.

"Lucius! Come quick....he's speaking!"

Lucius was there in an instant, newspaper in one hand and clothes uncharacteristically ruffled from having stopped changing to come, only dressed in his white button up shirt and black silk boxers.


He looked a little dubious at his over exited wife.

"Cissy, dear...I think he's just laughing...."

"Hawwy! Hawwy! Mi' Mi'! Mi' Hawwy!"

Little Draco's little chubby arms reached out for the doll as a squealing Narcissa handed it over, little hearts in her eyes as her little Draco peppered sloppy-baby kisses all over the dolls face.

Not for the first time since marrying Narcissa, Lucius shuddered in fear.

He had a bad feeling about his son's firs word...



Two-year-old Draco shrieked in delight, arms stretched out in excitement as his mother presented to him a large black-leather bound book, the first page holding, in her hand written elegant handwriting, the story of 'Harry Potter: The-Boy-Who-Lived' along with all of his drawings of the two together.

"Happy birthday, little Dragon."

She coed as he immediately cuddled with the book, his little Harry Potter doll squished in his arms as he did so.

Praying that his son's year-long 'Harry Potter' phase would soon be over, Lucius sighed as he turned back to his morning newspaper, only to be hit in the head by a flying sausage his son had thrown as his newspaper, with a clipping of one-year-old Harry's face, was snatched from his hand and into a squealing Draco who had preformed his first bout of accidental magic.

Narcissa beamed.



Three-year-old Draco cried, wailing and wailing as his mother immediately went to his side, cooing and kissing his fair blond head, stroking his little baby chubby and smothering him with kisses.

"What is it, baby? What is it, my little Dragon? Come now, tell mommy."

Draco sniffed, holding out his Harry Potter doll as if it were a precious gem.

"Hawwy hurt! Hawwy hurt! Make boo-boo go 'way, mommy! 'Tiss better!"

He cried, waving the little doll's arm which sported a small tear in it. Smiling, Narcissa kissed the doll's arm, infusing a small amount of magic into the kiss, enough so the small, barley there tear sealed back together as her baby dragon squealed, immediately peppering his doll with kisses and hugging it to him enthusiastically.

Off in the corner, Lucius sighed.



Four-year-old Draco glared at his father, tapping his small foot on the floor as Lucius looked around frantically.

"Draco, I can explain....."

"You. Lost. My. Hawwy."

Draco cut in, glaring. Head hanging in defeat, Lucius sighed as his wife glared at him from her spot next to her son, her arms crossed over her chest and her stance the one Draco was imitating.

"I'll find it---"

"Him. Hawwy's a him!"

Draco cried, glaring harder.

"I'll find him. Him."

Lucius cringed as his wife glared at his retreating back.

Blast Harry Potter and blast his dolls!



Five-year-old Draco giggled as he waltzed with his Harry doll—having learned to waltz by his mother for his parent's anniversary—humming a wedding song loudly as he did so.

"When I become tall like daddy, I'll marry Harry and he'll be my wife!"

He declared, grinning.

Groaning, Lucius smacked his head against the table as he was ignored by his waltzing and humming son and giggling wife.

Life just couldn't get worse, could it?



Six-year-old Draco hummed along to his favorite song, laying on his stomach and kicking his feet backwards and forwards. His Harry-doll, which had been enchanted to walk, sat next to him, a smaller version of the crayon in Draco's hand in it's own as they drew.

Curious, Lucius leaned over so he could see what his son had been drawing for the past hour only to blanch at what he saw.

Harry Potter standing next to his son, in a wedding dress at the alter.

But that wasn't what surprised him.

It was the fact that his son had drawn him as an evil witch.

That was the last time he read Draco muggle bedtime stories. But it wasn't the last time Narcissa did, however.



Seven-year-old Draco scanned through an elegant black leather book, his smile warm and glowing with childish innocence as he stared at the picture of the dark haired little boy with eyes like glowing emeralds.

Boy-Who-Lived: Spotted

Was written in bold letters above a moving picture with the small boy, a horse faced woman tugging his arm impatiently as the boy smiled at him shyly before he was pulled out of sight. Draco glared at the woman, irritated that his Harry had been stolen from him before his smile bloomed again when they boy escaped and greeted him with another shy smile and a small wave.

Fingering the picture gently, he smiled, closing the book and holding it to his chest with a soft, sweet whisper:




Eight-year-old Draco glared at his father with a look that would have made Voldemort proud as his mother, Narcissa Alessandra Malfoy-Black gave the taller carbon copy of the small boy a smug look.

"But daddy I want you to read this one!"

Little Draco protested as he held up a familiar black leather bound book to his father when the usual 'what would you like me to read for you tonight' question was asked, and when Lucius had suggest The Beetle and the Barb.

Sighing in his usual defeat, Lucius Abraxas Malfoy took the book, much to Draco's pleasure, and sat down next to the boy's massive king-sized bed. Making himself comfortable he opened the book and began to read the tale he was sure his son had memorized by heart.

"The tale of the boy-who-lived was an extraordinary----"



Nine-year-old Draco stared at his father with firm eyes, his molten silver orbs serious and demanding. Sighing, Lucius put down his paper and gave his son his full attention.

"Yes, Draco?"

"I want ridding lessons and a horse."

"You have a horse."

"I want a white stallion horse!"

Little Draco demanded, ignoring the fact he already three horses in the barn and more pets than a zoo.

"And I want to take sword lessons."

He added firmly just as Lucius was going to complain. Perking up, Lucius nodded immediately, day dreaming of an amazing son who wouldn't bother him with silly demands and would one day take over the Malfoy line as Draco dreamed of himself riding off to rescue Princess Harry from the evil horse-lady and man-walrus on a shinning white stallion and in shinning silver armer so they could get married and have lots, and lots of all he need to do was find out how to have children. His father had said something about seeds, but....which seed did he mean and where did he get them?

Somewhere in the mansion, Narcissa smiled, tucking in Snow White under her bed and smiling in satisfaction.

Her work was done, at least for the moment.



Ten-year-old Draco smiled as him mother glided into the room, offering her only son a heart-warming smile.

"Tell me again."

He demanded making a small smile appear on his mother's lips as she sat next to her son, taking his hand and rubbing the back of his palm with her thumb.

"My wedding was gorgeous. It was in Italy and the ground was covred with pure, untainted white snow. The decorations were delicate like a snow-flake and covred everything. My dress was a one of a kind made by Desmund de la Noir and I was wearing the elvish made tiara that belonged to my mother and her mother before her. Your father was handsome, too, dressed in a Acromantula-silk-white suit tux with his hair un-gelled and tied at his neck."

Narcissa smiled, thinking of her wedding.

"Will my and Harry's wedding be like that?"

Draco asked in a moment of uncharacteristic shyness. Narcissa smiled.

"No. Your wedding will be better."

And Draco slept with dreams of his Harry in pure white dresses and dancing snowflakes.



Elven year old Draco, heart broken and jealous, vowed if he couldn't make Harry love him, he would make him hate him, if only to have his attention for a brief moment.

And Draco made the biggest mistake of his life that would soon spiral down to the single moment that made life worth living.

Harry awoke to soft purring warm arms around his middle and a sore arse. Too tired to move, Harry snuggled closer into the purring chest, nuzzling his face into the warmth in an attempt to prevent waking up.

"My Harry."

A husky voice murmured against his ear, making Harry shiver and hold back a whimper as last nights memories came to him full-force. Flushing, Harry faintly wondered if you could die from embarrassment.

Draco, oblivious to his mate's embarrassment, continued to nuzzle his mate's neck, happily nipping at the flushed skin littered with his claim marks. Breath hitching, Harry groaned softly at the feeling, tilting his head to the side a little to give the blond more room.

Purring, Draco curled an arm around his mate's waist, drawing him closer and rocking his hips against Harry's slightly sore ass, enticing a soft moan from the shorter male. Pressing back again him, Harry pushed aside all embarrassment he felt from last night's activities and focused more on the feeling of the blond rubbing against him.


Harry groaned, clenching the sheets underneath him and angling his hips up further. Draco purred in approval and ground his aching member against his mate's bare ass, purring against his mate's neck in pleasure and pulling him closer so his back was pressed against his stomach firmly, pushing his hips back a little so he could slip himself into his withering mate.

"Nnngh! Yes! Draco!"

Harry practicality screamed, fisting the sheets tighter and arching against him eagerly. Immediately pulling back out, Draco immediately found his mate's sweet spot and continued to pound against it, nuzzling his neck affectionately, tail wrapping around Harry's attention starved cock.

"F-fuck! Nngh!"

Harry moaned, pulling the blond closer with a strangled scream as he came, clenching around Draco who groaned in pleasure, slamming in him one last time as he came himself, filling his little mate with his seed.

They lay there panting for moments before Harry attempted to stand, his mind set on heading for the bathroom. The second he sat up, however, he nearly cried out at the pain shooting up his spine, falling back onto the bed with a pained groan. Draco was immediately lifting him up, carrying him towards the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, a newly clean Harry and Draco emerged from the bathroom, dressed and ready for classes. Beaming at him, Hermione immediately stood from her spot on the couch, her hand on her still-flat stomach as she waved him over impatiently.

"Harry, Draco. Good morning!"

Ron stood a little awkwardly and Harry flushed when he realized he was limping, although Hermione only beamed at him, practicality glowing as she took Harry's arm in her own and lead the three men out of the Head-Boy's room and towards the Great Hall.

Draco's hand remained on Harry waist and he didn't seem the least bit irritated with Hermione.

"Why, good morning Harry! Did you last night?"

Blaise purred, grinning when Harry turned bright red before he was smacked by Pansy and Millicent who both smiled widely at the pair.

"Good morning, Harry. Draco."

Millicent smiled, shuffling what looked like photos and placing them back in her leather bag as Pansy grinned at the two with a pleased look on her face.

"Morning, Pansy, Millicent."

Harry smiled, still embarrassed as Blaise continued to give him that knowing leer as he sat down with a wince, Hermione and a reluctant Ron following. They all ignored the questioning looks they got for sitting at the Slytherin table.

"Did you hear about the female Weasley?"

Daphene suddenly asked from her spot on Millicent's right, checking her lipstick in her pocket mirror. Ron, who had been inhaling his food in a little more dignified manner than usual, frowned and immediately turned to her.

"What about her?"

He swallowed before talking, something Harry commended him for. His up coming marriage with Hermione was doing wonders for his manners. Seemingly uninterested, Daphne motioned something towards her little sister, Astoria, who held up her wand and put up a privacy-barrier around them before going back to painting her nails a shinny-silver.

"I caught her sleeping with...."

She paused dramatically as she pursed her lips and slowly and teasingly coated on a crimson red lipstick on her lips before pursing them again and turning back to the impatiently waiting group.

"...Zachery Smith."

She finished before ignoring them again. Irritated and concerned, Ron was about to speak up as Astoria finished for her sister.

"She's been having sex with him for a while. Or so Zachery said. He also said that she's planning on or already has slipped you a fertility potion and is planning on using a pollyjuice potion to turn into Draco and have you fuck her so you have to marry. Her plan is so juvenile...really, everyone knows Harry is the catcher and Draco the pitcher."

She scoffed, blowing on her nails and waving her hand and holding out her other one. The nail brush swept up and painted her hand by itself.


It was Hermione who choked this out, Ron to shocked and everyone else gapping at her.

"How the hell did you get this information!?"

Pansy half-shrieked, standing up. Smiling knowingly, Astoria shook her head.

"Well, I was wondering what the girl-Weasley was doing bedding nerdy Smith when everyone knows she obsessed with bedding you, Potter, so I may have followed him..and showed him a little cleavage. He spilled like a man about to get the Dementor's kiss."

"The truth spell may have helped, though."

Daphne added, smirking.

"...'Is planning on or already has'. Do you mean she slipped Harry something?"

Hermione demanded, her eyes immediately snapping to Harry as she eyed him warily. Astoria nodded.

"When I asked him, he wasn't too sure if she had done it or not, but she had seemed really smug after the muffin incident, he said, too smug for her plan to have failed."

Draco, who had been silently horrified, immediately stood with his mate in his arms as he raced out of the Great Hall, Ron and Hermione on their heels. Hesitating, Pansy turned to the two Greengrass girls who seemed completely uninterested in anything besides their nails, Daphne having started painting hers a sharp crimson that matched her lips.

"Thank-you. What can we do to make this up to you?"

Finally looking interested, Daphne looked up with a smirk.

"You can do two things, actually. I hear you have pictures of Potter and Draco? We want some."

She smirked.

"And their wedding, which we hear Lady Malfoy is planning? We want an invite. And I wouldn't mind a date with Blaise."

Astoria added, winking at the Italian male who smirked at her in response.

"...That's it?"

Pansy blinked, bemused. Giggling, Astoria nodded.

"Their wedding will be the most sought after in the history of magic! Having an invite to that would be amazing for our reputations. Plus, seeing as Lord Lucius Malfoy had planned me to be Draco's wife, and since that seems to be canceled, I want to be able to at least be at the wedding."

"You're not mad?"

"Why would I be? Sure, Draco's hot, but he never really liked me and would have never loved me like he does Potter and that would have been annoying after a while. And I was never in love with him, never even had a crush on him, actually. Plus, they're hot together! Like, really hot. Not to mention I get to date a lot more this way and choose my own hubby."

She shrugged. Truthfully, she was relieved. Astoria had always hated the fact that her father had planned for her wedding before she, like, was even one! Really, arranged marriages had been tossed aside over three hundred years ago!

Smiling, Pansy looked about ready to comment before she jolted, remembering where exactly her best friend and his soon-to-be husband where and dragging her friends out of the room. Giggling, Astoria turned to her sister.

"....And it could help that I've hated that bitch Ginny ever since she stole my old boyfriend from me. Weasley, you are going down."

Astoria smirked as Daphene looked at the Gryfindor table slyly.

"Never mess with a Greengrass."

"Mr. Potter?"

Poppy blinked, eying the group that had rushed into her Hospital Wing as if a dragon was on their heels.

"Madam Pompfrey! It's an emergency! Harry's been drugged!"

It was an uncharacteristically frantic Hermione who screamed this, her eyes swelling with tears as she waved her hands around frantically. Poppy immediately straightened out, her eyes zooming in on the teen in Draco's arms as she quickly motioned for him to be placed on a bed.

"Do you know what it is, dear?"

Poppy soothed, trying to get the frantic girl to calm. Crying, Hermione nodded fervently.


Hermione whimpered before bursting in large tears. Bemused, Poppy turned to the only one who wasn't frantic, crying or cooing....Harry himself.

"She said it was something called a fertility potion?"

Harry hesitated. Everything was moving to fast for him, but seeing as Draco was a lot more frantic than him he couldn't help but try to keep his calm. Calming, Poppy let out a sigh of relief.

"Fertility potion. I had thought for a moment you had managed to get yourself poisoned again. Not that this is a small situation, mind you."

Poppy smiled a little shakily. She had truly thought it had been like the time she had been told Harry had been bitten by a Basilisk. It wasn't that she wasn't worried, it was that to her, possibly having a baby was a lot less threatening then being dead or poisoned. Especially sine Voldemort had been dead for over a year...although if he was, she would definitely have to give him a lecture on becoming pregnant at sixteen.

"Please hold still, Mr. Potter. I need to scan you....would you please stand aside for a moment, Mr. Malfoy?"

She sighed, a little exasperated as Draco remained firm by Harry's side. About to glare, a sharp look from Harry had Draco moving back just a couple of inches.

Raising her wand, Poppy ran it over a surprisingly calm Harry, inwardly smiling at the sharp silver eyes that followed her movements closely. Her wand gave off a soft, warm golden glow that had Harry giggling at the tickling feeling that ran along the length of his body. Nodding and eyes narrowed in thought, Poppy wrote something down as the colors changed colors, changing from gold to pale pink to a warm pale orange.

Eyes widening in brief shock, Poppy turned to a now worried Harry before she calmed herself and gave Harry a soft look.

"Mr. Potter, I'm not sure how to say this, so I'll be blunt. Forgive me. You're pregnant."

Harry gave the woman a blank look, slumping into Draco who in turn held him closely, smothering his face with soothing kisses and nuzzling him affectionately, beaming proudly at his mate' stomach that held his little kitten.

"Madam Pomfrey? How can that be? I mean, I'm a guy. And I just night. How can you tell so--"

"Quickly? Well, first of all I would need to explain what a fertility potion is and how the person who doused you got it wrong."

Poppy started, motioning to Hermione, who had finally calmed to join them, having already known the girl would have many questions.

"The fertility potion was a potion created in the early, early 13 hundred by a man named Sirius Black, the first, who had fallen in love with a man but was the only heir to his family. To ensure he had an heir, and with his love, he created a potion that would temporarily make his reproductive organs resemble as woman's, with a small opening appearing between the anus and penis moments before the birth, enabling him to be able to marry his love and have an heir that would be considered legal and valid.

Because the fertility potion worked so well, a barren woman named Hellene Von Petter tweaked it a little over three hundred years later, making it to that it would now help barren women become pregnant. Just as the males, they gained working reproductive organs for a short while."

Poppy repeated, sounding a lot like Hermione who nodded, taking notes.

"How did she do it wrong then, if I may ask, if Harry is pregnant?"

Hermione asked, her tone taking on the tone it usually did when she was working on a project.

"Because it is potion created, a pregnancy created by the fertility potion shows up gold, for males, or pink for females as opposed to lime green to a regular pregnancy. The fact that it turned both meant that this female tried to make to female fertility potion but mixed it up enough for it to have been both, working for either male or female, as proved by the pale orange it turned after both the pink and gold. It is a mistake that is usually made: while not an exceedingly hard potion to make, it is still somewhat complicated do to the fact that many mistake the male and female potions and usually end up mixing them. But no need to worry, it will not harm the pregnancy in any way."

Poppy reassured as Hermione opened her mouth to ask just that question. Taking a large gulp, and trying to push down the surreal feeling that this was not real, Harry nodded shakily. Seeing that her friend was still to shocked to ask anything, Hermione continued her questions for him.

"And how did you know so fast, Madam Pompfrey? I mean, it's been only a day. Actually, it's been only hours. It shouldn't be possible."

Hermione frowned, furring her eyebrows.

"Because, dear, the fertility potion was created to speed pregnancies up because, for males and barren women who have to have working women's reproductive organs made and that only last a short while, they cannot last the full nine months. Their pregnancies last only six months, and as such it takes no more than minutes for the fertility potion to kick in and make the necessary organs. After that, intercourse is only need to be preformed once and the man, or woman, in question become pregnant. And in turn, it takes less than a day for it to be confirmed."

Nodding, Hermione slipped her notebook back into her bag and took Harry's hand, smoothing it down with her own and staring into Harry's eyes before frowning when she noticed his blank, uncomprehending look.

"Madam Pompfrey? Ron? Draco? Please leave, I would like a moment alone with Harry."

Hermione frowned, her question more of a demanded as she moved to sit in front of her friend on the bed. Poppy nodded, smoothly leaving with a soft mumble about needing to get Harry's pregnancy kit ready while Ron hesitated before nodding, realizing that Hermione would be much better at comforting Harry then him.

Only Draco remained, staying by his mate's side firmly and with a defiant stare as Hermione glared at him.

"Draco Malfoy, I know that Harry is your mate, but he needs someone who can speak in normal sentences right now! You can come right back afterwards, but this is what Harry needs."

Hermione stressed, inwardly smiling when Draco faulted. Frowning, Draco shook his head firmly before looking at his mate and sagging in defeat. He gave the bushy haired female one last warning glare before he stalked off with a childish stomp in his step as Hermione took an unresponsive Harry's hand into her own, stroking his cheek wit her pale hand.

"Harry? Harry, speak to me."

Hermione soothed, taking on a soft tone of voice. Remembering the way her mother used to comfort her when she was emotional, Hermione wrapped her arms around who she considered to be her son and held his head against his shoulder, rocking hi lightly and humming a soft song as she slowly responded, wrapping his arms around her shoulders hesitantly.

"I'm pregnant."

Harry stated after a good ten minutes. His voice was disbelieving and cracked slightly.

"I'm pregnant? Really....really pregnant?"

He breathed, burring his head in Hermione's shoulder. His head swam with this thought and he didn't know how he felt, really. He should have felt scared, angry, frightened, something but instead he felt blank. As if this wasn't happening. He felt as it wasn't happening, even as Poppy had explained it to him. He had half-listened to her and half sat their in stunned silence. It hadn't been until they had left that it had finally begun to sink in to Harry and know he just didn't know how he felt.

It was overwhelming.

"Yes, your pregnant. With a little baby girl or boy that will be you baby, Harry. Who will love you no matter what. You know that, don't you? That we'll all love you, no matter what?"

Hermione soothed, rubbing his back. Harry faltered at this.

A baby. A real baby....a baby girl or a baby boy who would be his. His and Draco's. One whom he would care for, and love. He calmed, his hyperventilating, which he hadn't noticed he had been doing, and his tears, which he hadn't noticed, both beginning to stop at the thought of a little baby girl or boy with blond hair and emerald eyes or black hair and silver eyes.

He had always wanted a family. A large family. Having not known his own parents, or even his grandparents, and having no other family besides the Dursley's who hated him like nothing else (and whom he hated as well), he had always wanted a large family of his own. A warm, loving family he could dot on and adore. He smiled a little at the thought of a baby of his own, one that was growing in him.

"How will we care for him?"

Harry hesitated, frowning slightly. Hermione, who had been startled at Harry's sudden question, having been cut off from reassuring him that they would help him for the past thirty minutes he had been silent, laughed.

"Harry...does the name Draco Malfoy ring any bells? With the Potter and Malfoy fortunes combined, you'll have nothing to worry about! Not to mention I'm sure Narcissa, Madam Pompfrey and Molly will be more than willing to help out while he attend classes. And Professor McGonagall has assured me that classes can be made up during vacations and summer, as well."

This calmed Harry even more. Taking deep breaths, Harry felt himself calm in Hermione's arms, moving back after a moments and wiping his eyes.

"But....what about Draco. He hates me. What if when the potion wears off---"

Harry was cut off when Hermione laughed again. He supposed he should have felt offended, but he only felt relief at her light hearted actions. Her laughter meant everything would turn out alright.

"Hate you? Harry, Draco's been crushing on you since he was one! He'll be over joyed!"

Hermione grinned, her grin morphing into a smirk at Harry's obvious look.

"Harry, you know I've been spending a lot of time with Narcissa Malfoy, right?"

Harry nodded, looking at her questioningly.

"Well, just yesterday she showed me this book. It was a leather bound book Draco got for his second birthday. It was filled with pictures he had drawn of you, news paper clippings from when you were a child and a hand written story that had been printed the day of Voldemort's first defeat along with the original, first addition copy from the Daily Prophet. He even had a little Harry Potter doll! And do you know what his first word was?"

Hermione laughed, looking amused at the blush that sprung up on Harry's face. Still shocked for words, Harry shook his head. That was...creepy. In a cute way, actually. Normally, no matter who it was that would have freaked him out. But the fact that Draco had been a child, and thus the whole thing oozing of childish innocence, it made it more cute and amusing than creepy.

"Harry. Or, well, it was more 'Hawwy' than Harry. Harry...Draco doesn't hate you. Far from it."

She laughed, her amusement obvious.

"But, what about all these years? I thought, I mean, he was always so cruel?"

Harry frowned. That....that couldn't be it. Part of him kind liked it and the other part screamed that it was wrong. Draco had been a cruel bastard to him all these years, why would a small crush make it any better?

Shaking her head in amusement, Hermione continued to smile.

"Do you remember the story Molly and Arther told us? About how they meet?"

Hermione inquired, raising an eyebrow. Nodding absently, Harry frowned in remembrance.

"They were nine. Arther pulled her pigtails and then threw cockroaches at her."

He blinked, oblivious.

"And do you remember how Ron was always undermining me before we got together? Or how Sirius was always picking on Remus while they were in school before they started to date?"

Hermione pushed, rolling her eyes in exasperation when Harry nodded but showed not even a hint of getting what she meant.

"Harry, little lids show they like someone by tormenting them. Not the best way to do that, mind you, but they do. When you turned down Draco first year, who had had a large crush on you since he was little, he turned his affection into trying to get your attention the only way he knew how. Tormenting you. Just the way Arther did to Molly, and Sirius did to Remus and Ron did to me. Although possible on a larger scale."

Hermione mussed. Harry, torn between indignation and amusement, snorted a laugh.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

He asked a little dryly. Giggling, Hermione wrapped an arm around his shoulders and squeezed lightly.

"A little. But, still, you can hold it over his head when he turns to normal, you know. I still hold it over Ron."

Hermione smirked, uncharacteristically slyly. Laughing, Harry could feel himself relax more. Pregnant? No big deal. He could do this, right? After all, he'd dealt with a Dark Lord...what was a baby in comparison?

"You do?"

"How else do you think I got him to finally eat with his mouth closed? Or at least give his Slytherin hatred a rest?"

She giggled. Feeling much better then before, Harry joined her as they stood.

"How Slytherin of you."

He teased, grinning. Tweaking his nose playfully, Hermione smirked.

"I know."


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