Almost As Much


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The door creaked open as I carefully pulled the knob. I knew she wouldn't be sleeping, but I tried to be as quiet as possible. I wanted to surprise her, which was a very difficult thing to do.

She wasn't expecting me home for another day or so, but the hunting trip took less time than I thought. Edward was the one itching to get home instead of me. He needed to be with Bella.

Almost as much as I needed to be with Alice. Almost.

I could see her spiky hair peering over a book at my desk. She was staring intently at the book, memorizing each word. It took me a moment to realize it was a book on wedding planning. Poor Bella.

Her emotions remained clueless to the fact that I had come home. I had to control my emotions of excitement to keep it that way.

I tiptoed very carefully toward the unsuspecting vampire. I supposed it looked like I was hunting, but for something else other than blood.

I was about to announce my presence by pouncing on my pixie wife when a high-pitched, musical voice stopped me.

"I know you're there Jasper. You can't fool me."

I sighed deeply. Apparently, I had been holding my breath. Good thing oxygen was useless to me now.

"How long have you known?" I asked now wrapping my arms around my angel.

She turned in her chair and looked up to me, her topaz eyes sparkling. I swear I could hear my dead heart jump.

She was smiling widely. She had known for a while.

"Edward can't seem to keep secrets anymore," She giggled.

I inwardly cursed my brother. Hopefully, he didn't hear me.

I pulled her from her chair and brought her into my arms. She rested her head on my chest and I breathed in her sweet, intoxicating scent.

"Already planning the wedding? I don't think Edward has even asked yet…"

"He'll ask and she'll say yes," My wife answered all-knowingly.

I smiled into her hair, closing my eyes briefly.

"Do you remember the night I asked you?" I whispered, replaying the memory in my mind.

She nodded, her grip around my waist tightening.

"You tried so hard to surprise me."

"I remember changing my mind about when I would ask about a million times."

We both laughed, remembering it so clearly. We didn't need Edward's ability to know what we were thinking. We didn't even need words.

We stood there, holding one another, while watching the sun dip down into the horizon, ending another day.

Another day closer to the battle with the newborns. Another day closer to the chance that I could possibly lose the one reason for my existence.

"Alice," I whispered lifting my head to look into her eyes. "Promise me you will be careful."

There was no need for me to elaborate on what I meant. She knew that I was worried about her and the upcoming battle with Victoria. It was all that I was worried about for the past months.

She looked up to me, emotions of love and reassurance overwhelming me.

"I promise," She whispered.

Alice stood on her tiptoes and brought my head down to meet hers. Our lips met and all the love and adoration that we had for each other devoured us.

No matter how this battle would end, I would walk into any darkness willingly as long as my personal angel was by my side.

The End

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