It was a normal day at the Last Chance Garage, like any other

Chapter 1

It was a normal day at the Last Chance Garage, like any other. Modo was buffing up the paint on li'l hoss, Throttle was adjusting his bike's components while Vinnie was tuning up his own bike.

Charley sat at her desk behind the guys filing away the receipts from today's customers. As she was initialing the receipts her gaze kept roaming from her receipts to Vinnie's lying on the ground under his bike. The sight of his broad chest, tight abdomen, slim waist line, and oh god those thighs…

The past few months had been absolute hell for Charley. The attraction was always there, but controllable, sort of. What sent it out of proportions was a few months back when Charley thought she had the day to herself and was tanning on the roof of the Last Chance in her black string bikini with her radio and some root beer. What she didn't know was that Vinnie, having heard the music, had made his way up to the roof looking for root beers since Charley had taken the last two bottles. He was almost at the top of the ladder when he caught sight of her.
It was kind of hard not to see her since her beach chair was right beside the ladder. At the sound of his husky, "Holy sh-" Charley jumped and fell sideways out of her chair… and right on top of him.

After many lewd jokes about how gorgeous women just kept literally falling his way, and of course a few apologies, Vinnie helped her back up. Oh but that wasn't the worse part of it! Charley snickered to herself, thinking back to the accident… well catastrophe.

As she got back up on her knees with Vinnie's help, the string in the middle of her bikini top had become tangled up in one of the flares on his bandoleer, tore when she pulled away from him and fell away from her breasts.

"Vinnie what are you do-?!" At the sound of her scream, Throttle and Modo quickly ran out front to see what was going on the roof, only to find Charley doing her best to cover herself up and Vinnie trying helplessly to help without making the situation worse.

It finally took Modo to pull Vinnie down from the ladder and go up himself with one of Charley's work shirts. Wow, what a show we put on that day!
She'd caught Vinnie stealing glances of her every now and then. Plus his bawdy comments and his advances were getting bolder every day.

"Enjoying the view sweetheart?" Vinnie chimed from under his bike. Charley broke out of her reverie only to notice that Vinnie had caught her starring from between the gaps of his bike's mag. Oh my god! When she noticed his grin becoming wider at her shock at being discovered she turned away hoping that he hadn't noticed the dark pinky red tinge of her cheeks.

"Not that I blame you. I am pretty hot. Oouucchh…"

"In your dreams buster," Charley asserted as she stood up to go to the kitchen for a drink.

"In yours too babe," he winked at her, "you goin' in the kitchen. I could sure use a root beer sweetheart."

"Hey, you mind getting' one for me too Charley-girl?" Throttle asked as he stood up.

"Me too please Charley m'am" called Modo from the tool box as he was putting away the rags and buffing cream.

"Could someone come help me then? It's not like I'm gonna grow a pair of arms to carry all this," grunted Charley as she tried to hold on to the four bottles of root beer in her hand while trying to close the fridge with her foot.

"Here let me help you sweeth…" Vinnie's words trailed off as Charley turned away from the fridge only to bump right into his chest and come so close to him that she could see every detail of the fur on his face.

The air between the two of them became so tense that Charley gasped and accidentally dropped the root beer bottles sending them crashing to the floor. But neither of them noticed.
"I… uh… you scared me." The sound of Charley's throaty voice and the fact that his nearness disturbed her made step even closer.

"If I scared you, shouldn't you be, I don't know… scared?"

Charley backed away from him, trying to clear her senses; I can't think when he's this close! She let out a little yelp when her back came into contact with the fridge. She put her hands on either side of her against the fridge door in hopes of steadying herself. He put his own on either side of her head to keep her from leaving.
"Who says I wasn't scared?" she retorted, and looked him straight in the face. Big mistake Charley-girl! She saw the look on Vinnie's face and she wanted to moan. The look of pure lust written all over his face and his mouth coming closer to hers made her feel like prey about to be devoured.

Vinnie's low chuckle tickled her from head to toe, and some other places that weren't exactly helping her situation.
"The way you're looking at me babe, it isn't fear." He put his index finger under her chin and raised her face to his, "here, let me show you what it is," he lowered his mouth to hers.

Charley gasped as she felt his lips brush hers and then softly settle for a slow but thorough kiss.
"I thought I heard a crash in h—" asked Throttle as he stepped into the kitchen, followed by Modo who wanted to know what was taking them so long.

Charley let out a half-hearted protest against Vinnie's lips and pushed at his chest to get him off.
"Well," Throttled announced as he casually leaned against the kitchen's doorway arms crossed, "I knew that this was bound to happen at some point in time, but you guys mind leaving the root beer out of it next time, huh?!" he chuckled as he motioned to the broken root beer bottles on the floor.

"Oh god it's everywhere, don't move, I don't want anyone getting cut,"

Glad for the distraction as it gave her a breakaway so no one could see the expression on her face, Charley knelt down and starting moping up the mess with a dishcloth.
"Here, let me help you Charley m'am," Modo offered as he bent down and picked up the bigger pieces of glass with his cybernetic hand.

"Vin, I need you for a minute bro. There's a noise coming from my gyro that I don't like," Throttle motioned for Vinnie to follow. Vinnie looked just as disoriented and frustrated as Charley. He looked from Modo to Charley and thought if he should help, and then thought better of it and walked out of the room when Throttle motioned for him to follow.

"Are you sure it's your gyro bro? Man I just changed it last week" That's it change the subject, get your wits back, he told himself.

"I know that. I just said that to get you out of there bro," Throttle straddled one of the dinning room chairs and decided to plow head on.

"Man, you and Charley-girl got some real issues to work out Vinnie my man." He chuckled when he saw Vinnie's cheeks burn red under his fur.

"I don't know that you're talking' about bro. We're just fine."

"Uh huh… right. I'm not dumb bro," Throttle lowered his glasses so Vinnie could see the look of skepticism on his face.

After a moment of consideration, he finally sat down in front of Throttle and decided to level with him.
"I don't know what's gotten into me," he ran his hand through the fur on his head. Throttle snickered at that comment and looked him straight in the eye,

"Really? You're joking right?" At the sight of Vinnie's darkening blush, he knew his bro was just making excuses.

"Fine, I know what's gotten into me," Vinnie chuckled and leaned his chair back against the wall on its two back legs and rested his head against the wall, "Charley's gotten into me. Like she's under my fur, no matter she's in; her one piece mechanic's suit, or in loose pj's, she always manages to push my button… and man, can she push it." Vinnie sighed and closed his eyes wondering if she wore anything under her mechanic's suit.

Modo, who had finished cleaning up with Charley walked over to Vinnie and chuckled at the sight of him, "Man bro, you got it bad!" he exclaimed with a friendly punch in the arm.
"Ow! I don't know what you're talking' about," he dropped the chair back on its four legs, and tried to get up to leave, only to have Modo put his hand on his chest and pushed him back down on the chair.

"Uh uh. You're going to hear us out bro." Modo stood over him with his arms crossed.

Throttle stood up from his chair and leaned his right arm against he wall to look at Vinnie, "You do know that this is Charley that you're thinking about. Our Charley-girl. Not just some girl that you'll never see again, call, or write to."
"I do bros. Trust me the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I'd do anything to keep her safe," he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and sighed in frustration,

"it's just that these past few weeks have been such a bummer! I can't go anywhere without wanting her there with me, her hands around my waist holding on tight…. Damn bros! What the hell am I supposed to do? She just thinks that I want to get in her pants." He scowled at his bros when they laughed at him, "thanks man. Thanks. You guys are a real help!"

"Sorry Vin, but isn't getting in her pants what you want?" They both looked at him with a smirk on their faces, but secretly they were waiting to see his reaction to their comment. To see if he really was serious.

"No! Well, yeah… hell yeah… But I want her to think that my intentions are honorable!"

"That's gonna be a hard one," Modo burst out laughing at Throttle's comment and had to leave the room at the sight of the dirty looks being shot his way.

As much of a lady-killer that he thought he was, he really wanted to make a good impression, and knew that Modo and Throttle would help him. He'd win her over one way or another.

Charley paced her room like a caged animal scolding herself for letting that lecherous mouse get the best of her. Damn him! Why does he have to be so handsome, and muscled, and charming, and… oh muscled…ummm…. DAMN!! She put the heel of her palm to her forehead and whacked herself a few times hoping to knock the images of Vinnie out of her mind. But what if he thinks of me as just another woman? I don't know if I could deal with another heart ache… It's been so long. Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. But…
Frustrated and confounded by the situation, Charley sat down on her bed and remembered the conversation she had had with Modo in the kitchen when they were crouched down, cleaning up:
"You know he really does have feelings for you Charley ma'am"

When she avoided his gaze, he put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up to his. She looked him in the eye but shied away at his penetrating stare.
"He may not be able to show them as well he'd hope to, but I can promise you that he means to do right by you."

'You really think so," Charley's heart fluttered at the thought that he wanted her, not just as he'd want another pretty girl, but really wanted her.

"Sure do," he smiled at her and rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

"I hope you're right Modo. I really do hope you're right. Can I tell you something in secret?" Modo made a zipper motion to his mouth and smiled as she blushed at what she was about to say.

"Well, where do I begin," she leaned her head back on her shoulders and let herself slide back against the fridge, "Vinnie can never know this. He's enough of an egomaniac as it is," she smiled when Modo chuckled at her statement, "I like the attention. Scratch that, I love the attention. I haven't felt like this since my first high school crush… and the two of us seem as awkward as a high school crush," Modo laughed at her observation of her and Vinnie's situation, and gave her a brotherly pat on the leg when she laughed with him.
Charley snapped out of her daydream when she heard a knock at her bedroom door. It was Vinnie. And he looked so cute, blush and all, one of his hands on her doorjamb to steady himself (he looked like was going to fall over), and one on his nape, rubbing his fur back and forth.
"Hey sweetheart, how you doin'?" at her soft smile, he decided to plow on with what Throttle and Modo had told him to do.

"I was just wondering if you had any plans tonight?" Charley wanted to hug him there on the spot. He looked so lost and adorable. Modo was right. He really was trying hard.

"None that I can think of right this minute. Do you have something in mind Vinnie?" she asked sweetly while leaning against the doorjam.

"Great! Oh… I mean great. 'Cause I was thinking maybe if you and I could have supper together. My treat!" Charley wanted to laugh at how cute he looked. Should I let him down and play hard to get? Nah, he's too damn cute. Besides, who could resist a mouse with a face like that…

She looked over Vinnie's shoulder and noticed Throttle and Modo standing across the room watching the pair with their arms crossed and the biggest grins she'd ever seen on their faces. She looked back at Vinnie and saw that he was actually breaking out into a sweat waiting for her answer. She decided to make his day and jumped into his arms, nearly knocked him down as he regained his balance and wrapped his arms around her.
"Is that a yes?" he looked into her eyes glowing with a smile.

"It's more than a yes… Hell yes I'll go," he laughed at her enthusiasm, "I've been waiting for weeks for you to take me out." She laughed when she saw that he actually looked shocked.

"Really?! I always thought you didn't…" he broke off mid sentence when he felt her hand go behind his head and urge him down.

"Just come here Vinnie," Charley rose up on her toes to reach him and kissed him like she'd always wanted to kiss him. Vinnie groaned against her mouth completely surprised by the fact that she'd accepted his offer, and more, that she was kissing him. He'd dreamt of something like this happening for weeks. Heck months! Practically since the moment he'd met her. Something about her just made him weak in the knees and hard in the pants. Too many months of being uncomfortable on my bike with her sitting behind me with her arms around my waist holding tight… the feel of her against my back..

He growled into the kiss when he felt her put both her arms around his neck and pull herself up so that she was pressing herself against him and making him shiver from head to toe.
Throttle and Modo watched the pair and smiled at each other, pleased with their part in finally getting the two together.
"It's about time they hooked up bro. I was really getting tired of Vinnie burning meals 'cause he's thinkin' of Charley. Or last time when he was 'accidently' brushing the fur on his face with my toothbrush while watching Charley tune up l'il hoss." He grimaced when he remembered how filthy his toothbrush was after. Yeah… first order of that day was a new toothbrush…

"Do you think that we should break them up to remind them that they still have to go to dinner?"

Modo laughed at Throttle's question since Vinnie and Charley seemed to have gotten so lost in their embrace that they didn't look like they were going to make it to supper. But they knew that if the two of them rushed into this too quickly by sleeping together already, that they'd come to regret not having spent more time alone together.
"Yeah bro. It's a shame though," joked Modo as he looked at how happy Vinnie looked.

"Why's that big fella,"

"It's so quiet and peaceful. We finally got Vinnie to shut up and relax. He's been uptight and downright irritable since the incident on the roof!" Throttle laughed at Modo's remark and leaned back in his chair smiling how much the couple took pleasure from each other's company.

"Yeah well, we convinced the two that they should go to supper. What kind of bros would we be if we didn't make sure that it happened?"

"Too true. As my old grey furred momma use to say, love waits for no one."

"Alright you two, break it up." When that didn't work, Throttle scratched his head trying to think of a way to separate the two. Then he smiled and left the sitting area with an idea.

Completely mesmerized by each other's touch, Vinnie and Charley didn't hear the unraveling of the hose at the other end of the garage or Modo's chuckle and scraping of chairs and table across the floor as he moved them out of the way.
"Alright you two. Time to get ready for your date," Throttle aimed the hose at them while Modo turned it on full blast.

"What the f-?!" Vinnie yelled and let go of Charley as water hit him full in the face while Charley shrieked and ducked behind his bike.

"What the hell do you two think you're doing?" she bellowed when she finally emerged wringing out her shirt and her hair.

"Making sure you two get to your date uninterrupted. Even from yourselves," Modo smiled at them as he leaned against the hose reel.

"By the way, you guys looked like hell. You may want to change before your date," Both Throttle and Modo burst out laughing at the wide eyed dirty looks coming from Vinnie and Charley.