Back at the park…

Charley tried to breath through her gasps and moans as Vinnie shifted his attentions from her ear to the graceful curve of her neck, leaving a trail of sizzling heat with his tongue.

"Not that it actually matters right now, but I actually had planned to go get some dessert," at the sound of his throaty laugh as his mouth trailed down her shoulder and his hands worked their way up her thighs, Charley bit back a moan and laughed low in her throat.

"I've got all the sweets I need right here," laying her flat on the grass and pressing himself between her legs, Vinnie hitched her dress up past her ass. Moaning and shifting under the pleasing feel of his weight on her, Charley ran a foot along the back of his denim clad leg.

"Greedy mouse," arching her back and sighing, she impatiently grabbed handfuls of his shirt and pulled them out of his pants so she could run her hands over his bare back and chest. Growling low in his throat, Vinnie tugged the dress up until he could slip it off of her and took in the full sight of her in matching light pink lacy bra and panties.

"You are so beautiful," his voice cut off as he ran his hands over her ribs and down, easily spanning her waist in his large hands. Pulling his shirt down over his shoulders and undoing his belt buckle, Charley's breath caught in her throat at the incredibly arousing sight he made, "not as beautiful as you," then looking up into his eyes, she ducked her head and smiled shyly the twinkle in his eye and crooked grin.

"It's okay," leaning down until his mouth was next to her ear, "just don't tell the bros I said it was okay. Can't let them think that I ain't as macho as they think I am."
Her laugh died in her throat when Vinnie dipped his fingers into her panties and gently inserted a finger between her soft scented folds. Gasping at the intrusion and the sweet pleasure it brought, Charley dug her nails into Vinnie's back bringing him closer.
Vinnie continued to pleasure her with his fingers, loving the little sounds that came out of her mouth as she arched her back and she undulated her hips to the movement of his hand. Feeling her climax in his hand and smelling her sweet scent, he knew he couldn't wait anymore.


"Now Vinnie… please…" that's all he needed to hear. Shedding off his clothes as fast as he could, Vinnie put them aside and lowered himself back down to Charley.

"Oh sweetheart, I can't count the number of times I've dreamed of making love to you, but nothing compares to this,"

"Then what are you waiting for?" chuckling at her boldness, he gasped at the feel of her fingers sliding down his abdomen then close around his rock hard shaft, guiding him to her. At the feel of her hot wet core, Vinnie closed his eyes and couldn't help but act on instinct and thrust into her, sinking himself up to the hilt. Charley screamed with pleasure and locked her legs around his hips.

"You… you feel so good…" Vinnie breathed the words against her lips as he held her tightly and started to pump himself in and out of her slowly at first, then faster as her moans grew in intensity.
Finally thrusting in and out of her at full force, growling with pleasure, not just his but seeing the pleasure he brought to the woman below him whose arms were thrown over her head in passion, hips rolling in rhythm to his, gasping each time he plunged back down.
Charley knew she was close to another climax. She'd lost count at this point not caring in the least. Opening her eyes and seeing the pleasure drunken eyes of the Martian on top of her, she caught her breath and pulled him down for a kiss screaming her release into his mouth. Vinnie's groaned when her muscles clenched him tightly sending him into a frenzy until he tensed and growled again, but deeper and richer then before.

Vinnie rolled off to relieve her of his weight and pulled her love soaked warm body close to his.

"Cheeze…" Charley's voice trailed off and laughed at the only word that came out of her mouth to describe what had just happened. Vinnie chuckled but at the same time his mind nagged at him that something had just changed… and it wasn't for the best.
Beside him, Charley sighed in content but had a feeling that as much as they loved each other wanted to be with each other, that this was not the way they were meant to be… we'll see… either way, I still love him… she looked up at Vinnie and dazzled him with a smile but saw that his smile didn't reach his eyes… he feels it too…

One month later…

Throttle and Modo could see that something had happened on the date that had changed a lot. Vinnie kept looking at Charley with a look that could only be described as pensive. Like he was constantly reflecting on that evening, but hadn't mentioned anything to them yet.
Sitting in the la-z-boy across from the tv at the far end of the garage, Throttle watched him carefully as Charley walked back and forth from her tool chest, fixing the Harley Davidson Dyna FXDWG that had arrived the day before. He didn't know what happened, it couldn't have been that bad… she still smiles at him… they just seem to feel uncomfortable around each other... Vinnie'll come out with it when he's ready…
Looking over to Modo who sat with his feet up on the couch, Throttle raised a brow questioningly. Modo just shrugged and put a hand up as though saying 'easy bro'.

Just then WKBR came on and Georgie Brown's voice blared over the radio,

"Hey there biker buddies! Got a request from a biker chick in down-town Shi-town. Perk your ears up for Stuck in the Middle with You by Bob Dylan,"
Charley snorted at the choice of music but couldn't keep the smile off her face, talk about bringing an awkward situation out in the open…

The music started in the background then Bob Dylan's smooth voice sounded loud over the garage,

Well I don't know why I came here tonight,
I've got the feeling that something ain't right,
I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair,
And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs.

Vinnie couldn't help the small laugh that escaped through his lips at how accurate the song was. He smiled even broader seeing how Charley seemed to be having the same issue as him.

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Standing up he walked over to Charley and took her wrist, relieving her of the tool in her hand and discarding it over his shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"What?! Like you don't wanna dance," Vinnie's smile was contagious and Charley just couldn't help giggling as she let him lead her in the middle of the garage.

Yes I'm stuck in the middle with you,
And I'm wondering what it is I should do.
It's so hard to keep this smile from my face.
Losing control yeah I'm all over the place.

When she tried to escape from his grasp he twirled her back to him and took hold of her hand when she went to whack on the side of the head.

"As if you need an excuse to dance with the best piece of Martian flesh this side of the asteroid belt," Charley burst out laughing and relaxed a little and danced with him, feeling the tension drain out of her. It's just like it was before… this is what we should be like… so why did it get so awkward?

Clowns to the left of me!
Jokers to the right!
Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Throttle watched, a small pang of jealousy rose in his chest as he watched how much fun they seemed to be having with each other. But at the same time he couldn't help but notice the way they danced with each other… like they were friends playing around. He too couldn't keep the smile off his face when Charley hip bumped Vinnie aside.

Well you started off with nothing,
And you're proud that you're a self-made man,
(well woman… Charley smiled)
Yeah, and your friends they all come crawling,
Slap you on the back and say,

At the sound of Modo's laugh and his boots hitting the floor as he sat up to watch the duo, Throttle leaned back in his chair and decided to enjoy the show. Obviously, the two seemed to relax. Maybe this is just what they need to get things cleared up…

Trying to make some sense of it all,
But I can see that it makes no sense at all.
Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor?
I don't think that I can take anymore.

Vinnie's tail wrapped around Charley's waist and twirled her into his waiting arms as he dipped her and sent her back up, her laughter resonating through the garage.
The solo finished with Vinnie and Charley laughing hystericaly, the two of them falling down to the floor. Vinnie made sure to land of the floor first and catch Charley so she wouldn't get hurt. Throttle got up from his chair and knelt down over the two chuckling and smiling broadly.

"You kids enjoying yourself?"

Vinnie took one look at the smile tugging at the lips of his leader along with something else that shone in his eyes when looking down at the auburn mechanic.

"You look like you could use some fun old fart," with that Vinnie reached up and grabbed Throttle by his bandana and yanked him down on top of them.
Said leader fell forward and landed right on top of Charley, forcing a "ooff!" out of her from his bulky size.

"Now I know what a hamburger patty feels like! Get off, you weigh a ton!" laughing and trying to breath at the same time she tried to shove Throttle off while at the same time trying to scramble off of Vinnie. Vinnie looked up and grinned at a very embarrassed looking Throttle who couldn't seem to hide the blush rising through his tan fur.

"Hey bro, what say you to four hands maneuver number 8?"

"Huh?" then remembering the move when they'd first pulled it on Rimfire, he grinned as both attacked Charley, tickling her.

"G-Guys! P-P-Please! I'm… I'm gonna throw up!" laughing hysterically, her legs kicking frantically she looked at Modo for help. Catching her pleading look, Modo smiled and walked up to the pile of appendages flailing on the floor.

"Alright bros!" pulling Throttle off by his vest then yanking Vinnie out from under Charley by his tail he helped Charley to her feet.

"Thank you!!" brushing the dust off of her shirt, still giggling, she looked at the two mice standing beside Modo and tried to give them her most severe look. When both flashed her buck toothed smiles, she burst out laughing once more, her arms going around her waist as cramps bent her in half.
Modo put his flesh arm around her shoulders and squeezed her close,

"Don't mention it Charley ma'am," looking up at Vinnie and then back down at her. For a mouse who usually stood quiet, he decided to get straight to the point. Women in love shouldn't look like they're treadin' on egg shells.

"Now Charley ma'am, I know it ain't my business but it seems to me that you and Vinnie have some things to talk," Modo put a finger under her chin to have her look at him when she tried to look away, her cheeks turning red when she started to feel uncomfortable again. "You don't have to tell us anything. I just can't stand seein' the edgy looks you and Vinnie exchange when you're not completely avoidin' each other like Plutarkians to a bar of soap," smiling at his analogy, she looked at Vinnie who looked at her in turn and smiled gently.

"You're right," stepping forward she took Vinnie's hand and pulled him towards her kitchen.

"What girl doesn't want some alone time with the hottest mammerjammer in the universe?" When Charley turned shook her head at his antics and tried not to laugh, Vinnie smiled threaded his fingers with hers.

"Lead the way sweetheart,"

Finally reaching the kitchen Vinnie ushered Charley in first, then closed the door behind them. The minute the door closed Vinnie's entier demeanor changed. His expression changed from fun-loving to sad and concerned. He looked over at Charley who leaned against the counter and smiled wistfully… you mean so much to me sweetheart… how come we never saw this coming?... never in a million years would I have imagined that it would be our love that would split us up…
Charley looked up from where she leaned, arms crossed in front of her chest, feeling Vinnie's eyes on her and gave him a forlorn smile… what did we do?... I hope it isn't too late to go back to way things were… it would kill me if I lost you forever… Seeing that neither of them really wanted to speak first, she decided to take the plunge and say something,

"I'm sorry,"
Vinnie's brow furrowed into a deep frown trying to comprehend why she'd just said that.

"Wha- Whoa there sweetheart! What is it that you think you have to be sorry for?" walking up to her, he took her shoulders in his hands and pulled her up straight so he could see into her eyes. What he saw there was remorse, like she was afraid she'd lost something, and hope. He clenched his jaw knowing that his must look the same. But first,


"I didn't mean to push you to go on those dates with me. Don't get me wrong, I have a great time with you and lord knows I love you with all my heart," she could feel moisture building up in her eyes, "but now I feel like it's what doomed us… my love for you I mean." Vinnie blinked completely astounded that she'd shoulder the blame for what was happening. Looking back at the door he was happy to see that it was still closed and hoped that Throttle and Modo weren't listening in… last thing I need is for them to spread around that I'm a softy…

"Whoa sweetheart!"

"You said that already,"

"I know… I'm just trying to figure out what to say,"

"That's what you came up with?"


"Pretty lame for the hottest piece of Martian ass this side of the galaxy,"

"Give a mouse a break sweetheart. Even the universe's biggest heart throb has his moments," Charley laughed when he winked at her then went back to stroking his chin in deep thought.

"Wow… impressive,"


"You haven't busted a blood vessel yet,"

"Oh ha ha miss funny thang," he slurred the last part with a slight southern accent making Charley laugh. That's when it dawned on him.

"This is it," taking hold of Charley's hand he brought her close, "this is what's been missing.

"You sayin' you actually miss me making fun of you,"

"Well… yeah. I miss this, having a good time with you. I miss how comfortable we were and I don't wanna continue this. I love you too much to risk what we had before,"stroking her cheek, he laughed softly when her jaw dropped at how perceptive he was.

"Now that was impressive,"

"I know. And look, no busted blood vessels or nose bleeds," feeling his nose to make sure just to tease her, he smiled and leaned back against the counter beside her.

"You're right. That's what I've been thinking but didn't know quite how to put it," giving a sideways glance, she gave him a crooked grin, "you know, you should try being sensitive more often. You'd be surprised at how many women fall for that sort of thing,"

"Nah… too much work. Like I said, I've got my moments. They're not often, but when they come up it's almost as irresistible as the studdly physique… almost," he posed and flexed his muscles wshile wiggling his eyebrows trying to get a laugh out of Charley. Seeing that he'd succeeded when Charley threw back her head and laughed out loud, he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side.


Vinnie looked at the kitchen door again making that there weren't any shadows at the door, indicators of eavesdroppers. Seeing that there were none, he turned back to Charley with a twinkle in his eye.

"I uh… I couldn't help but notice how the brave strong leader was all blushes and giggles when he fell on top of us… well you,"
Looking down at her feet, embarrassed about the whole event, Charley ignored him… it's too soon for anything like this to happen... what would that make me? Going from one mouse to the next…

"Oh come on like you didn't notice!" Vinnie laughed and then saw the look of dread on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Vinnie, I don't know how to put this lightly… I'm not a groupie!" at his bark of laughter, Charley scowled and punched him in the arm knowing that it was more like a mosquito bite to him.

"You're a jerk you know that?!" scoffing at him when he continued to laugh, Charley crossed her arms over her chest and turned her face away from him.

"Aw come on babe, you can't seriously think that we'd think of you that way," putting his arm around her shoulder again and pulling in for another fierce hug, Vinnie ruffled her hair ignoring her irritated "hey!".

"Uncle! I give, I give!!" Charley put her hands up in defeat and tried in vain to fix her disheveled hair. "I admit he's got some appeal," Vinnie raised an eyebrow,

"What?! Since when do you want to hear a woman's opinion about another guy or mouse other than yourself?" the corners of his mouth turned up into a crooked grin at the angry blush rising on her cheeks. "Fine fuck! He's really hot and sweet and I love him … goddamnit! What am I going to do? I can't just go out there and say that to him. He just lost the love of his life almost a year ago. He's been mopin' around the garage since they broke up."

"What makes you think it's her he's mopin' about?" Vinnie leaned on the kitchen door when he heard footsteps coming in their direction.

"Charley ma'am you okay?" Modo's worried voice came from the other side of the door.

"I'm fine Modo. We'll be out in a minute."

"Hey what about me?" Vinnie called, a huge grin on his face already knowing the answer.

"Uh huh… You're on your own," the Modo's deep laughter could be heard clearly through the door. "You two had better hurry up. We just got a message from Stoker. It's real important,"
At the sound of Modo's heavy footsteps going back into the garage, Vinnie walked away from the kitchen door and over to the woman he'd now learned to love as a best friend, a sister.

"Tell him sweetheart. You only live once,"

"I'll see Vinnie… if the time is right," taking his hand in hers, she opened the door and they walked out together, "in the meantime we'd better go see what this important message is,"
They walked into the garage, and Charley couldn't help but notice the scowl on Throttle's face when he saw their hands together… could Vinnie be right?... wow, that's scary…

"What's up bros?" Vinnie casually put his arm around Charley's shoulder and winked at Throttle who made a face at him in return.

"We've been called back,"