This is a rewrite of a story I started called 'Not Alone Dear Loneliness'. Hope it's better this time!

Disclaimer: I don not own Ouran or any of its characters.


How could no one hear it?

Hear the blaring sirens that rang out into the night? The deafening roar of pelting rain onto slippery cobblestone? The screech of dying flames from a single, burned to the ground building that held so many memories unwilling to die with the structure? Could they not hear the wild, uncontrollable sound of a beating heart that threatened to explode from the weak chest that barely held it in?

The ground seemed to tremble in fear as thunder and lightning stained the sky. Innumerable cars raced through the streets, blinded by the veil of rain. More sirens joined in the cacophony that burned into a figure's ears, her heart instantly skipping beats at the frightening sound. As thunder struck once again, she lost her footing and collapsed to the wet streets, hard stones blasting into the hunted person's body which was already in agonizing amounts of pain. Tears began to form in tired eyes, but were completely unrecognizable from the rain that pelted the face.

Every shred of hope seemed to vanish as the streak of violent white light faded into the clouded and murky sky. She desperately wanted to let go, to let herself be swept away in the storm and never found, never to suffer the fate she had chosen. Eyes began to slowly close, the welcoming darkness of unconsciousness beckoning for her to enter its consuming gates.

Screeches suddenly erupted inside her ears, waking her to see the outlines of racing cars gaining to her collapsed form. Gathering what will she had left, her legs carried her into a nearby alley, hoping to disappear from the pursuers' view. All was in vain though, the cars screaming to a halt in front of the passageway. Officers piled onto the streets, yelling at her to stop where she was.

Almost no desire to run was left in the racing heart as the girl ran to the back of the alley. Another clash of lightning illuminated the scene, revealing a lone fire escape ladder that was soaked in the unwavering rain. Without second thought, the hands leapt to the cold metal, feet following. As the ascension began, the cries of the officers below became unaudible, the rain masking any sound besides the never ending sirens.

It was all she could do to stay on the ladder, loosing her grip with almost every step. Soon the top of the building emerged and with it, renewed yearning to escape. One hand stretched to the dark roof that lay mere fingertips away, all the distractions and anxieties around her fading into darkness. Her fingers felt the rough brick and eagerly grasped the wet surface. Feet trailed, longing to reach the safety of the solid surface. Her heart beat faster and faster as the roof came clearly into view, ready to rest on the haven that lay before it.

Then, an explosive and titanic blast of thunder erupted into the air, shattering the world around her. Her heart screamed in agony, pain bursting into her chest. Whether her hands slipped or let go was hard to tell, but none the less her feet followed her body into the bone-chilling air.

Like thousand of cold needles, the rain burrowed into her skin and forced her to the deadly ground below. Hair whipped her scared face, her vision couldn't distinguish whether she was looking to the sky or the ground.

Her eyes shut quietly as warm, comforting faces materialized in her mind. She couldn't help but allow a guilty smile glide onto her face, finally letting her consciousness fade away. The pain began to disappear into the cold, just like the unforgiving world around her. She felt like she was floating more than falling, the descent to her demise for tranquil than she had imagined.

Just as peace finally settled into her slowing mind, scorching flames burst into her mind, burning every inch of her skin. For the first time during the entire fall, she cried into the night, only to meet impact as she could cry no longer.