D3ath: (annoyed) I am sick and tired of hearing comparisons between FMA and DGM- It's getting on my nerves. Honestly, people, if you honestly think that they're alike, why don't you write about it? Hence, this fic.

Al: (sighing) you sounded like Niisan for a moment...


Ed: WHAT?!

Allen: (timidly) This takes place after the anime and movie version of FMA, and in the first episode of DGM. Oh, and alchemy and other stuff are used in this world.

Alchemic Innocence

By D3athrav3n1992

Chapter one

The Millennium Earl chortled gleefully as he watched yet another victim get pulled through the gate, and received a soul-bound skeleton in return. Power of God? It made him laugh, lying to the mortals on this world.

But he always found it amusing that a few put a fight up against him. Allen Walker, he was a joke, and it cheered up the Millennium Earl no end to see him struggling against him. And the other weak little exorcists that fought…he couldn't wait to see their faces as they writhed in pain, in the throes of death.

As he turned back to the mortal world, he found a figure standing before him. He was most interesting indeed, with long, green, palm-like hair, a harsh purple gaze that reminded him of a dragon, not to be crossed with, and a very, very sinister smirk.

"Good evening," the Earl greeted, his smile keeping in place as cold eyes studied the newcomer. There was something off about him, the Earl could sense it. "Can I help you?"

The newcomer looked at the skeleton in the Earl's large, pudgy arms. "I'm looking for someone," he said, his smirk growing wider, into a grin. "A certain blonde-haired kid, by the name of Edward Elric. I heard you had connections."

The Earl studied the palm-like man. "And how will you benefit me?" he asked, grinning cheerfully.

The newcomer grinned in response. "I can kill," he said, sneering. "I've killed thousands, and I certainly won't mind if you gave me others."

"I'd hate to pass up on a killer like you, but I usually take only non-humans to do my duties," the Earl said harshly, smiling and turning away. "Good evening to you."

He felt himself grabbed roughly by the back of his coat and yanked down. He saw the dangerous gleam in the man's eyes, and for the first time in his life, he felt fear as he gazed up through his glasses at the man.

"Who said I was human?" the man sneered, forming his arm into spike and slamming it down inches away from the Earl's face. At that moment, the Earl realized he was walking on eggshells.

"Excellent," he said, ignoring the trickle of sweat that crept down his face. "What is your name?"

The man grinned and stood, his spike materializing into a normal, fleshy-looking arm. "Envy," Envy said, his eyes narrowing into slits as he looked down at the large man.

"What was that man thinking?" A short, blonde-haired snarled, staring up at an abandoned church. A taller, younger, and darker blonde sighed, grey eyes rolling as the smaller blonde ranted and yelled.

"Niisan, I'm sure he meant the best," the taller blonde said, looking back up at the church and ignoring his older brother's snapping, yellow gaze.

"Yeah, right, of course he meant to send us here!" shorter blonde snapped sarcastically, glaring at his younger and taller brother. "Yes, why would anyone bother to make a Uranium bomb here?! Al, you're too optimistic sometimes!"

Alphonse Elric gazed upon the broken down church. It was dark and ominous, and broken stained glass windows rattled as a small breeze played across them. Even the weather around the church seemed dark and gloomy, a small drizzle falling down as the two brothers approached the church.

Edward Elric slammed the door open, his left hand glove catching on a splinter. "Shit!" Ed cursed, yanking the splinter out and pulling the glove back on roughly. "Al, no one in their right mind would make a uranium bomb here!"

"Niisan, look!" Al's finger pointed to something on the floor, and Ed sucked in a breath. Fresh footprints within the dust, and a lot of them, too.

"Alright, Al, let's go," Ed said, golden eyes gleaming with excitement. He surged forward, reaching towards the chapel door when a scream was heard, long and loud.


Thumps were heard upstairs, and a police officer rushed down, her glasses and helmet flying askew as she collided with Ed. Al swiftly caught her as she stumbled, and Ed collided head-on with the door.

"DAMN it all!" Ed roared, clutching his nose. Al grimaced at him.

"Niisan, at least control your language. There's a lady in our presence, and you know very well that mother didn't raise us like that."

Ed gestured rudely to his brother, who only shook his head and pulled the officer upright. Swiftly, she handcuffed them to a nearby pole, said stiffly, "I'll be right back," and dashed into the chapel.


Al sighed in exasperation as his brother struggled against the handcuffs. "Niisan, if you were thinking straight, you would realize that we could easily get out of this."

"Just because she's a female officer doesn't mean that she can-"

Al glared at his brother, slowly raised his hands, clapped them together, and dissolved the handcuffs, making sure the golden eyes were upon him.

Ed stared at his brother, and smacked himself in the forehead. "Oh, right, I forgot." He clapped his hands together, and within an instant, he was freed.

They heard a pounding of footsteps, and both brothers whirled around to see an old man running down the stairs, rushing past them into the chapel after the officer. No, correction, a teenager around Alphonse's age with white hair. He sprinted by them, and the brothers, glancing at each other, followed him.

Edward immediately starting coughing as a gas rolled by him, and Al looked down at him in concern. Ed peered through the fog, and spotted the teen and the officer.

"Don't breathe in the gas," he was cautioning, and he turned around to glance at the brothers. Al immediately handed Ed a handkerchief. "It's poisonous." He turned to a small pile of dust, with a uniform, a helmet, and some boots. "This man was killed by an akuma."

"Ak-" was all the police officer could get out before she passed out. The boy blinked.


Al shoved his brother out into the hallway, grabbed the officer, and tossed the white-haired teen after her. He shut the door, and looked at the boy quizzically. The white-haired boy stood, dusted off his pants, and shook his head with a sigh.

"Wha-what the-" Ed coughed, trying to regain his breath. Al sighed, and knocked him out. The white-haired boy stared at Alphonse, at an apparent loss for words.

"He would never let himself recover," Al said, answering the boy's unanswered question. "Niisan's always been a bit impatient, and it would have taken him ages to get over that."

The boy nodded, glancing at both the unconscious blonde and the female officer. "What should we do with them?" he asked nervously, fiddling with his thumbs. It was then that Al noticed the boy's strange left hand. It was blood-red and scarred, reminding Al of a horribly rotten tomato. There was a black cover on it, lined with white, as if to cover something.

Al shrugged. "Take the officer to the police station? I'm sure Niisan would be fine."

The boy nodded. "Yes, that sounds the best." He smiled, and held his right hand out to Al. "I'm Allen Walker, nice to meet you," he said cheerfully, snatching at the cat that began to rub against him.

Al grinned. "I'm Alphonse Elric, and this is my niisan, Edward. Just call me Al."

Allen nodded happily. "I originally came here to get this cat…" he stooped and picked up the large cat, which purred. "It ate something of my master's, and I was trying to get it back, when that officer came up. She was…uh, asking me questions when we heard the scream."

Al glanced over at his unconscious brother. "Niisan and I were told to look in here; we've been looking for someone, and we were told by the locals that the person we've been looking for could be in here, and when we walked in, the officer handcuffed us and ran in. Then you came."

Allen looked back down at the police officer. "Should we take her now?"

"I guess."

"What the hell?!" Edward Elric raged, glaring at the man across from him. "I did not ask for this kind of treatment!"

Beside him, Al and Allen were sweatdropping, handcuffed. Ed struggled against them, too angry to realize that he could get rid of them. Al sighed and rested his head against the table.

"Yes you did, what makes you think you can walk in here with an unconscious officer?!" a large man roared back, spit flying as he scowled. "You three are the culprits, no doubt about that!"

They were in a small room, all three handcuffed and sitting around a small, square table. A large, beefy man sat across from them, accusing them of the murder of Charles D. Wright, officer of the London Police force.

"We didn't do it!" Al groaned, but the man ignored him. Two officers stood behind them, and they jumped when there was a knock on the door.

"Sir, Moore is awake!"

"Let her in!" replied the beefy inspector, with hardly a glance. The door burst open, and an officer hurried in, dragging a very confused Moore behind him. It was the officer from the church.

"Ah, that's right, Charles-!" she exclaimed, adjusting her glasses. She was missing the jacket of her uniform, and her brown hair tumbled down her shoulders.

"It's alright," the officer that had a hold on her said gently, "we know."

"We're questioning the suspects as we speak," ground out the inspector, and Moore blinked, her glasses sliding off her nose as her blue eyes stared at Ed, Al, and Allen. "Their names are Allen Walker, Alphonse Elric, and Edward Elric." Moore sweatdropped as Allen and Al nodded sheepishly. Ed openly glared at the detective, scowling as the man continued.

The inspector slammed a hand down, and Allen jumped in fright as Al and Ed blinked. "You did it, didn't you?!" he accused Allen, and the poor boy nearly fainted, almost dropping the cat in his lap.

"I didn't, I'm telling you!" he wailed, and Ed couldn't resist a small grin at the boy's reaction. "How did it come to this?!"

Ed's frown returned, and Al sighed against the table. "What the hell are doing here handcuffed?" Ed demanded, banging his handcuffed hands against the table. "We just came in here to drop the police officer off-!"

"You were at the scene, weren't you?!" the inspector spat, spittle landing on Ed's cheek, cutting him off. "Weren't you?!" He grabbed Allen's red hand. "And look, you're hand's bright red!"

"No, it's always been that way," Allen protested, panicked.

"What the hell does this have to do with the interrogation?!" Ed yelled, and Al groaned at his brother's temper.

Thoroughly frightened now, Allen tried to pull his hand away, but the black cover on his hand ripped off.

Everyone started when they saw a bright green, glowing cross embedded in the boy's hand. Allen slumped back into his seat, sighing.

"Wh-what the hell?!" the inspector cried out, and the brothers stared at the cross, utterly bewildered. "What did you put in your hand?!" Allen's face was neutral as the inspector pointed at the boy's scarred eye. "You damned lunatic! You should take care of the body your mom and dad gave to you!" The inspector sat back down, glaring across the table at the boy. Allen grimaced slightly, and the brothers traded a look. It was obvious that the boy had gotten this a lot, but they were very intrigued by the glowing cross.

Officer Moore stepped up. "Um…this boy was with me when it happened, and the other two had just walked in when I came down to see what was going on," she said, laying a hand on the back of Allen's chair. The three accused perked up.

The inspector sputtered. "What?"

Another officer bent down to speak to the inspector. "Inspector, there was a large hole at the scene which looks like it came from a cannon." A vein in the inspector's forehead pulsed angrily. "The Allen boy had only a cat and a small suitcase, while the other two only had their own suitcases, a jacket, and a small pistol each. There was no weapon at the church which would be capable of making such a tremendous impact."

The inspector slammed a hand down, and this time it was Moore's turn to duck the flying spit.

"Why were you knocked unconscious, Officer Moore Hesse?!" the inspector demanded.

Moore bowed her head. "I-I apologize."

Ed glared at the inspector. "It wasn't her fault," he yelled back, now very aggravated. "She-"

"You were at the scene, and you didn't even see who did it!" the inspector continued, ignoring off the angry blonde.

Allen raised his blood-red hand. "Um, I know who did it," he said, and all the gazes in the room snapped towards him. He looked strangely confident. "Well, I didn't see it, but I know what it is, at any rate." The cat purred, rubbing against Allen's brown jacket. "Please, let me assist you with the investigation.

"It's called an "akuma," a demon. I see them quite often in my line of work. It will kill again. If we don't stop it now, it will soon be beyond our control."

"A demon?" Moore asked, and Ed struggled to keep his laughter from bursting out. Al shot him a glare, and the blonde immediately shut up. Demon, hah! As if they existed…

Allen turned his hand, showing them the glowing green cross. "This is an anti-akuma weapon," he explained with a smug smile. "Do you know of exorcists? I am a clergyman specializing in Akuma extermination." And the others noticed with horror that his scarred eye began to glow a bright red in the shadows of his face.

And the whole room burst into laughter.

D3ath: (yawning) So, that's the first chapter…to clear some things up. If you didn't see this at the top, yes, there is alchemy in this world, as well as the innocence and whatnot. It's set before WWII, but not right before…more of a little after WWI. And the FMA movie's already taken place, as well as the rest of the anime. Yes, there are cars, no there are no planes. Yes, there are trains, but no, there are not any other technologies other than electricity and stuffed people used after WWI. This also takes place at the very beginning of the D. Gray Man series (anime, since it's easier), and Edward is nineteen while Alphonse is fifteen. And forget about most characters from the FMA movie; most will not be mentioned in here. But Roy does have an eye patch, just so that you all are aware…

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