A/N: Spices here. I think this is a drabble. But I'm not sure. Microsoft Word says this is 100 words, but FF says it's 109. I don't know what to believe! I'm so confused! -sobsob- Anyway, this is pure Random. And yes, random deserves a capital R, 'cause it's that random. xD

"Mmmn, Youko…"

"Mmmn, oh, Youko…"

"You like that, don't you baby?"

"Yes, oh hell yes! More, dear God more!"

"How badly do you want it?"

"More than anything, Youko, please stop it!"

"You have to beg."

"Nnngh…oh, stop!"


"I will no—mmm!"


"O-oh! Please!"

"What was that?"

"Please Youko, oh please!"


"Ohhhh…wicked fox! Please!"

"Mmhmm, but you love it, don't you baby?"

"Please Youko, please, I want it!"

"Oh, but you know I love hearing you moan."

"Please, I'm begging you!"

"I know baby, I love it."


"Oh, baby, scream some more!"


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