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No matter what he did, he was a jinx. There was no way around it. He would always find himself in embarrassing and sometimes painful situations. He would try his hardest to be cool, to walk down the halls at school without falling over, or tripping on his sandals. But it was never any use. At least fifteen times a day something dreadful would happen, and he would be utterly humiliated—fifteen times a day! And he would try just so hard to act like he didn't care and that he wasn't embarrassed, muttering "I'm okay", even if he wasn't.

But one night he watched the movie "Superman" and he knew his life would be different! Eugene had decided to change. He wanted to be Superman!

Yes, Superman. Who wouldn't want to be Superman? He was handsome, strong, and brave and he never found himself falling off bridges or even off porches! No way! Superman was way too cool for all of that.

Eugene decided that no matter what happened the next day he was going to be cool, calm, and collected just like Superman. He was sure to do it! Nothing could stop him now! He even bought a Superman shirt, and Arnold told him that if he believed in himself he could succeed!

So on that glorious next day, when he was certain he would be like Superman if he believed he could, he walked into the school. Everyone stared at him! It was as if they knew—as if they could see the change in him! Eugene picked his head up and practically marched down the hall. He felt so new, so proud! Oh, how they stared—in stunned silence too! Almost gawking with respect!

That is until he looked down the hall just in time to see the janitor chasing after the runaway cart that was headed right in Eugene's direction.