I wrote this story to resemble book style writing. It starts off a bit slow for some, but it does pick up with Ashley and Spencer moments later on. If you want to cheat and skip the plot, go to chapters 5-6, 8-9, 12,14-18 and 20-23. Reviews are always helpful, the good the bad and the ugly. If you want to PM me questions, comments, or things you want me to include, i'm always up for the challenge.

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As she stepped into the mid day sun, shutting her eyes, she stood for a moment letting the sun kiss her face, warming her cheeks and body. While she slowly lifted her eyelids she enjoyed the brief moment when she was met with golden brown eyes staring back at her, only to disappear when the light had completely filled her own.

"One day at a time…" She whispered into the breeze that carried her words away.

She smiled lightly to herself as she opened the passenger side door of her freshly washed and waxed grey Mini Cooper. "Thanks Glen."

She knew he had wanted to do something special for her first day "at the grind" as he liked to refer to University. Of course she would have thought a card, or maybe breakfast, but then she remembered. Growing up in a house full of boys, they had always done special things for her that was out of the "norm".

She whistled once, leaning into the car she set her book bag on the backseat. "I still need to use that Home Depot card I got for my birthday." She then whistled a second time, but before she could turn around and exhale her last breaths, she felt a cold nose at her back. Startled, she turned quickly only to find very curious eyes watching her closely.

"Hey Zelda…" was all she had time to say before she was bombarded with two large Siberian Husky feet planted firmly on her thighs. Along with a very large, wet tongue that licked at her face.

"Down." Immediately all four paws were planted firmly on the ground. "Good girl." She said, as she stared into Zelda's icy blue questioning eyes that were much like the color of her own.

"You can't go, and don't give me those puppy eyes of yours because it's not going to work" Zelda bowed down onto her belly resting her head on her outstretched paws. Looking up at her master, she gave a short cry.

"Not working Zelda. You see this face? This is my 'I mean business' face"

At the sound of her master's last words Zelda got up and walked over to the porch. Slumping down, much like she had tried earlier, she turned her head away and lay very still.

Sighing, the blue eyed girl closed her passenger side door and sauntered over taking a seat next to her on the steps. Bringing Zelda's nose to her own, she embraced her in a hug. "Don't be sad. Besides, we Carlin girls need to stick together. How about a run when I get back?" This made two powdery white ears perk up.

"Ah ha. I knew you could be bought. Be a good girl and please don't chase after Mrs. Fickler's cat. I know you don't like trespassers in your domain, but you know how that crotchety old bird can get about her precious Wiggles." With that, Zelda got one last rub through her snow white coat, a quick kiss on her nose and then was left to wait for her master's return.