Title: Beautifully Broken
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, Post-KHII
Rating: PG14
Pairing: Riku/Sora/Kairi
Summary: Sometimes the only way to deal with things is to find your other half.. Except sometimes your other half is actually two thirds.


"And now that I'm strong I have figured out, how this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul, and I know I'll find, deep inside, I can be the one. I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven."

-"Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Chapter 1 "There For You"

How does a mother deal with the sudden disappearance of an only son? Sora wondered. Probably badly—and not helped by the random forgetting of said son. The remembering of the son would probably be worse than the original disappearance because of the guilt and confusion involved.

Sora frowned at the doorstep to his home, wondering what lay beyond.

Keyblade Master, Savior of Worlds, Friend of many but only close to so few, Sora frowned and took a deep breath before pressing in the small button that would sound the door chime throughout the small island home.



"Yes, Sora?"

"Can I stay at your place for a bit?"


Kairi paused in her organization of the textbooks on the shelf. Work always came second to Her Boys. The redhead patted her brown storeclerk vest absently as she turned to look at those eyes so full of ocean and stars—but currently wavering near tears.

"Please?" His voice hitched in the middle of the word, making it more pleading than he probably meant it.

Kairi held her hands clasped in front of her—a habit she had picked up in Her Boys' absence to control her worries. "Of course you can, but—Why?"

Sora didn't answer, although he did seem to relax at her agreement that he could stay with her, but his eyes dropped to the floor—not a good sign for Sora.

"Did something happen?" She asked softly. Unspoken questions filled the air between them.

The brunet meekly raised his eyes, blue eyes meeting her violet ones. "I… I can't sleep there."

Kairi frowned slightly in understanding. "The Darkness," She whispered, not a question, but an answer to one.

Sora didn't nod, but they both knew she was right.


Sora's household was always in uproar nowadays.

His mother would do nothing but needlessly cling to the boy. His father would do little less but get angry at pointless things.

More often than not, Sora was grounded—or at least, told to stay home for a number of reasons: "Your mother needs you," "Could you fix the pipes?" "Dad was hoping to spend some time with you today," "Help your mother cook dinner," "Sit with us for a little while, your friends will be there tomorrow."

Sora understood.

He really did. But there's only so much a boy can take.


Kairi didn't find it surprising that Sora would sneak out of his house to stay at her apartment each night—regardless of the pandemonium that would take place in the mornings his parents noticed him missing.

She grew used to leaving the window open so he could climb in. The petite girl didn't mind sharing her bed with a mass of lanky teenage boy. She didn't mind that his huge feet were cold, that he stole all the blankets, or even that sometimes he shook in his sleep so badly that her teeth would chatter from across the bed.

It took little more than a gentle touch from her to calm the quakes, but it scared her sometimes how he would still wake up with tears dried on his cheeks.


Kairi had moved out of the Mayor's house during the time Sora had vanished from memory.

It wasn't out of disrespect for her adopted father, but after all she had been through, she couldn't sleep peacefully in that house anymore.

With the memories of her biological father's malicious deeds, her fuzzy memories of her adventures within Sora's Heart, and the lost of Riku behind the Door—all those memories weighing heavily on her mind, she rented an apartment with the money her adoptive (real) father lent her and money she got working at a bookshop.

It was quaint, but it was hers.


Riku didn't ask to stay at her house. He didn't say anything about the dark rings around his eyes from lack of sleep.

One night, he just showed up and grudgingly crawled into the tangled mess of blankets that they shared.

Kairi found that she slept better with Riku and Sora both with her. Sora also seemed to be more alert and grinning wider (if impossible) now that Riku had joined them. The two of the them were relieved to see the shadows under Riku's eyes recede and his rare smiles become a little less rare.

Still, Riku shook harder than Sora ever did and it scared her sometimes that it took much more then a simple touch to calm them.


They didn't talk about the nights they shared outside of Kairi's apartment.

Kairi wondered one day if that was because they were ashamed of needing comfort.

But she realized it wasn't that, what kept them silent was the knowledge that no one less on their small world would understand.

Although they hadn't told many, few that they had believed them. No one really understood what had happened to the three of them.

No one else realized that sometimes when Sora watched the sea, another image flickered over his.

No one else realized that when Riku shied away, it wasn't because he hated you—but because he was afraid of hurting anyone else, afraid that he couldn't trust himself anymore.

No one else realized that Kairi had taken up drawing, not out of sudden curiosity but out of necessarily. If she didn't capture each scene as it swept by, she was terrified the memory would be lost forever.


None of them mentioned the quiet moments when Kairi would cling to both boys, sometimes painfully, as if to prove to herself that they were both really there and with her.

None of them mentioned the sobs that came from Riku's side of the bed, although both Sora and Kairi would offer wordless warmth and Light to escape from silver-haired boy's creeping Darkness.

None of them mentioned the night Sora woke in a bloodcurdling scream with keyblade in hand and eyes wild with nightmares.

None of them mentioned the time they spent afterward huddled together for comfort from Dark memories.

Twisted and tangled, interlocking limbs and painful grips on one another, none of them ever mentioned how necessary these nights became to keep their sanity intact.