Title: Beautifully Broken
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, Post-KHII
Rating: PG14
Pairing: Riku/Sora/Kairi
Summary: Sometimes the only way to deal with things is to find your other half.. Except sometimes your other half is actually two thirds.


"The worst is over now and we can breathe again. I want to hold you high and steal my pain away.

There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight. I want to hold you high and steal your pain."

-"Broken" by Seether and Amy Lee


Chapter 4 "Can Breathe Again"

"Stupid stupid stupid stupid!" Riku chants between pants as he runs.

Suddenly the ground punches him in the face—all the air has been knocked out of his lungs.

Riku jerks to his back, sucking in a lungful of air as he stares at Sora's determined expression.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Way to Dawn is instantly at hand and Riku lunges.

Oathkeeper meets him halfway and they pause, their eyes connecting over the screech of metal against metal.

Riku snaps backwards, only to jerk his Keyblade up as Sora's is slammed down.

Metal snaps together and apart, with an explosion of sparks into the deafening rain.

For each step Riku takes back, Sora moves forward.

Riku fakes to the right then whips to the left, legs tensed to bolt, but a quick movement of Sora's and Riku is slammed to the ground.

With a movement like a snake's strike, Sora darts in and rips off Riku's blindfold, whipping it off to the side onto the rain-darkened beach.

The Darker teen springs back up with a growl, but is forced backwards as the True Keyblade Master throws himself into a fury.

They meet evenly again with a clash of mythical weapons and with lightning quickness Sora steals his lips to Riku's for the space of a second.

Riku falters for a moment and his shoulder pays for it. The Oathkeeper collides into his shoulder and he's sure something is going to hurt tomorrow—but as soon as his mind touches on thought, it snaps back into instinct.

Knocking away another hit, Riku swings, but his arm isn't as fast when injured and Sora gets in a blow right to his ribs.

Riku's back smashes into the wet sand, sinking in slightly as Sora leans a knee into his gut. Way to Dawn is all but slicing into his own throat, held there by the furious strength behind the Oathkeeper.

They struggle against each other for a time, both with gritted teeth and eyes like nails.

Eyes meet and thoughts fight for a moment.

"What do you want?" Riku's voice strikes out viciously over the blare of the rain.

Sora stills. Riku shoves against the Oathkeeper, but it is held strong.

"I…" When the brunet meets his eyes against, eyes like oceans are full of emotions Riku cannot even begin to name. "I want you."

The words, even full of the innocence that is Sora, send a shiver down Riku's spine that has nothing to do with his cold, rain-soaked clothes.

Sora continues, unperturbed, "I want Kairi. I want you both." Oceans of eyes well up with sorrow, guilt, and even a touch of shame. "Why can't I have that? Why is that so goddamn hard?"

No longer restrained by Keyblades, Riku closes the space now-empty between them and presses a kiss into Sora's lips like fire to a starved soul.

Rough, chapped, and unyielding lips, teeth, and tongue, the two boys forget all else—that is until Sora presses a hand to Riku's bared stomach and an electric jolt goes through both of them.

The Darker boy throws them over and pins Sora under him, without breaking the half-strangling kiss.

He runs his hands through the brunet's impossible locks, pulling him closer as Sora's hands run all over his chest—the parts with shirt and the parts without.

An unearthly groan shocks Riku, as it is his throat it comes from.

Sora falls back to the sand with a wet squish, he laughs breathlessly.

One look at his friend's flushed face, and bruised lips, and Riku laughs too.


Kairi watches Her Boys walk together, hands clasped, under the pelting rain.

They walk to her doorstep, where she stands, and glance at their hands.

Riku makes to tug his hand out of Sora's, but Sora holds it tight and instead holds out his other hand to her.

Kairi smiles.


They are connected, now and forever.

Tangled limbs and silver hair knotted with auburn locks and brunet spikes—

In Heart, in Body, in Soul.

Paopu split into thirds, tasting it on each other's tongue after

As it always was meant to be.

Hand in hand, toward the next adventure



For now.