Author's Note: Anyone remember "Tiny Toons"? If so, this'll be easier to understand. If not...YouTube it. (nervous glance)

We're tiny, we're toony,
we're all a little loony!
And in this anim-ee,
we're invading your TV!

With duelists and monsters,
we get the squeals from fangirls.
On "Yu-Gi-Oh!" adventures,
Get your dose of yaoi--free!

So here's Domino City,
it's a whole wide world apart.
Our home sweet home, it stands alone
an anime work of art.

Our scripts so extended,
exaggerate the expected
'cause "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Adventures
is about to start!

They're awesome, they're funny,
they're Yugi and his Yami.
Seto has all his money
and Tea is a pain!

There's Tristan and Joey,
Duke Devlin is hot-ee,
Bakura's unlucky,
And Marik is insane!

At Duelist University,
we earn our Card Degree.
The teaching staff's
been winning fights since 2003.

We're tiny, we're toony
we're all a little loony!
It's "Yu-Gi-Oh" Adventures,
come and join the fun!


...And now our song is done!