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Summary:When the impossible becomes possible and the line between dreams and reality blurs, what will Naruto do when he's confronted with the past? And what does this mean for the present and the future? Time travel fic. Spoilers more than likely. At least up to chapter 406 anyways.

Communication Punctuation.
Ninjutsu and other techniques.

Warnings: Rated T for Violence, Course Language, Adult Themes and Sexual References.

Author's Note: Well, my first fiction in the Naruto-verse. Been a fan for a very short time compared with others (only 8 months as of this post), so I hope this turns out well. This chapter wasn't Beta read, so sorry for any mistakes.


Chapter 1


Naruto dodged to the side, just avoiding a large fireball, the heat scorching his exposed skin as it blew past. He hit the ground and rolled, partially to absorb the impact, but more to put any stray flames out that may have caught on his clothes. He looked up from his position on the ground at the caster of the jutsu, glaring. The man stood there with his head cocked to the side in amusement. Naruto clenched his jaw in frustration. He couldn't see the bastard's face thanks to that orange mask, but he sure as hell could tell that he was smiling at him.

"Take this!"

Sakura was in the air, rapidly descending from behind the Akatsuki member, her fist charged with chakra. The man didn't even spare her a glance. She was inches away when it happened. One second he was there, the next, he was gone. She crashed into the ground, the rocks crumbling away from the force of the impact. Naruto scrambled to his feet and launched himself out of the destruction zone. He noticed Sai and Kakashi doing the same.

The three of them landed together in a line, facing the newly formed crater. Sakura joined them seconds later, a slightly apologetic look on her face, mixed with an apprehension they all felt. They were exhausted. They'd been on the way home from a routine escort mission to Kirigakure, when they'd been ambushed by Akatsuki. It was the perfect place for an ambush too; a bend in the road between a rock face and a continuous line of trees. They'd been fighting for a good fifteen minutes now, and it was starting to wear them down. What was even more frustrating was that they were only fighting the 'Orange Masked Freak' as Naruto had dubbed him. The 'Plant Man' was simply watching from the trees, and any attempts to engage him in battle were hindered by his partner, who had no trouble intercepting their attacks.

"Nice try," a voice said as the dust settled. They all stiffened. The voice was much too close for comfort.

"Sakura, behind you," Kakashi called out.

"But not good enough."

Sakura started to move forward twisting to face the threat, Kakashi moving with her. Meanwhile Sai and Naruto moved forward, closing in from either side, in order to intercept and block the attack. Inches away from him, it happened again. Naruto and Sai stumbled to a halt; narrowly avoiding colliding with each other. They whipped around simultaneously as both Sakura and Kakashi cried out in pain. Orange face was standing behind them, having just sent their teammates flying.

There was a sickening crunch as Kakashi and Sakura hit the cliff wall.

"Sakura-chan! Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto called out desperately. Kakashi shifted, wincing and gripping his left upper arm, which was sitting at a slightly odd angle. Blood was steadily seeping through his Jounin vest on the same side. Sakura, however, did not move.

"And then there were two," the Mask man said amusedly.

"Shut the hell up!" Naruto yelled, his stomach twisting in anger and worry.

"I'd be more worried about yourself if I were you," he said pointedly.

He barely heard Sai's and Kakashi's shouted warnings as the kunai imbedded itself in his stomach. It seemed as though the Plant Man had decided to join the fight. Pain arched across his stomach as he twisted the knife, digging deeper in the process. He grunted as it was ruthlessly ripped out, dropping to his knees, his hands pressed tightly over the wound. He dimly noted Sai's Choujuu Giga beasts leap in between him and his attacker. He concentrated on willing the pain away. He felt a hand fall on his shoulder and winced.

"You okay?" Sai asked.

Naruto grimaced. What kind of question was that to ask someone who'd just had a hole punctured into them? Those thoughts were swept away though as he struggled to his feet, Sai helping.

"I'm fine," he bit out.

"You won't be for much longer though," the Plant Man said.

Naruto turned and glared at him.

"Yes," the mask man said, the humour obvious in his voice. "Zetsu possesses the unique ability to prevent wounds closing, thanks to a chemical naturally produced by his… unusual genetic structure."

The Blonde pushed down the wave of uncertainty that threatened to engulf him as he drew a kunai from his holster. Sai, noticing the motion, pulled out his scroll and began painting furiously.

Time seemed to slow down in that instant he attacked. He could feel every breath filling his lungs, every movement as he pumped his leg muscles. He moved forward, ignoring the pain, tightening his grip on the handle of the kunai as he drew his arm back. His focus was entirely upon the masked man as he released the knife, sending it flying towards him.

His heart skipped a beat.

His right hand side exploded in agony as he felt something shatter. He hit the ground hard and skidded, the ground unforgiving beneath him. As he mercifully came to a stop, he got the impression that someone was yelling at him. He struggled to raise his head, blood dripping into his eyes from one of the numerous cuts that now covered his body. He could see the man approaching, his Akatsuki cloak billowing around his legs. He struggled to his feet, staggering as the world swayed dangerously.

Naruto noticed a flash of movement behind the man, and looked up in surprise at Kakashi, his Sharingan transforming, becoming something more angular.

"The time for games is over," the man said, grasping at the orange mask on his face as he moved it off his face. "It's time you came with me, Kyuubi."

Naruto's eyes locked with his, the glare of his eye trapping him on the spot. It was the Mangekyou Sharingan, but unlike any he'd seen before. Rather than looking like a three pointed shuriken, as with Kakashi's or Itachi's, it consists of a circular ring, three red circles spaced at even intervals around it.

Naruto' heart beating wildly in his chest as he struggled to break eye contact, the air rippling around him as if in protest. He felt himself panicking, more than aware of what the effects of the Mangekyou had done to Sasuke, having witnessed it himself. He gave another mental tug, and surprisingly felt something snap, the ground lurching beneath his feet.

He staggered backwards, his arm connecting with a tree, which he leaned against for support. He struggled to draw air into his lungs, his breath ragged. He didn't notice the person behind him, who was apparently too shocked for words, nor did he notice that the scenery had changed. He coughed, tasting the metallic of blood in his mouth.

He jerked in surprise as a hand fell firmly onto his shoulder. He whipped his head around violently, instantly regretting it as stars burst into his vision, temporarily blinding him.

"Hey, take it easy," a voice said in concern.

Naruto squinted, waiting for his eyes to readjust. The voice was male and not familiar in the least, so why did he find himself trusting it so much? His first instinct was to be suspicious of anyone being nice to him straight off the bat. Being the container for a demon had taught him to be wary. Vision clearing, he looked up into the face of whoever it was. What met his eyes sent a thrill of shock through him.

"Y-you… You're, but that's…" He stuttered. He swayed on the spot before his legs gave out on him completely.

"Whoa there," the man said, catching him before he hit the ground. "You okay?"

"It's not possible…" he whispered to himself.

"Eh? What's that?" the man asked, confusion etched on his face.

"You're the Yondaime," he breathed half in awe, half in disbelief, before succumbing to darkness.


Naruto opened his eyes blearily, blinking dazedly at the ceiling, not really seeing it. He noted the steady beeping coming from the heart monitor and tube running down his throat providing him with oxygen, among other tubes and wires attached to him. He would have sighed if he was able to. Hospital again, huh? He didn't particularly like hospitals. When he'd been younger, he'd been to the hospital multiple times for apparent injuries, but thanks to the Kyuubi, anything that had been serious at first, had almost healed by the time any medic was willing to see him. That and when he was actually admitted, they always expected him to stay in bed. He just couldn't stay in a bed all day. It was boring.

He could hear voices nearby. He turned his head towards the murmurings coming from the hall. He found it difficult to understand what was being said. Something told him that he should've been able to hear the conversation clearly. He focused on the voices a little more determinedly and the words made themselves clearer.

"He's been stable for the past few hours now," a female voice said. "Although we don't expect him to be conscious for another week or two."

"Can you give me a rundown of his injuries?" a male voice asked, worry evident in the tone.

"Hmm, let me see," she said. There was a shuffling of papers.

"You need a list?" the male asked disbelievingly.

"Well, yes, the damage was extensive," she said, trailing off slightly.

"There's a 'but' in there."

"It's a little harder to explain if I just randomly answer questions, so it's better if I give a full report," she said, slightly defensive.

The silence was eloquent.

"Right, Patient 103," she said determinedly. "Class III bordering Class IV haemorrhaging from the abdomen due to puncture wounds, as well as several lacerations and contusions to the head and upper torso. Also comminuted fractures to the fourth, fifth and sixth ribs on the right-hand side resulting in flail chest and pulmonary contusions to the corresponding lung."

There was a sharp intake of breath.

"That's hardly the most startling thing," she said warily.

"What do you mean?" the male voice asked.

"These injuries were found upon the first inspection by our medics. However by the time we had finished treating him, approximately one third of the injuries had begun to heal on their own."

Naruto's heart juddered in his chest nervously suddenly more alert. He was in unfamiliar territory here. He didn't even know what country he was in. Seeing the Fourth was just some weird hallucination due to blood loss, and he doubted he was anywhere near Konoha anymore. It was common knowledge in the village that he was a Jinchuuriki, but that didn't mean it was in other nations. Who was to say that they wouldn't hand him over to Akatsuki the moment they found out what he was?

He sat up quickly, instantly regretting it as the room spun alarmingly. He winced as pain radiated from his right side and stomach, the painkillers he knew they were pumping into him not as effective as he thought. Ignoring it as best as he could, he tried to control his nausea as the room righted itself again. He was in the process of pulling off some of the easier to remove wires when the door burst open and the owners of the two voices barrelled into the room.

He stared.

The Yondaime was looking at him in shock, mouthing soundlessly. The nurse next to him appeared to be in a similar state, her clipboard clutched tightly to her chest.

He looked exactly like he did in his portrait, albeit a lot less serious and a lot more worried. His Hokage cloak was currently tucked into the crook of his elbow and he was wearing the standard Jounin wear, with two white bands on each sleave above the wrist and below the elbow the only two personal touches. His hitai-ate was slightly covered by his fringe, longer bangs hanging down on either side like sideburns.

He stood for a second longer before his eyes narrowed and he stepped forward.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked in disbelief.

Naruto continued to stare at him. This wasn't real; it wasn't possible. It must be some sort of Genjutsu or something, because there is no way some dead guy could be here right now. He was just a hallucination before, right? He flinched as the man reached out towards him. The Yondaime hesitated for a second, his hand lingering over the teenager's shoulder. It was enough. Naruto knocked the hand aside and glared at him. The man's eyes reflected hurt for a second before his expression blanked. He took a step back, glancing imploringly at the nurse.

"Hokage-sama?" she asked apprehensively.

"I thought you said he'd be out for a couple more weeks."

Naruto would've smirked at the impersonator if he didn't have a tube down his throat.

"His healing rate is really remarkable," she said, looking at him strangely. "It's not natural."

Naruto's mirth evaporated.

"Can I talk to him?" he asked.

"I wouldn't really advise-"

"That's not a no," he said, grinning at her.

She sighed dejectedly and approached Naruto.

"Right, I need you to lie down so I can remove the endotracheal tube from your airways," she said, wheeling over a trolley with a few tools. He obeyed. She set about her task, finally pulling the tube quickly and smoothly from his mouth. He coughed, wincing as pain seared across his chest. She looked at him concerned.

"I need to run a diagnostic of his condition now that he's awake," she said to the man across the room. She moved the bed into a sitting position, and hooked a nasal cannula on his face, connecting it with the oxygen supply, before proceeding to look him over, scribbling on her clipboard at intervals.

"So kid," the Yondaime asked. "What's your name?"

"Why should I tell you," Naruto said bitingly, his voice slightly hoarse from lack of use. The Yondaime's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"It would be wise not to anger a ninja boy, especially not a Hokage," he said quietly, the threat obvious in his voice.

Naruto looked at him mutinously and would have replied with a smart retort, but was interrupted by a gasp from the nurse.

"What is it?" the Hokage asked sharply.

"His wounds… they're nearly all healed," she said, her eyes wide. She ran a green glowing hand over his body. "So far as I can tell, the only remaining damage is the puncture wound in his abdomen, his chest injuries and some slight contusions on the head, and even those are significantly recovered compared with his state three days ago."

They both looked at him troubled. He shifted uncomfortably, and winced as his side protested.

"Tomi, I have to ask you to leave," the blonde man said looking at her sternly. "You must also inform the ANBU outside to keep everyone out, is that clear?"

She looked at him, worriedly before nodding uncertainly. She left, casting one last nervous glance over her shoulder before closing the door. He waited until her footsteps faded and then turned to face the boy.

"So, I can't convince you to tell me your name?" he asked seriously.

"I'm not telling my name to someone who isn't real," he muttered.

"Not real?" the Yondaime asked his brow furrowing. "Why do you think that?"

"I don't know," Naruto said in mock thought. "Maybe because none of this is possible! You can stop this sick Genjutsu, cos you bastards aren't getting anything from me!"

"You think this is a Genjutsu?"

"What else can it be?" Naruto all but shouted. "You're DEAD!"

The man seemed to be surprised by this declaration, but that just fuelled Naruto's anger more. He was shocked out of his rage though, when a low sound permeated the air. It was a chuckle. The stupid Hokage fake was laughing at him.

"Seriously kid, I think I can take care of myself," he said, grinning. "I'd be a bit worried if I died before I even hit thirty. Besides, it'd be a sad day a Hokage can't take care of himself."

Naruto snorted.

"My name's Namikaze Minato," he said, smiling hopefully.

He looked stubbornly at the man before him, before sagging in defeat.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Medical Jargon: (c/o Wikipedia)

Class III Haemorrhaging: Blood loss of 30-40 percent. You usually need a blood transfusion for this, although some healthy people don't require one.
Class IV Haemorrhaging: Blood loss 40 percent. The body can't compensate anymore and if they don't get medical attention straight away, they can die.
Laceration: Its cuts and wounds formed by tearing the skin or blunt impacts.
Contusion: Bruise
Comminuted Fracture: Bit nasty, a broken bone where the break occurs, the bone is fragmented.
Rib numbers: The 4th, 5th and 6th are around the middle of your ribcage.
Flail chest: If you break 2 (or more) ribs together in two different places on each, this can occur. When you breathe in, your ribcage will expand, but the broken section will go in and when you breathe out it's the opposite. It bruises your lungs, among other things and needs to be corrected promptly. Flail chest causes death in 50 percent of people who get it.
Pulmonary Contusion: It's bruising of the lungs.
Endotracheal Tube: It's an air tube that runs down your windpipe and sits just above your bronchi. Generally only used for patients who are unconscious, comatose, undergoing surgery, or whose airways are closed off. The amount of times I've seen this used on House… .
Nasal Cannula: Another air tube. It's the one you see all the time on the TV soaps.

Translation Notes: (will be extensive to begin with so I don't get asked constantly about it)

Chakra: Hindu in origin. Means "wheel" or "circle" and symbolises the connection between spirit and body. In the Naruto-verse, it's the energy ninja use by combining the spirit and body energies and channelling it to perform Jutsus (techniques).
Sharingan: Copy Wheel Eye. A genetic Bloodline Limit unique to the Uchiha clan (with the exception of Kakashi, who had it transplanted). It allows the user to read their opponent's body language and predict where they will attack from. It also allows one to copy another's abilities, sometimes seemingly in advance.
Mangekyou Sharingan: Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye. An extremely rare form of advanced Sharingan, the actual usage of this eye is usually unique to the user. However they have been known to be used for unbreakable Genjutsu's, creating flames that cannot be doused, and even ripping holes in dimensions.
Yondaime: 4th Ruler.
Hitai-ate: Forehead Protector.
Kirigakure: "Village Hidden in the Mist". The Ninja village of Water Country.
Hokage: Fire Shadow
Konoha:Short for Konohagakure. Means "Village Hidden in the Leaves" or "Hidden Leaf" for short.
-chan: Honorific suffix attached to girls names and little boys. Gives off an air of cuteness, and is used as a form of endearment.
-sensei: Teacher. Other than direct teachers, it is generally attached to the names of those who have doctorates (PhD's).
Ninpou Choujuu Giga: Ninja Art, Great Beast Paintings. Sai's primary technique, bringing his ink paintings to life in 3D.
Jinchuuriki:Literally "Power of Human Sacrifice", a name given to those who have a Bijuu (Tailed Demon) sealed inside them.
Genjutsu: Illusion Technique
Ninjutsu: Ninja Technique
Taijutsu: Martial Arts Technique
Akatsuki:Dawn (red moon). A group hunting down Bijuu and Jinchuuriki. To date, they have captured 7 of 9 Bijuu/Jinchuuriki.
Kyuubi: Nine Tails. Shortened form of "Kyuubi no Kitsune" or Nine Tailed Fox. Naruto's resident demon. Said to be the most powerful of all the Bijuu.
Tomi:Short for Tomiko. Means "Treasured Child".
Genin: First Level Ranked Ninja. Mission levels D/C. Usually do glorified chores or low level escort missions.
Chuunin: Second Level Ranked Ninja. Mission levels C/B. Escort missions, as well as leading squads and low level assassinations. Are known to go into battle.
Jounin: Third Level Ranked Ninja. Mission levels A/S. Escorts of high rank as well as leading Genin teams as teachers, teams of Chuunin, as well as performing highly ranked assassinations. Also known to do recon missions.
Special Jounin: A Jounin who specialises in a particular field. (e.g. Ebisu is well known as being an excellent teacher, where as Ibiki specialises in interrogations)
ANBU: Stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai. Means "Assassination Tactics Special Corps". Known as Black Ops in the English version I think... They are selected by and directly report to their respective Kages and perform S Class or higher missions. Their job is to monitor internal affairs as well as carry out any missions set to them. Their identities are kept secret, using code names and wearing masks which bear resemblance to their codenames, to conceal their faces.

Too lazy to do anymore… if you're stuck on some terminology, just say so in your review, and I'll gladly translate.

End Notes: Minato is my favourite character in Naruto, and I think he deserves a bit more of a characterisation. I'm a bit reluctant to say exactly when this is set, for fear of spoiling things for the next couple of chapters. I guess you'll all have to wait and see. I also must warn you that I am a bit of a slow writer. I usually take a couple of weeks to get my ideas down and written properly. I'm sorry if that annoys any of you, but that's just how I am. That and I have to work as well. I have to eat and pay rent somehow.

Also, I'm in the market for a Beta reader. If you would like to be my Beta, please send me a PM (not a review) asking. Please keep in mind that I use Australian English, not US English, so a lot of those 'z' will be 's', as well as spelling things like 'colour' with the 'u' in it. Another condition on being my Beta is to tell me when what I'm writing feels 'rushed' or 'wrong'. I want to improve as a writer, so being critiqued for my work is exactly what I need. On the flip side, I don't want be flamed either, so feel free to feed my ego a little, okay?

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