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Chapter 1


Things had always gone great for Roxas—the blond spiky haired boy with smooth, pale skin, and a handsome face with short body features. Of course, the latter feature was one of the weaknesses the blond felt he had. However, for Axel, everything about him was perfect. Yeah, Axel. Who didn't know Axel? He's the thin, tall, slender and big-headed redhead that Roxas loved so much.

Axel and Roxas had been lovers for four years. They were the most perfect couple around. After a lot of college ordeal and stuff, they finally dated. Of course, at first it started off rough with Axel chasing Roxas to no end. However, eventually, Roxas eased up. Before they knew it, it had already been four years of love and quarrels for them.

They had been living together for the last two years. Each of them had made a commitment to each other, though that commitment could not go very far as gay marriage was not yet fully supported and Axel didn't seem to make the effort of going any further with his commitment other than just living together with his blond added with great sex life.

They had a great sex life which was getting more gradual much to Roxas' dissatisfaction. He didn't know why, but recently, Axel had been getting needier. Every time the redhead got back from work at night, he would just slam the blond into the bedroom and start screwing him senseless. Roxas had a job, too, but one with a lower salary than Axel's and with less work time than Axel's. Due to this, he always got home from work earlier than Axel.

Of course Roxas was not very happy with Axel's growing need. However, there's nothing he could do to refuse his lover since he knew that Axel had been in a very bad mood recently due to his job. Each morning, Roxas would wake up sore and alone on his and Axel's bed. Axel had bothered to ask about his well being at first when their sex life was becoming an everyday routine. However, as the months went by, Axel didn't seem to care anymore except for the fact that he needed Roxas to fulfill his biological needs—and really, Roxas thought that he had become Axel's sex toy.

The blond had to hold every after effects of pain that he received from his lover and go to work everyday to earn more money to pay their mortgage. Sure, he could have just stayed at home all day, being the good lover he was, and just waited until Axel got back home from work to slam him onto the bed. However, he didn't want to spend the rest of his pitiful life like that. In fact, he even began to wonder whether he had any love for Axel anymore.

Today, Roxas was preparing himself for another attack he would be getting when the redhead got back. He sat calmly on the sofa, reading the daily newspaper. The clock was ticking by and, in just five minutes, the door will click open and Axel will come in the house. He grew more and more restless and the minutes passed by. He had taken painkillers before hand for the pain that he still had from the last time and for the pain that he would be receiving shortly. Just thinking about his lover had given him a migraine for all day.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick.

Roxas folded the paper that was in his hand and set it down gently on the table in front of him. He ran a hand through his head, through the scalp that was getting more and more abused recently. Dinner had been set on the dining table. The scent of the food filled the two-room apartment. Roxas had been getting better and better at cooking. It was no wonder. He had been cooking for his lover everyday for the last two years. He really was the girl in this relationship. And again—he found another thing he hated about Axel.

The first year of living together with the redhead, the redhead would praise Roxas everyday for everything the blond did. Great cooking, great kissing, great cleaning, great sex—great everything. "Axel's changed…." Roxas slowly muttered to himself. He wondered if that's why his parents had gotten divorced. Years of living together with someone they loved must have not been a fun thing in life. They would get bored and they would feel like they're being used. That's the down-side of relationships and he again wondered if he wanted to break up with Axel.

Before Roxas could think any further, the door slammed open and in came Axel. The redhead held a bag containing his laptop in one of his hands and another was holding a bottle of alcohol. Alcohol— that couldn't be good. Roxas was relieved when he eyed Axel and found out that his lover was not drunk. Things were always worse when Axel was drunk, which was rare. It's really hard to get the redhead to get drunk since Axel's a good drinker and all—and it would take liters of alcohol for him to really lose his disposition.

Roxas forced a smile on his face and walked over to his lover, "Hi," he greeted and took Axel's bag from his hand and set it down on the sofa. After that, he took the bottle of beer away from Axel, which earned him a loud growl from his lover, "You… shouldn't drink too much…"

Axel thumped down on the sofa and narrowed his eyes. "Who are you to tell me that?" he hissed.

"Axel…" Roxas sat beside Axel carefully, afraid that maybe Axel would get up and hit him but none of it happened. "I'm—worried about you… are you okay?" The blond was literally surprised that he was not on the bed yet, stripped naked, but instead on the sofa, talking with Axel. Axel shifted on the sofa and the next thing Roxas knew, he was pinned down on the black leathered sofa with Axel crawling on all fours onto him. "Ax…" Roxas whimpered out nervously. He hated himself for not being able to fight back and he hated himself more for not being able to defend himself.

"I'm not in the mood to talk," Axel snapped.

"Could we please… not do this tonight?" Roxas tried and tried further to reason with his lover, "I-I have an early meeting and presentation tomorrow, I don't want to—"

"Fuck you," Axel cursed, which scared the hell out of the blond. "So what? You don't want to because of your job? You're picking your job over me?"

"No, that's not what I meant, Axel. Please…" Azure eyes plead into emerald.

Axel pressed his lips down to Roxas'. He soon claimed the blonds' lips, hard. Roxas' lips were already bruised from all the things that Axel had done and today, the toll of bruises would escalate. He struggled from Axel but found it in vain, as usual. The only thing he could do was give in. Give in—and let Axel have his way.

The lips above him continued to ravage him despite all his struggles and moans. Axel stopped when he noticed that the two needed to breath. However, the pause did not last long as Axel stood and forcefully took Roxas inside the bedroom. It was another night of rough sex for Roxas.


As usual, Roxas woke up naked and alone on the big red-covered bed in the morning. He rubbed his temple and sighed, hugging the pillows and blanket close. His body was killing him again, but he held it in seeing as this had become his daily routine. He completely ignored the pain rocketing through him. He jumped out of the bed a while later and retrieved his clothes and changed into them. He had no time to take a bath since Axel had to go to work earlier than him.

Roxas hadn't had dinner last night as he was too tired to move after what Axel had done to him. He vaguely remembered that Axel had left him alone in the bed last time to have his dinner, though. So at least, he's relieved that he had not starved Axel. He walked out of the bedroom and headed for the kitchen to start serving up breakfast.

Axel was sitting on the chair at the dining table, chatting away on his cell phone. While Roxas was serving breakfast, he could faintly hear what Axel was talking about. "Yes, it was nice," he heard Axel purr. He didn't dare to eye his lover because he was terrified that Axel would start throwing an angry fit at him. Instead, he pretended that he was cutting the lettuce and carefully listened in. "I can't wait for another one." A pause. "Yeah. Nah, he's alright. I can handle it." Axel's voice sounded awfully nice to Roxas. It had been a long time since Axel used that nice tone with him. "Tonight? Your place? Alright, I'd be happy to."

Roxas narrowed his eyes, trying to take in what Axel was saying but he couldn't find any logical answer. He drifted off slowly and before he knew it, Axel had ended the call. He continued to cut the lettuce while he was thinking. Soon, he cut his own hand and it started to bleed horribly. "Shit!" he cursed, loud enough for Axel to hear. He quickly ran over to the sink and washed off the blood but the blood kept coming out endlessly, painting the water red, which was soon drained away by the hole in the middle of the sink. His hand was cut severely. He held back his cry.

Axel, noticing that something was wrong with his lover, walked over and immediately knew that Roxas had cut his hand and was bleeding. "You should have been careful," he commented and walked away.

Roxas couldn't hold back his tears anymore and he started crying. He was preparing breakfast for him! And all he had to offer was a painful comment, not a single caring word. He slid down the counter, one hand holding his bleeding hand while the water still ran. Axel looked over, narrowed his eyes, and said, "What the hell are you doing?"

"…" Roxas didn't reply. He was broken up inside. The only thing that had held him up until now was the slightest bit of love he still had for Axel and all the sweet memories that they had made years ago.

"You're going to run up the water bill," Axel said harshly and walked over to turn off the tap. Roxas wondered why he had said that. They were living in an apartment and they didn't have to pay for the water. "Get up," he ordered.

Roxas obeyed, fists formed, causing his hand to bleed—if possible—more horribly. "Why are you being such a jerk?" he snapped all of a sudden, which obviously took Axel off guard.


"You're not Axel. What did you do to Axel?" The blond frowned, staring into the floor, not daring to keep his gaze to Axel's.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm making breakfast for you and got hurt, Axel!"

"It's because of your own carelessness."

"Couldn't you have shown a little more sympathy? Couldn't you at least care?!" Roxas shouted.

Axel was taken aback. "Care?" he asked and paused, "Sure." And he put on a sympathetic face and took Roxas' hand. "Are you okay, Rox?" he asked softly. "Does it hurt? It'll be okay." He paused again and let go of his lover's hand. "There. Satisfied?"

Roxas lifted his head and glared. "I hate you," he hissed.

"I couldn't care less."

"You jerk! You can just go to hell for all I care!"

At that, Roxas received a slap to his face. "That's all you've got to say after all these years?"

"All these years of what?!" Roxas shouted again, touching his burning cheek, tears still streaming out and dropping onto the floor like rain, "You've given me nothing but torture!"

"Nothing but torture?" Axel repeated. "Alright. Fine. Take responsibility of your own words if you feel that way. Do whatever you want."

"I'm going to move out," Roxas threatened with a determined voice.

"Sure. Pack up your things for all I care," Axel answered simply and left, taking his bag, leaving Roxas all alone.

Roxas kneeled down, still holding his burning cheek and with his hand still bleeding. No—he didn't want it to go that way. Axel should have told him to stay, not tell him off. Where could he go now? His parents were moving far away from the town and he had no relatives whatsoever. However, he really didn't want to see Axel's face as of right now or live with him. He headed to the bathroom, searched for the first aid kit and treated his hand. After, he started packing up his things, took a bath, and went to work.


Sora was stunned when he saw Roxas' condition. He was Roxas' co-worker and best friend and seeing Roxas coming to work dragging luggage just indicated that something was wrong. Sora had known about the problems between Roxas and Axel and he could basically guess what had happened. He quickly walked over to approach Roxas. "Roxas, are you—alright?"

Roxas stood silent in front of the brunet (brunet and brunette are technically French words, which means that the female and male versions have to be used. Therefore, when calling Sora, who's a guy, a brunet, you have to use the male form. Same with blond and blonde), eyes glued to the floor.

"That was a bad question…" Sora's heart broke at seeing the condition of his best friend. Without any second thought, he pulled Roxas into a deep, crushing, and passionate embrace. The blond eased into the embrace and felt that he was gradually becoming calmer. "It'll be okay," he cooed softly. Sora was further broken up when he saw Roxas' hand. Bandaged. It was bandaged recklessly, covering his hand and wrist. Did he try to kill himself? Sora thought and he frowned at the thought.

"No, Sora. It's not going to be okay. It's over…" Roxas whimpered.

Sora narrowed his eyes at the statement, feeling hurt and miserable himself, seeing Roxas. "Roxas. Maybe Axel just had a bad day. A really bad day."

"No, Sora," Roxas snapped, "He wanted to get rid of me."

"He kicked you out?" Sora asked in disbelief. To his horror, Roxas confirmed with a nod. "But, you had a part in the apartment, too. He can't just kick you out."

"Even if he didn't… I don't think I want to live there anymore." Roxas pulled away from the hug, sniffling, fists clenched tight, trying his best not to cry.

"So, do you have anywhere else to live?" Sora asked worriedly.

Roxas shook his head softly. "For now, I guess I'll just live on the street."

"Rox, I—"

"Sora, thanks." Roxas forced a smile. "I have to attend a meeting and prepare myself for the presentation. Thanks, really." He took his luggage and dragged it to his seat. He took out his laptop and walked over to the meeting room, taking a deep breath, and releasing it slowly.

Sora watched, shaking his head. "Roxas…" he called out softly, heartbroken seeing the once very energetic, hard headed blond reduced to this—this lifeless small, skinny blond and all he had to blame was Axel. He took out his cell phone and went back to his seat, speed dialing 9. After the second ring, someone finally picked up.

"Sora, did something happened?" asked the soft, gentle voice on the other side. It was his silver-headed lover.

"Riku, listen. It's Roxas."

"Another frustration over Axel?" Riku asked, knowing full well of the problems between Roxas and Axel. He may not know Roxas and was just a co-worker of Axel's, but Sora always told him the story of them and he had been listening. "Something really bad must have happened if you called me during work," Riku added.

"Well, the frustration became reality, Riku. Roxas has been kicked out."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Riku smirked.

"I was wondering if—if we could let Roxas stay at our place," Sora tried, a little bit afraid of rejection. There was a pause and Sora added, "Riku, I saw Roxas' hand and—it was bandaged up to his wrist… I think—he attempted suicide…" the brunet's voice softened as he said that sentence.

"That bad?"


Riku finally answered, "Well, since Zexion already moved in for a week, I guess having Roxas wouldn't be so bad."

Sora brightened and smiled. "Thanks, Riku! Thank you!"

"No need to thank me, sweetheart. Zexion and Roxas will need to share a room, though," Riku added.

"I'm sure Roxas won't mind… about Zexion, though…"

"I'll talk to him," Riku said, reassuring Sora.

"Thanks! Really."

"Sora, I'll try to talk to Axel and see if I can help with anything," Riku offered to his lover. "Even though I'm really on bad terms with him…" he added.

"Riku, it's okay. I'm already really happy that you've agreed to have Roxas in the house. I love you, Riku."

"I love you, too. Hey, I have to get back to work."

Sora laughed. "Or that stupid fucking bitchy boss of yours will be mad again."

"Hey, you're not supposed to be throwing curses," Riku teased.

"Why? She's just like you've described," Sora laughed.

"Such nasty words are not suitable coming from your pure non-tainted mouth," the silver head teased again.

Sora blushed and retorted softly, "Oh, I'm sure it has been tainted enough by you."

"Yeah, and I can't wait to further taint it tonight," Riku purred, adding, "Though, I guess not… with Zexion and Roxas in the house."

Sora laughed brightly. "Don't worry. I'll make it up to you somehow, I promise. … You'd better get back to work," he said, though reluctant in ending the call.

"Sure. See you tonight, Sora."

"Yup. Love you."

And the phone call ended.


"How'd the presentation go?" Sora asked when Roxas finally got out of the meeting room. Sora wasn't in the meeting because he's in a different department from Roxas in the company, even though they worked in the same office.

"It didn't go too well. But I think it was enough," Roxas said, showing no spirit at all.

"Hold on. Let me get you coffee. You need it." Sora went off, leaving Roxas behind.

Roxas leaned his back against the wall, opening the file in his hands and reading it carefully. He couldn't concentrate, though. Not after what had happened between him and Axel. He had been a good employee and just now, his boss was disappointed at his presentation and had told him to prepare himself more and try again. He's grateful that at least he was given a second chance.

Soon, Sora returned with a cup of coffee. He handed it over to Roxas. It was Roxas' favorite, just enough milk and just enough sugar. Silently, he's thankful that he had a good friend like Sora and he carefully sipped the coffee into his mouth, feeling the hotness taking over his throat and down to his stomach. "Thank you very much, Sora," he said gratefully.

"Roxas," Sora started slowly and softly, "I've figured out about where you can live."

"You've found me a cheap apartment?" Roxas asked, hopeful.

"No. I phoned Riku just now and he said it's okay to have you live with us. So, you can move in now if you want."



Roxas was delighted when Sora told him the news. The blond brightened slightly, though deep inside, he was really uneasy at having troubled Sora. "I promise I'll move out as soon as I find somewhere else to live."

"That's okay, Roxas. You can stay as long as you want. Riku and I won't mind."

"No. I'd be bothering you two. Just—remember to give me bills every month, okay, Sora?"

"Roxas, we're best friends. We help each other. I don't want to mention money with you and that's the last I'll hear of it," Sora reprimanded before Roxas could open his mouth to retort. "But, you'll be sharing room with Zexion, okay? He's Riku's brother."

Roxas nodded. "Sure, I won't complain."

"Good. Welcome to the family."


Riku got home earlier than Sora and Roxas. When he was home, he found that his brother, Zexion, was already home, too, studying his college material on his bed. Riku knocked on the door and regarded Zexion. "Can I talk to you?" Riku asked.

"Sure, Riku." Zexion- the purple, slightly silver haired boy- sat up. His silky hair was covering half of his face as usual. "Is anything the matter?"

"There's this friend of Sora who got into trouble and he needs a place to live. So we decided to let him live here. Is that okay with you?"

Zexion thought for a bit and replied with a nod, "Sure, you don't have to ask my opinion about that. This is your house, Riku."

"That's not all. Since there are no more rooms in the house, you'll have to share the room with him."

"But there's only one bed here."

"That's exactly why… you'll need to share the bed, too." Riku laughed innocently, "He's a boy. He won't be too bad," he persuaded, having no choice since he had promised his brunet.

"Riku, you know full well that I'm allergic to males ever since that little incident." Zexion death glared his brother. Yes—he was allergic to his own kind: however, not to the ones that he already knew well, for example, Sora and Riku.

"Erh—I think I'll need to mention that he's a blond, too?" Riku smirked, having predicted what his brother's next expression would be.

"BLOND?!" the usually calm and silent purple haired boy shouted. His eyes widened in disbelief. "No way. No way."

"C'mon, Zex. He's a good kid."

"Riku, you know I loathe blonds after that little incident with Demyx! You can't possibly torture me like this! I still have college to attend."

"You'll be graduating soon, anyway. Just give me a nod and we can end this conversation," Riku tried again, obviously unhappy at his brother's reaction.

"I can already hardly stand Sora. You can't bring another blond in."

"Sora's not blond, Zex," Riku reminded. He knew his lover well and Sora was definitely not blond. Sora's hair was brown-ish.

"That's why I can still stand him."

Riku sighed. "He'll be moving in, anyway. You don't have a choice." He left it at that and went out of the room without regarding anymore of Zexion's protests. However, deciding that it's better to persuade Zexion, he went back to the room and leaned against the door frame. "Zex, this Roxas. He's just been kicked out of his house by his lover. He's having a real hard time." Zexion looked up to regard his brother and noticed that Riku was serious. He nodded, gesturing Riku to go on. "He's being abused by his lover. I heard from Sora that he's attempted suicide—and we can't have another person become suicidal like you, can we?"

Zexion scoffed, "You don't have to mention suicide. At least I'm not that insane now."

"Trust me, Zex. It's was hard having to deal with you back then. Roxas is a lot younger than you."

"And he's Sora's friend?" Zexion asked, amused that Sora, a working man, had befriended a college punk.

"He finished his education early and got his job. Can you at least tolerate him? We'll decide what to do with him when he's settled in."

The purple haired boy breathed out a heavy sigh. It's true that he had been studying a long time in college due to his suicidal behavior in his first year and that's exactly why he's studying so hard to finish now. "I don't have a choice, do I?" he asked and Riku answered with a slight nod, "Alright, but you owe me, Riku."

"Sure, let me buy you ice cream later." He laughed heartily and left the room while dodging the pillow that Zexion had thrown at him.


After work, Roxas followed Sora home. Sora drove a car so they headed to the house by car. Roxas and Axel had a car. However, Roxas, being the kind lover he was, had said that he wouldn't mind that Axel be the one to drive it to work while he could just use the bus and subway. Thus, that's why Roxas walked to the office. At first, Axel had been really grateful but as time passed—the redhead took the blond for granted.

"You've never visited our house before, huh?" Sora stroke up a conversation, trying to break the silence between them.

"Never," Roxas replied with a forced smile, attempting to be polite.

"Well, it's smaller compared to yours. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course, I won't!" Roxas quickly answered. "I'm very grateful."

"It's good to see you this full of spirit again, Rox." Sora smiled softly.

Roxas sunk deep into his seat. Sora had once come over to his and Axel's house/apartment. They once had this project to do together. Since Roxas' house was closer to the office, they did the project there because Axel didn't approve of him staying late at night in the office for safety reasons. He even stayed overnight once and had to answer to Riku's questions of stealing his lover away for one night. He chuckled softly at the memories. "I still can't believe Axel changed this much…" Roxas muttered, loud enough for Sora to hear and rubbed his reddened cheek softly.

"Your cheek…"

"He hit me…" Roxas answered simply.

"He—I can't believe Axel did that to a sweet little thing like you," Sora said in disbelief, concern in his tone.

"Thanks, Sora."

"You don't need to feel sad over him. He doesn't deserve you." Sora tried to cheer Roxas up again.

"But, Sora… He used to be so sweet back then… You and I knew him. We were best friends back in college."

"Yeah… People change, Roxas."

Roxas shook his head softly. "I don't know anymore."

"Don't worry, Roxas. I'm sure everything will work out. I'm sure." Sora grinned and added with a reassuring voice, "Trust me on this, okay?"

Roxas nodded slowly. "If you didn't have Riku, I'm sure I would have immediately asked you out, Sora."

"It's good that you can still joke at times like this."

And they both laughed heartily though Roxas' became quite again soon—much too soon.


Roxas took his light luggage inside Sora's house. He hadn't packed all that much, just a few pieces of needed clothes. The house was much like his, though it was true that it was smaller. "Settle in," Sora said softly and got out of the way for Roxas to go in. Inside, Roxas bumped into Riku. The silver head greeted him friendlily, "Hey."

"Hi, Riku," Roxas returned politely.

"That's your room," Riku pointed to a room across the hallway, "Zexion's in there."

"Did Zexion agree, Riku?" Sora asked nervously, he had known about Zexion's blonds and males' phobia after all.

"Pretty much, yes," Riku replied, "He's got this phobia over males and blonds, Roxas. So, try to tolerate him."

"I will. Thank you."

"I'll prepare dinner," Sora offered.

"I'll help you, So'." Riku followed Sora.

"Just go in the room, Roxas. We'll call you when dinner's ready. Make yourself at home," Sora said heartily.

Roxas replied with a nod and watched as the two lovers headed into the kitchen. He knocked on the door and, without waiting for any reply, turned the doorknob and peeked inside slowly. There, he found a purple haired boy inside and he greeted, "Zexion?" he asked uncertainly.

Zexion looked up from his book to regard Roxas. He nodded slightly. Silver locks flowing as he did the gesture. "Must be Roxas," he said and he eyed Roxas' bandaged wrist and immediately knew what his brother had meant. He didn't want to pursue the topic, though since he's been through much of it. "You can ignore me."

"Alright. Um… Where will I sleep?"

"We'll be sharing a bed."

Roxas' eyes widened and he quickly asked out of curiosity, "I thought you had a phobia over me?"

"Yes, that's exactly why I'm thinking of taking the sofa."

"No, that's okay. I'll be taking the sofa. You can sleep here."

Zexion was surprised that Roxas had been so polite. He had figured that the blond would gladly take the bed and just let him sleep on the sofa. "That won't do. Sora and Riku will have my head."

"But, I can't let you sleep on the sofa. I'm the guest here."


"I'll try to tolerate. Let's just go on with sharing the bed," Zexion said at last, ending the conversation.

"Just tell me if you can't tolerate it anymore," Roxas commented with a small smile. He put his luggage down and sat on the wooden floor, opening his luggage to take something out while Zexion continued on studying his college material, completely ignoring Roxas.


When the night came and Roxas had pretty much settled in and it was already time for dinner, the blond noticed that he had forgotten something very important inside his house. He had to go back and get it, regardless of whether or not he got into a fight with Axel again. That thing was too important to him. Sora noticed Roxas' uneasiness and asked, "Is something the matter?"

"I have to go out."

"Dinner's almost ready. Where are you going?"

"I have to get something from the apartment. It'll be just a while."

"You mean yours and Axel's?" Riku, who was in the kitchen stirring the soup, asked.

Roxas' breath hitched and he whispered, "Yeah."

"Let me go with you, Roxas," Sora offered, "I'm pretty sure you'll need me there." He set down his apron on the counter.

Roxas looked uncertain, but nevertheless, he nodded and muttered out, "Thanks. I appreciate it."

"I'll go too," Riku suddenly said, standing up from where he was sitting. "I have to buy a couple of things on the way back, though."

"Sure. We'd love to have you." Sora grinned and pressed a kiss to Riku, catching the silver head off guard. The kiss ended much too quickly for Riku.

Roxas just stared in uneasiness. He envied Sora and Riku's relationship. They had been going out even longer than he and Axel but they rarely got into a quarrel and they're as intimate as ever. Roxas wanted that kind of relationship with Axel—if only Axel would change back to who he was before.

"I'll go tell Zexion first, you guys can wait for me in the parking lot," Riku said, also setting his apron down on the counter, leaving and heading to the now Zexion and Roxas' room.

"Let's go," Sora said brightly and took Roxas' hand.

They waited, just as Riku had suggested, in the parking lot. Soon, Riku came and joined them. Riku drove the car containing him, Sora, and Roxas towards the house where Roxas used to live. Sora decided to go into the apartment together with Roxas while Riku stayed in the car waiting for them, reasoning that he'd just get into a fight if he met Axel.

The blond still had the key, so he went in easily. He was afraid of seeing the redhead. However, having Sora there beside him reassured him. He went in slowly and carefully. Good, no sign of Axel. However, what he heard stunned him. "Sora, did you hear that?" he asked uncertainly.

"I--" Sora paled. He knew full well what was causing the sounds they heard but chose to deny it. "Maybe it's a thief?"

Roxas also paled. "Y-Yeah… maybe… it has to be," he convinced himself desperately.

The grunts, pants, and moans that they heard grew louder as they walked deeper into the apartment. For a while there, Roxas could hear a woman's voice screaming Axel's name and asking for more and harder. Their fear became reality as they walked in the bedroom. There, on top the bed which Axel and Roxas used to slumber together peacefully, muttering 'I love you's' to each other, lay Axel and a blonde woman with Axel on top of her. They were so into it that they hadn't noticed that Roxas and Sora were standing there in the room.

Roxas narrowed his eyes and took several steps back. "No… they couldn't be having sex…" he whispered, putting his hands to his mouth, as if ready to throw up. He tried desperately to hold his tears. "No, Sora. Tell me I'm just imagining things."

However, Sora couldn't say anything. If they're not having sex, what are they doing? One man and one woman naked on the bed, the man pulling in and out of the woman endlessly- what was it supposed to be called other than sex? Sora was rendered speechless and stunned.

Roxas continued to take steps back until he found himself up against a wall and he slid down. Finally, the two on the bed noticed that there were intruders watching them. Axel pulled out from the blonde woman and stared wide eyed at Roxas. He quickly collected his clothes and walked closer to Roxas. "Roxas," he called out nervously as he pulled his clothes back on. Sora stayed out of his way.

"Stay away…" Roxas whimpered, shaking his head.

"It's not what you think."

"Stay away…"

"It's really not…"

"I said stay the fuck away!" Roxas screamed.

Axel stopped dead in his track. He had never wanted for Roxas to walk in on him. Hell, if he hadn't wanted to, then why was he having sex in their apartment, of all places possible?

"Roxas, huh?" the woman called, already standing up, wrapped in the red blanket.

"You," Sora eyed her, "Aren't you Riku's boss, Larxene?"

"Yes, I am," she replied easily.

"You're his little boyfriend, Sora." She regarded him with a sadistic smile.

"Roxas, hear me out."

Roxas jumped up, standing, and snapped, "There's nothing more to hear! Thank you very much, Axel!" The blond stormed out of the apartment. Axel quickly chased after him. Sora was dumfounded at first, but at last he gave chase, too, leaving Larxene behind.

They soon got into the crowded road. Roxas continued to run while Axel continued to chase and Sora followed from far behind. Riku saw his lover, though, and quickly jumped out of the car to stop Sora and ask what happened. Soon, they were both chasing after Roxas.

Roxas didn't want to hear anymore. He just needed some time to himself and the last thing he wanted to see was Axel. Finally, the blond stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a loud crash from behind.

When the blond turned around, he saw his lover, lying on the cold asphalt road in a pool of blood, stopping the traffic, and all he could do was cry.


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