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Chapter 8

I Love Him, and I Love Him Even More

Roxas was sitting in the room. Doubts and confusion graced his milky white face. There was so much that he should do. He still had that project he had to finish. He still had to take care of his old apartment's rent. He still had to take care of Axel. Why did so much happen so recently to burden him? He really wanted to find something and someone to blame. However, he knew that it was no use to blame someone. It would never solve the problem; the problem that had been bugging him and killing him inside. Silently, he hoped that Axel would recover soon so he could get the redhead out of his life forever and by forever, he meant it...forever. He didn't even want to have anything to do with Axel anymore. It might be cruel to say this, but all he felt currently was pity. Was it even pity? How could he pity someone who had hurt him so? Currently, he was really not sure how his brain functioned. All these questions hurt him so, yet he couldn't help but spring up with more and more of them.

He released a sigh, looking blankly at his laptop screen. There was no one in the room except him and he expected no one. Time went so fast and without knowing it, four hours had flown away and he still hadn't gotten to work on anything. His mind was racing, searching and seeking for something that he was unsure of. What was his brain doing? It was not helping him with anything. Only providing him with more imaginations on what he should do next, scaring him. He finally shook the thoughts off, decided to stop wallowing in self pity after the long four hours of thinking. Axel should be back soon, he supposed.

What was that that people always spoke about? Live your life happily no matter what the circumstances? Yeah, sure. That could really apply on him right now. Rather than living miserably, he should really find some happiness and try to forget the things that had happened.

Sitting Indian style on the bed, he plunged head first down on the soft pillow. Snuggling his face on the pillow, he inhaled. The smell of Axel assaulted him, the scent that he was already so familiar and in love with. It was all coming back to him. He inhaled some more to get more of the sweet scent. He loved Axel. He loved Axel very much, that was needless to say. He pursed his lips together and bit his lower lip, holding his tears from coming out. Why did he decide to act all emotional right now? It was not as if he was pregnant. Stupid hormones... that was all he could blame.

As he rested his head comfortably, closing his cerulean eyes in sensation of letting the redhead's scent made its way through his nose, the door opened suddenly. The blond inside the room didn't notice that somebody was coming in. He kept still, resting, closing his eyes, lying in a position that was very vulnerable with a laptop beside him.

Once the redhead noticed that the blond was so into himself, he decided to keep quiet. He stepped in slowly and silently as if he was floating on the air without a sound. He gripped the doorknob and closed the door behind him, making as little noise as possible. He was glad that Roxas didn't notice his presence in the room. He stepped nearer and nearer to the blond, in hopes that he would be able to take a closer look at the face that he was so familiar with, the same face that felt very special to him. He hoped beyond hoped that Roxas continued with whatever he was doing and ignore his presence.

He inhaled a deep, sharp, silent breath when he was finally in clear sight of the blond's face. The blond was...smiling. He was...smiling. It was not—it was not just a smile. It was more than that. That was a smile—a smile that Axel had never seen before since the first time he woke up in the hospital and met Roxas. It was such a soft and satisfied smile that anyone who looked at the blond would instantly melt away because of the cuteness that he radiated. Axel's breath hitched. It hitched and he suddenly felt that he didn't want to breathe anymore, just in order that Roxas didn't notice him. He felt that if he made a single sound, or even take in air through his nose or releasing it, the blond would stir and that smile would disappear and vanish and he wouldn't know when he would be able to see that smile again. He didn't want it to disappear; that was for sure. He wanted it to stay there, stay forever, so he could see it forever. It was as if that one, simple smile brought back life itself. Axel regretted that he didn't have a camera with him.

He knew that his brain was really unreliable in memorization. He knew, but, at least, he wanted to get it to cooperate—cooperate so that he could photograph that smile forever in his brain. The blond was always so stiff and miserable and he wanted to know what caused it. And...even though he had no clue or remembrance as to what was going on... he had a feeling that he was the one that was causing all of it. If it was so... he really wouldn't mind trading his life to some entities above so that Roxas could keep smiling. He wanted the blond to be happy.

His emerald eyes softened and a smile graced his face, mirroring that of the blond's. He wanted the whole scene to stay forever in a still frame. He wished time would stop just for him. However, to his failure, he choked out, finally realizing that he had forgotten to breathe for several minutes. He quickly took in breathes, huffing, gasping, panting...even though he was not at all engaged in any tiring activity.

Hearing the noise, Roxas jolted, opening his eyes almost instantly. He blushed brightly when he noticed that the redhead was standing beside the bed, choking. He sat up from where he was resting and with incredible speed, he snatched his laptop. How long has he been standing there? He asked inwardly, wondering with panic and embarrassment. He continued to snatch the soft white pillow and held it close while putting the laptop back on the back in front of him, squeezing the pillow softly and proceeding to grip it tightly out of nervousness. He hid his face inside the pillow to hide his blush.

Axel finally stopped coughing, inwardly cursing himself for having been so...stupid. He had just ruined the whole mood!! And it wouldn't come back again, he was sure of it.

Roxas was still hiding his face in the pillow that reeked of Axel's scent. He was getting slightly dizzy at the lack of oxygen, but he refused to show his face and made any eye contact with the redhead.

The redhead took in a deep breath and blushed when he realized how cute the blond was acting. A soft and gentle smile graced his face and he slowly and carefully stepped closer to the bed. He was afraid of rejection. Roxas might have rejected him several times. However, currently, in that atmosphere, he didn't think that he could take it if Roxas rejected him. Gathering all his courage, he finally sat down on the bed, beside Roxas. Their arms and skin were only centimeters apart before they touched. The heat between them was already increasing and they could feel the warmth. One refused to move and the other one was torn between moving, voicing out, or simply not doing anything at all.

Roxas breathed.

Axel opened his mouth to speak. His voice was not coming out. Not at all. It was as if he couldn't speak. He tried to speak again, but nothing came out. Then, he pursed his lips. Finally, taking a deep breath, sucking as much air as he could, he spoke out loud. "Are you okay, Roxas?" he asked, voice husky.

Roxas slowly raised his head. His golden locks fell in front of his eyes. His spiky blond hair was a bit messy and he messed it even more by raking it with his other hand that was not holding the pillow. His eyes looked at everywhere but the redhead, the other person beside him in that room. "I'm okay..." he whispered, barely audible to Axel's ear. "What about you? How's your session with the doctor?" he asked gently with a gentle tone.

"It went well. I was able to remember some things..." Axel smiled, wanting to get those wonderful blue eyes to look at him. He wanted to stare into those eyes and he wouldn't mind being lost in them forever.

"That's... that's good..." Roxas answered shakily. Should Axel even remember? What if he recalled those memories of how he had cheated on him? What would happen? "What...did you remember?" he asked hesitantly, wanting to bring up some topic to clear up the thick, intense atmosphere, yet at the same time wondering if he wanted to know about it at all.

"It was about..." Axel paused, trailing off, playing with his red hair a bit, and thinking. "It was nothing much," he finally said. "Only some vague memories that I couldn't make out any meanings of," he continued, somehow knowing that Roxas wouldn't be any happier to know about what he had seen in that little session with Naminé.

"Oh, okay. That's fine... I guess." Roxas looked to the side, hating the awkwardness.

Axel forced himself to grin brightly. He wanted to cheer up the whole situation. It always worked before, so why dwell in that stiff air while he could make something better out of it? He shifted and sat closer to the blond, trying his best to get Roxas to look at him while he was talking and it worked.

Roxas was nervous as Axel was getting closer and he had no choice but to pay his attention to Axel while trying his best to keep their bodies and proximity in line. He looked at the redhead questioningly, but he didn't voice any of his questions.

Without wasting anymore time to create even more awkwardness, Axel immediately spoke. "Naminé said that I'm progressing well for my first session," he grinned.


"She's the doctor."

"But you said that you were unable to recollect anything that makes sense to you," Roxas questioned with his small voice.

"Well, yes. But the doctor said that it is common and that my progress is very good compared to other patients."

Roxas smiled softly, the smile that Axel wanted to always grace that adorable face. "That's good. I'm happy for you," he said reluctantly, fidgeting uncomfortably under Axel's stare.

Axel watched the blond's every movement and motion, his gaze never faltered. He wanted to catch everything in. He wanted to keep the blond under his stare and under his watch every single second in his life. How could someone so beautiful be suffering? How could someone be as heartless as to take that smile away from the blond? Taking in another deep breath, Axel finally gathered his courage, prepared to be rejected yet hoping otherwise. "Roxas," the redhead called out. Roxas turned his stare to the older man, staring quizzically. "Would you mind...?" Axel became restless under Roxas' stare. "Would you mind going out with me?"

"What?" Roxas choked out, wondering if his ears were fooling him. Did Axel just ask him out? Didn't he say clearly to him that they were merely friends and nothing more? Where did the redhead get the courage to ask him?

"I've been staying in the hospital for so long. I wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air sometime and...I couldn't find anyone else to ask," the redhead reasoned foolishly, hoping that the blond would agree.

"So, you..." Roxas shook his head. "You couldn't find anybody else to ask and you come to me," he grimaced, coming to a conclusion.

"No, no, that's not what I..." Axel panicked.

Roxas cut him off instantly. "You can always ask the nurse or the doctors, or Demyx," he said coldly. "I could ask them if you want."

"No, Roxas... I..."

"I can help you out. I'm sure Demyx would be more than happy if you ask," the blond continued, his tone was harsh and icy.

"Listen to me!" the redhead screamed, gripping at the blond's shoulder and pushing the blond down on the bed. Roxas was lying on his back on the white coverlet. He blinked, eyes widened. Axel's expression was desperate, staring deeply into Roxas as if piercing into the blond's very heart and soul. He towered over him, pinning him down. His red hair was pulled down by gravity, shadowing his face. "Listen..." his tone softened. "That is not what I meant," he said slowly, conveying and stressing every last one of his words. "I wanted you to go out with me. I don't want to ask anybody else. I just want you to take me around the town, out of this hospital for once."

"Let go of me," the blond hissed.

Axel immediately complied, sitting up. The blond also sat up, not happy that he was pinned down that way by Axel. He always had this fear of being pinned down. How could Axel have forgotten? How could Axel have forgotten that... occurrence concerning Seifer and him? It was sickening.

"I won't go out with you if you ask me that way," Roxas hissed, narrowing his eyes, staring at the redhead with eyes clouded by hatred. "If you ever go so far as to pin me down again..." the blond stood up, his hands forming fists. "You'll regret it," he threatened.

Axel stiffened, wondering why such a simple action could rile Roxas up so much.

"I've gotta go," Roxas said, taking his laptop and shoving it into his bag which was set several feet away. Without waiting for any response from Axel, Roxas immediately walked out of the room, slightly regretting that he had lost control of his own emotions over something that Axel didn't even have a clue about.

Roxas looked around the hospital for a bit and finally found Zexion. Zexion was unusually quite. The lilac haired male didn't even voice a single word as Roxas walked up to him. Roxas noticed that something was amiss, but he had a feeling that it wasn't the right time to meddle into anything. When he requested that he wanted to go home, Zexion nodded and the two headed to the car in silence. None of them wanted to talk.


Roxas was panting, either it was because of the heat or because of the reason that his heart had clenched. He was terribly hurt, not to mention that it was caused by someone that he was so familiar with—the same person that he was so crazily in love with. It was almost unbearable.

"Roxas, I told you it was a misunderstanding!!!" the redhead yelled, almost pleading.

The two boys were standing right in the center of the living room of their shared apartment. One was glaring with his cerulean eyes, distrust and hatred clouding his judgment, so immensely that no one could manage to reason with him. The other was staring with the most hopeful and pleading emerald eyes, wishing that they could solve the dilemma.

"None of it was a misunderstanding, Axel! I saw it with my own eyes!! I can't believe that you would do this to me!" Roxas yelled, biting his lower lip to hold his tears from coming out. He was shaking out of the rage that was boiling his stomach. He didn't even know why he still stood there, yelling at the redhead when he had the choice to storm out of the door and never see Axel again.

"What you saw wasn't even half the truth!"

Roxas shook his head. "You don't even care about what I feel. Stop lying and spouting bullshit." He clamped his hands to his ears, shutting noises from coming to his head.

"You honestly think that I don't care about how you feel?" Axel asked seriously, eyes never losing contact with those pair of brilliant blue.

Roxas squirmed, staring back and forth between the floor and Axel's eyes uneasily. "I don't know..."

"Listen to me, Roxas." Axel stepped forward to the fragile blond, resting his hands on Roxas' shoulder, leaning down to level up to Roxas' length. "It's not what you think it is," he spoke gently. "Sora wanted to ask my opinion about what to buy you for your birthday. He stopped me on my way home and we were in the street talking."

Roxas gulped, nodding. His eyes were teary and Axel almost wanted to kill himself for making the blond cry. "Umhummm..." the blond said childishly, shakily, deciding to hear his lover out.

"When we were talking, somebody suddenly bumped into me and I was caught off guard. I ended up stumbling and pushing Sora to the wall and I guess that was when you saw us."

"But...why didn't you tell me sooner? Why do you need to conceal it from me for weeks now?"

"Because...Roxas, I didn't find it necessary to tell you. I didn't know that you saw it. It was all a misunderstanding, you should know clearly that I and Sora are best friends just like you are with him," Axel responded gently, not wanting to scare the blond away and go into further outrage.


"Roxas, trust me, please....and I'm not trying to burden you with this. But, Rox..." Axel smiled one of his kindest and sincerest smiles. "I love you. I love you and that's all you need to know. That will never change, Roxas," he tightened his grip to prove his point.

Roxas finally nodded, hugging his backpack that he had prepared to take with him when moving out close his chest. He threw it away when Axel stepped forward to hug him. He immediately leaned into the warmth, snuggling into the redhead's chest, wrapping his arms around Axel as the older man did the same.

"I'm sorry..." Roxas said shakily. His voice was muffled. "I'm sorry for having doubted you and Sora...your closeness for these past several days bothered me. So I..." he trailed off, releasing a heavy sigh.

Axel chuckled softly, playing with Roxas' hair, combing it up and down gently. "Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault, Roxas. It's my fault."

"But, how was it your fault?" Roxas finally came out of his hiding and stared at Axel, pouting and sticking his lower lip out cutely.

"Well..." Axel grinned, scratching the back of his neck.

"See, it's my fault."

"Hey, it's not necessary to find who's at fault. Besides, you're really cute when you're angry," Axel commented seductively, winking.

Roxas narrowed his eyes. "Oh yeah?" he stopped crying altogether.

"Yes and scary," Axel nodded wisely, amusement wiped off from his face. But then, in a matter of seconds, his grin came back to his face again. "I still love you no matter what," he added.

"I know," Roxas answered playfully, becoming cheerful again. "But...I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have doubted both of you like that,' he said, snuggling into Axel's warmth again, inhaling the scent.

"You have the right to doubt, since we are getting so much closer anyway. We had to search for your gift and something that will make you happy. And I'm really not supposed to tell that to you. Now, I'll suffer Sora's wrath," the redhead laughed nervously.

Roxas blushed. "So, for my birthday. Now I feel even guiltier for having burst out like this," he pouted. "And I'll protect your ass from Sora. You don't need to worry," the blond smiled.

"That's good to hear," Axel laughed. "Aww, Rox. A kiss would make it all better," he winked playfully.

"You horny perv," Roxas mumbled. "But you're the horny perv I love. And you're my territory," he added.

Roxas stood on his tiptoe and grabbed the front of Axel's shirt. He smirked when his face was really close to Axel and his lover mirrored his expression. Soon, their lips touched, soft and warm. The savored the moment, standing still with their lips connected. Then, they moved in the way they were so familiar with.

Roxas gulped out of the tension, blushing bright red. Axel smiled into the kiss and playfully stuck his tongue out to get a taste of Roxas' lips which was a bit salty because of the tears. He loved everything about Roxas. His taste, his scent, his voice, his movements—everything.

Roxas moaned, accepting the roaming tongue eagerly. The pink, wet muscle went into his mouth and explored every crevice of his mouth. Roxas giggled when the roof of his mouth was tickled by Axel's tongue. He closed his mouth playfully, sucking and nibbling on the wet muscle inside his mouth. It was so entertaining.

They moved, playing with each other's tongues. Axel grunted as he was turned on by the blond's playful attitude and Roxas moaned softly into the kiss as Axel became more and more eager.

Much to their dismay, they had to disconnect because they were out of breath. They panted. Both were happy, smiling to each other. "I love you, Axel," the blond said lovely, hugging and resting his head on the taller man's chest.

"I love you even more, Roxas," the redhead smiled, pulling the blond closer to him.

"You know what will make me happy on my birthday?" Roxas asked playfully.

"Me?" Axel laughed.

"Yes, you." Roxas giggled. "I'm glad that you're always here with me."

"Stop being so sappy, Roxas," the redhead laughed. Roxas hit Axel playfully, indicating his protests in Axel's comment. They stared at each other and Axel leaned down, pressing his lips lovingly on the blond's forehead.


Roxas woke up with a jolt that night, sweating, panting. It was not a bad dream and he wondered why he was very disturbed by that little memory of his past. He stayed quiet, having no intention of waking the sleeping Zexion up. He leveled his breath slowly. Axel was always there for him, never deserting him even when he was fuming to no end with no reason at all. Axel was always there. Should one fault blind him so much that he couldn't see any good in Axel anymore?


Something good finally happened on Monday. Roxas was able to finish his project and his presentation was successful, with the clients deciding to seal the contract with their company. This really cheered him up immensely. He hadn't known that it would go so well, especially when he was not fully prepared. He was glad that he got through and even earned praise from his boss.

Even with that done, he still had tons left to do, but he decided to ignore those other businesses for the time being. He didn't need anymore complicated matters to get him down and turn his mood around again. Sora was out with Riku for the night to watch a movie and Roxas decided to tag along for a ride to the hospital. Zexion was unwilling to visit the hospital, saying that he had to stay away as far as possible because there was a person in there that he would rather not meet. Roxas could only wonder who, but he didn't inquire. Sora and Riku only looked at each other, not seeing any reasons to meddle. Thus, Roxas tagged along for a ride to the hospital in Riku's car.

"I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on the excellent presentation today, Roxas," Sora said cheerfully.

Riku, who was driving the car, turned his head for a while to look at Roxas. "Did I just hear Sora speaking formally?" the silver head asked, dumb founded.

Sora pouted. "What are you trying to say, Riku?"

Riku chuckled. "Nothing," he laughed.

Sora decided to let it slide and turned to look at Roxas who was sitting at the back seat of the car. "Congrats!!"

"Thank you, Sora," Roxas smiled.

"So, how's Axel?" Riku asked, bringing up the forbidden topic. Sora narrowed his eyes and used his fingers to pinch at Riku's arm. "Ouch!!" the silver head shouted. "What'd you do that for, So'?"


Roxas giggled. "I'm okay, Sora," he laughed. The car stopped at the red traffic light. "I'm really okay," he smiled.


"I just figured... Axel didn't remember anything anyway. So, why don't I spend my time with him happily like how we were back in university?"

Sora stared at the blond in awe. "Are you sure?" he asked, blinking.

"Yeah," Roxas nodded slowly. "I kinda missed the times back in the University," he continued, staring out the window to a black sedan that was driven by a business like man.

Sora took in a heavy breath. He agreed. Roxas had so many fun and happy times back then, but it had all come to this. He felt that it was really unfair that Roxas had to suffer through all this. What was Axel thinking? What was the redhead thinking when he cheated on Roxas?

The brunet looked sideways, casting his glance to Riku, wanting the silver-head to back him up. He didn't want Roxas to make another misstep that would cause more sadness. However, he felt that he had no right to do anything or to meddle in Roxas' decision, mainly because he understood what happiness and sadness Roxas had went through together with Axel. He saw it all and he really wanted it all back. It had been such a long time since Sora saw Roxas really smile.

Riku merely shrugged, concentrating on driving the car with a soft smile on his face, trying to give support to Sora, as if silently telling that Roxas was old enough to make his own decision.

"Roxas…" Sora sighed. Roxas lifted his head, looking at the brunet. "I'm always right behind ya! So, don't hesitate to come to me for anything, okay?" the brunet grinned.

"Of course. Thanks, Sora."

Riku pulled to a stop when they reached the hospital. "We're here," he announced.

"Yeah," Roxas nodded, going out of the car.

"We'll come pick you up again two hours later. Have a fun time with Axel until then, Roxas!" Sora beamed.

"Yeah, you guys have fun with the movies too. Don't get too engrossed that you forget about me."

Sora blushed while Riku grinned, both knowing what Roxas meant. "Don't worry, I'll keep it under control," Riku replied cockily.

"Yeah," Roxas shrugged, grinning and stepping away from the car, standing by the sidewalk, watching as the car drove away. The car disappeared. Before going in the hospital, the blond silently wondered if Axel had been hostile to anyone in the hospital again.


When he stepped into room 813, everything was going better that he had imagined. There was no sign of hostility or attack. The room was neat and the bed was made. Axel was at the far corner of the room, sitting on the sofa, reading what seemed like a newspaper, too engrossed in it to notice the other's presence in the room. Roxas watched as the nurse, Rinoa, approached him, regarding him slightly with a soft smile, finally stopping to have a little talk. "Axel has been behaving really well today," she said softly with a kind smile.

Roxas gave a polite smile. "Oh really? That's good," he smiled, feeling slightly hollow that Axel might not need him anymore.

"But he's been mentioning you all day. He acted good because he has promised the doctor that he would behave if he is granted permission to leave the hospital Saturday."

"Leave the hospital?"

"He said that he wanted to go out with you."

Roxas shook his head. "But I didn't agree to…"

"He mentioned that as well, but he seemed to be trying his best to keep his hopes up high. I'm not forcing you or anything, but you are his friend, right? I really think that it would do both of you well if you would go out with him," Rinoa said calmly.

Roxas was hesitant. "I'll think about it," he replied.

"I should excuse myself. Axel will be happy to see you," she walked out of the room, closing the door silently.

When Rinoa closed the door, Axel was jolted. He threw his newspaper away to the table and turned his head to look at the source of the noise. He found Roxas then and he beamed almost instantly. However, he soon grimaced, remembering what had happened the day before. He wouldn't want to get the blond upset again. He slowly walked away from where he was sitting until they were both standing in the middle of the room, staring at each other, enshrouded in silence.

"I heard that you're doing well," Roxas smiled, trying to strike a conversation, feeling slightly guilty that he was the one that caused the heavy air to exist between them.

"Yeah, I…"

"I heard about your effort concerning the permission to have a walk outside the hospital," Roxas began softly.

"Uh, yeah…about that…" Axel grinned and blushed. "Would you please show me around? I really want you to take me…"

"Where?" Roxas smiled.

Axel was confused, looking at the blond in front of him quizzically. Did he just receive a positive response from the blond? And he beamed, feeling his full confidence coming back to him. "I want to go to the theme park! Somewhere! Or maybe somewhere without kids, since you hate kids, and…"

"How do you know that I hate kids?"

"I'm guessing," the redhead grinned.

"Sure, I can take you to the theme park." Roxas nodded.

"Yes!" Axel jumped. "You'll really take me there?" he asked, still not believing Roxas' sudden kindness.


"It's a date!" Axel grinned, suddenly stepping closer and pulling the blond into a hug. "You're my most favorite person in the world!" he said childishly.

Roxas chuckled at Axel's immature comment. There was nothing wrong. He liked that Axel. "I would do anything for a friend," the blond commented in the hug.

Axel released the hug, his face grimacing a bit, but he still kept his smile on his face. "You are really kind."

Roxas blushed slightly, having no idea on how to return the comment. "So, it's Saturday?" he decided to change the topic.

"Yes, Saturday. You'll come, right? Promise?" Axel asked with a hopeful tone.

"Alright. Yes."

Axel smiled, feeling happy. That day, in another session with Naminé, there was something more that he learnt about Roxas. The more he learnt about the blond, the more he was interested and yearning to know more. He tried his very best to get his whole memory back. He wanted to know how he lost his memories in the first place. He wanted to know all and he hated being clueless. Naminé said that he was progressing immensely and he was glad. However, he knew that he had to try harder and force himself to remember more before the blond started to fade further away from him. He knew that they were not merely friends. There must be something that triggered Roxas' cold behavior. There was something that had made Roxas decide to say that they were merely friends and nothing more. He knew that, as he had more sessions with Naminé, everything would clear up.

As much as he would love to let his emotions and rage take over whenever he didn't see Roxas, he couldn't. He must control himself and his anxiety. It was all for Roxas. He loved him once and he loved him even more now.

Saturday…he would correct everything on Saturday and he would figure out the scale of numbers that represented his love for him.


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