Chapter 13- Making a Stand


I was in my room attempting to read, but I could hear Bella on the floor below in her room. She was in pain, that was obvious. More obvious and infuriating even was her attempt to hide her pain. I could hear the pillow muffled sobs, but barely. I could easily imagine her with her head buried into her pillow, so she would not inconvenience anyone or have any one worry. I also believed there was a chance she wanted to avoid any further embarrassment. I sighed and put the book down. It was not distracting me and the distraction was what I needed. Thoughts of Alice's plan for tomorrow was buzzing around my head like angry bees. What was she thinking? It is Alice I thought wryly to myself, she the perfect opportunity to get Bella settled into a new school and also she saw the nice guy Mike was. I shuddered he seemed insipid, but yet he seemed nice and unfortunately in the brief time he was talking to us I did not detect any thoughts that would warrant his being a danger to Bella. However, I had a whole movie tomorrow to listen to his thoughts. His thoughts were bound to be incredibly menial and dull and well Bella was a smart girl she was bound to see right through any teenage boy thing he tried. I smiled smugly at the thought of her putting Mike in his place. Emmett will be so proud tomorrow when we tell him, because there is no doubt about it Bella will nicely put him in his place. I smiled wider this time, the thought of Rosalie and Emmett returning home from hunting to find that in their absence Alice has been playing match maker with their daughter. Now that is a home coming I will enjoy witnessing.

I watched the sun come up tainting the sky with radiant colours. Somewhere after 11:00 Bella had fallen asleep and the rest of the house remained fairly quite as each of us become involved in our own nocturnal activities. For Alice that was pre-planing her next shopping trip, designing or sowing. Carlisle was shut within his study scribbling away at a note pad- I believe he was researching for his new research project for one the many medical journal's he submitted to. Esme was also shut away scribbling and planing, her mind was occupied with colour schemes and furniture layouts as she had again been commissioned to restore a 1900's home in near by Port Angeles. I stared aimlessly letting my mind wander, instinctively I listened to Alice's I just had a feeling she was planing something. Her thoughts were already turning with what she should dress Bella in and how she should wake her soon, so Alice could get her looking her best. I walked downstairs with the intention of delaying her waking Bella up. She needed her rest after an uneasy sleep last night. We had all heard tossing and turning in her sleep.


I was woken by a purring in my ear and an unusual tugging on my hair. It was Cinder's trying to bury under my hair beside my ear. I pushed her face away from mine gently, redirecting her efforts else where. I yawned and stretched bitting back a yelp of pain as I pulled my arm and consequentially pulled the stitches. I rolled my head to see the time, it was 8:30 I was surprised it was so late I had slept so badly laugh night. I was also surprised that Alice had not woken me earlier. I was positive she want to drag me out of bed and play dress up I did not want to go through with today. I had slept badly, I did not feel all that well and the idea of a date set up by Alice was not pleasant. I did not know how I felt about Mike, I mean I barely knew him. Yet I knew Alice and she had seen something. Could she have just seen Mike's hope for the future, I really did not want that looming over me. I mean Mike seemed nice and charming but I did not want to have this regardless of what Alice had planned. I pulled my covers up over my head, willing the day to just go away. I felt Cinder's push her way under my cover and snuggle at my side. I stroked her soft fur and was rewarded when her purring increased. It was too her purring that I feel asleep again. Grateful to have escaped consciousness and the resulting pain that would come with today.

"Bella" Alice chirped in my ear. I could feel her on the edge of my bed, leaning over me.

I mumbled know that my words would have been muffled with both sleep and my covers. "Go away Alice." I pulled my covers tighter over my head.

"Time to rise and shine, we have to get you all dressed and ready for the movie and ice-cream. I haven't called Mike yet but I already now what we are doing."

"Just tell me the time and the time I have to be ready to leave by. I will dress myself"

"Bella no" she whined, I could feel her pulling at my covers. I had a suspicion that she was going to try the pout and guilt me into giving in. I had been victorias once over bra shopping I could win again.

"Leave my covers alone Alice. I will come to your pre-planed torture but I will dress myself. If you are planing on some sort of set up I will go as me and not some Alice dress up doll. Now please tell me the time and when I have to be ready by."

"It is 9:30 and we will be going sometime after lunch. Why don't you love me Bella?"

"Stop guilting me Alice. It is not going to work. I will be up shortly but I need to wake up fully" and stop gloating I thought to myself. I could not believe I had managed to beat Alice twice.

I stumbled out of bed gasping a little as I bumped my arm. I showered and through on a pair of my stonewash skinny jeans, black tank and my grey school boy blazer. I decided I know deserved breakfast as my stomach had made it's emptiness noted to me. I wandered slowly down the stairs, listening to identify where my family was through out the house. I could hear Edward and Alice bickering over something.

"Alice, I will drive. Just tell him we will pick him up at 3."

"But Edward" she put on her whiney voice. "Why can't we take two cars?" I grimaced it was just to unreal at times with Alice.

"Because that would be wasteful and completely pointless. I will be driving or I won't be coming." I smiled and paused I was very interested to see if Alice would give in this easily. Could she be losing her touch?

"Fine" she all but yelled. "However I shall not be letting either of you get your way with anything else today" she pointed her fingers at both Edward and I.

Giggling at her theatrics I walked into the kitchen my hungry stomach could not wait any longer.

"Bella she yelled from the second floor, you better be wearing some nice shoes. While you look fairly pretty you could do with some makeup like eye makeup I mean yes your skin is flawless but still."

"Remember Alice I was dressing myself today." I said back with a mouthful of food. All I could hear in reply was a growl. Alice did not take well to not getting her way. "Also shotgun front seat." Edward chuckled as Alice growled.

It was 2:30 so Alice was demanding we get into the car.

"It is a 5 minute drive to Newton's Camping Store. Even less the way I drive." Edward gloated.

"But if we leave earlier it gives us more time out, having fun." I snuck out the front door and claimed the front seat. I knew Alice would be sneaky enough to steal the front set in order to push Mike and I together. "I am ready" I yelled "We may as well go. Face it Edward the sooner we leave the easy Alice will be to manage as she will be in public."

Edward slid into the drivers seat and started the ignition. I was shocked when Fall for You started playing from the Cd player.

"The Whitlams?" I stared at him surprised, I knew Edward liked the Australian band and I liked them but I had not known he had been listening to them lately.

"Yes. I heard you listening to them yesterday and it made me want to listen to them some more." I smiled back at his crooked grin. The drive to the movie and this afternoon did not seem so daunting now I had some good music to lose myself in as we were driving.

We arrived out the front of Newton's Camping Store to find Mike already waiting with a huge smile on his face. He really was a human Alice. A male Alice as well, he visibly brightened and bounced to the car so much that it seemed he did not even touch the ground. I smiled back I couldn't help myself. Mike seemed really nice and happy, that sort of person seemed like an easy one to be around. I actually let myself believe that this afternoon had the potential to be alot of fun. The smile remained in place for the whole drive to Port Angeles. I even enjoyed the casual chatter that occured. I mainly listened as Mike informed us all about the teachers and other students of Forks High School. Having a friend when I started tomorrow and being armed with Alice and Edward I had a reason to smile and look forward to tomorrow. It did not seem so scary.

sorry about the delay in this story, life doesn't stop and give me time to write and complete so this has been going on in small paragraphs at a time. hope you all enjoyed it. i am sorry it was short. i am hoping to get more time to continue writing.