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"There she is," Apollo Justice said into the camera as he looked out the porthole of the tiny research submarine, "The once majestic RMS Gantanic. The most beautiful ship of its time before it sank the summer of 1941. Look as it looms up from the darkness, its ghastly skeleton peering up at our little ship. This is the first time in 84 years that this ship has seen any form of light, and we are the first crew to ever visit it in its gloomy grave."

His co-worker, Ema Skye, looked at him with disgust as she snacked on a bag of Snackoos. "Apollo, it's nice that we finally found it, but your narration upon discovering the ship really bites," she said between mouthfuls. Apollo turned away from the porthole to look at his colleague.

"And who was it that begged me to take her on this expedition?" he asked as he straightened the two spikes on his forehead. Ema flashed him a sheepish smile.

"Well, how often do I get to experience something like this? Finding deep-sea treasure, and on the Gantanic?! It's breath-taking!"

Ema and Apollo were about two-and-a-half miles under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, alone except for one other crew member in their puny ship and another tiny ship with three more members of their crew. They were on an expedition to find a Kurain Village treasure lost in the tragedy.

"Do you really think we'll find it today?" Ema asked Apollo as she put her snacks away.

"I hope so. That Magatama has to be here. Its value has more zeroes than I can count!"

Apollo pointed the camera at his face again. "This is the third day we've been down here, and without a doubt, the Magatama has to be here! Look out, Gantanic! Here comes Justice!" he cried excitedly, breaking the camera's lens.

"You know, I'm starting to think your 'Chords of Steel' aren't worth even a Snackoo," Ema said as her colleague looked at his camera sadly.

Well, if we ever spring a leak, at least I can yell for help, he thought to himself bitterly. He looked back out the porthole and saw that they were nearing the targeted area.

"Ema, I think it's time to take out Little Justice," he informed her. Ema shook her head at him.

"If you're going to name the equipment, please give them something they're not ashamed of," she said as she sat in front of a camera screen. She donned a pair of hand controls and a huge pair of goggles and hit a switch to release 'Little Justice,' a small robot used to maneuver in tight places and move debris out of the way.

As she steered it through a doorway, she passed all sorts of items—plates, tables, beds, even an old tub.

"Hold it!" Apollo screeched in her ear. "Go back over there!"

She turned the robot in the direction he indicated and saw debris piled up.

"Flip it over."

She took the mechanical hands and grabbed a part of the debris, having some difficulty flipping it, but managing to move it. Underneath was a safe, ugly and encrusted with rust and age. Apollo and Ema broke out in a smile.

The safe was brought up to the surface onto the main ship, the Red Justice. Ema, despite her happiness at the discovery, couldn't help but frown at the name as their little ship was taken onboard. All the crew scurried around the safe, wondering if all their efforts were finally going to pay off. One crew member took a buzz saw and cut the hinges off. Two others took a hook and chain to yank off the door. Mud and water spilled out, and Apollo reached in.

His hands found old money, documents, a folder of some sort, and mud, but there was no Magatama.

Ema was below the deck in the lab, using a soft water spray to clear off mud from the contents of the folder. In the background, Apollo was talking to his sponsors.

"Mr. Gavin, look, there was no stone, but I swear, I will find it," he said into the phone, his voice cracking.

"Alright, Herr Forehead, we'll give you an extension or two, but do be sure to find it."

"Thank you, sir!"

He hung up and his attention was caught by the picture Ema was now holding.

"Lemme see that!" he demanded. The picture was of a naked young man wearing a cravat around his waist and hanging around his neck was—

"The Magatama!" he and Ema cried together.

An elderly Mila Edgeworth was outside in the backyard of her granddaughter, Trucy's home, watering some plants. Inside the kitchen a small television was displaying the news. As she was watering the plants she overheard the word 'Magatama' and walked inside.

"What is it, Grandma?" Trucy asked when she saw Mila.

"Turn the volume up, will you?" she asked the teenage magician. She turned it louder and they listened together to the news.

"As you can see, our crew has discovered this picture in the Gantanic," Apollo said into the camera. "Had we not gone in search of the Magatama, we wouldn't have found this picture to get a clue of who had the stone."

He smiled broadly when a tiny chocolate wafer collided with his forehead. Ema had tossed a Snackoo at him.

"Apollo! You're making us look bad! You basically said that we haven't found the Magatama, but we'll settle for this piece of junk instead!" she whispered to him loudly. He answered with a look like he was shot in the heart.

That night as they were preparing to dive again, Apollo received a phone call.

"I don't have time for this! We're about to go back under!"

"Trust me sir, you'll wanna take this one."

Apollo reluctantly took the phone. "Hello, this is Apollo Justice."

"Hello, Mr. Justice. I was wondering if you have found the Magatama," Mila asked.

Apollo looked at the man that just handed him the phone.

"I told you so," he mouthed clearly. Apollo returned to the phone. "Well no, but can you tell me who the man in the picture is?"

"Oh yes," Mila said with a smile. "That man is me."

The next day Mila and Trucy were flown by helicopter to the Red Justice. They were welcomed by Apollo and his crew and were brought to their rooms.

"Is everything okay? Can I get you anything?" he offered nervously.

"Yup! Thanks, Polly!" Trucy said, already warming up to Apollo.

"Good. Now, would you two like to see some things we found so far?"

They agreed and were led to the lab, where various items were laid out. Mila looked at a small, silvery mirror. Her face lit up as she examined it.

"This was mine," she said, looking at Trucy. "This is amazing!"

She set it down and picked up a tattered old cravat. She held it close to her heart with her eyes closed. Apollo knelt next to her wheelchair.

"Are you ready to tell us your story?" he said quietly. She nodded.

"Okay, I'm Ema Skye, and I'll explain how the Gantanic went down!" Ema said proudly as she showed them to a screen displaying a simulation.

"As you can see here, the Gantanic was going at top speeds into what usually has a field of icebergs. They were minding their own business when a Nazi submarine hits them with a couple of torpedoes on the starboard side near the bow. The bow starts to sink quickly, and as it tries to go vertical, the ship snaps in half, leaving the stern to float for a few more moments. Then the two sections both hit the bottom of the ocean and land not too far from each other. Interesting, huh?" she asked with a grin. Trucy and Mila politely smiled back at her.

"Actually, I remember things a little differently," Mila explained. Everyone gathered around her, curious as to how her experience was any different from Ema's calculated explanation. Mila stood up from her wheelchair, and with the aid of her cane she peered into another screen showing sections of the Gantanic underwater.

"It's been eighty-four years…" she began, but was quickly cut off by Apollo.

"No worries, Mrs. Edgeworth! Just do your best!" he cheered her on.

"Do you want to hear the story or not, Mr. Justice?" she asked sweetly. Apollo ran his fingers through his twin spikes in embarrassment.

"It's been eighty-four years since the tragedy. And even after all those years, I can still smell how new everything was. World War Two was just getting into full swing, and everyone wanted to escape the horrors of Adolf Hitler. The Gantanic was the grandest ship at the time, and everyone wanted to relieve their fears with the most luxurious possible way to America."