So I know I've been more of a youtube buff lately than a fanfic whore. And I apologise for that. But you have no idea the lust I feel...the urge to vlog...the magnetic pull of that website...

It's totally hot.

Anyways, here's a song I'm gonna put up on YT soon, (song style). It's an "I WANT IT THAT WAY" Backstreet Boys parody, inspired by the song, "WHICH BACKSTREET BOY IS GAY?"

Love Lolls.


They're ice...and fire
But sorry to dismay
One Twilight man is gay

Now Mike Newton is
A freak, we know this
Eric Yorkie too
And Jasper and his hairdo

Tell me who: Ain't saying that it's Charlie
Tell me who: ain't saying that it's Billy
Tell me who: I will never admit
Who'd coming outta the closet

Emmett we're debating
Is he overcompensating?
And I don't mean to offend
Jake really is "man's best friend"

Tell me who? Ain't saying it's Sam Uley
Tell me who? Maybe it is Quil or Embry?
Tell me who? Who are we gonna frown upon?
Who's gay as Zac Efron?

What kind of straight guy has glittering skin
That dazzles in the sun?
And I think we all know that those LaPush boys
Have hot homo doggy fun.

Werewolf..or vampire?
Ask Stephenie Meyer
Won't say
Won't say
Won't say

It's Jacob Black!

He's so misunderstood!
He's number one on Team Edward!
Bella was just a smokescreen
Jacob Black is the Forks Queen

Why is Lolly so mean to poor Jake?
One day she is gonna get staked
Seriously, he's gonna have revenge
As soon as he's done with gay sexy time.

Coz he...imprinted...on...a guy...