Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot and a few extras

Full Summery: Edward is The Captain of the biggest Vampirate ship on the ocean, Bella is the daughter of the Captain of the ship who has the key to the most amazing riches beyond comparison. Edward attacks his ship and kills everyone on it, everyone on Charlie's ship is trying to protect Bella who has the key and map dangling around her neck. After killing everyone he takes an unconscious Bella then runs back to his ship. Can Bella also hold the key into his cold heart? 1600.

Soundtrack: Forever- Chris Brown

Innocence- Avril Lavigne

Flaws and all- Beyonce

Authors note: for those of you who already are aware this is my second pirate fiction but I couldn't help myself, and for those of you who aren't \I have 3 more stories on my profile from the past and one -all human- one but In the present if you like those. R and R if you like the plot, the first chapter is ready but I wanted to make sure it was a good idea.