I was scarred. No, I was more than scarred. I was super duper scarred. I was super duper majorly insanely scarred. I thought the first person's junk I would have seen would be Edwards. But no. I saw some old nasty Norwegian hobo's package before I saw my own fiancé's.

"Hey guys?" I asked tentatively, as Alice was driving to the airport.

"Yes, Bella?" Esme asked, shakily. I guess I wasn't the only one scarred by this traumatic experience.

"Can we all agree to never, ever, ever talk about what just happened again?" I asked

"Yes please." They all agreed.

"Okay" Alice said in a chipper tone. "What's next on the list, Esme?

"That would be… a sumo wrestler's mawashi"

"What the heck is a mawashi?" I asked

"It's that diaper thing that sumo wrestlers wear when they wrestle" Rosalie informed me, not kindly, but not coldly either. It was a start.

Before I could make a response, my stomach rumbled, quite loudly. I guess Hobo hunting worked up ones appetite.

"Bella, our flight is going to be delayed exactly…twenty four minutes." Alice said. "Can you find some sort of food while we wait?"

"Sure, no problem." I said, slightly scared of what I would find in a Norwegian airport.

Luckily, I found a McDonalds, and was finished before we boarded the plane. As the plane was boarding, I turned around to ask Alice a question.

"Before you ask, I would like to take this opportunity to ask Rosalie to catch you, seeing as you are going to fall in 3…2…1."

As she was saying this, I tripped over someone's carry-on and found myself with my face inches from the ground, and Rosalie holding on to me. I preferred Edward, but at least she didn't let me fall.

"Thanks" I said hesitantly.

"Anytime" she replied.

"Anyway Alice… Aw shoot. I forgot what I was going to ask"

"You were going to ask if this was a non- stop flight to Japan, or if we had a layover." She informed me.

"Oh.Right. So which is it?"

"We have a layover in Greece."

As the plane took off, I decided to sleep, seeing as we would probably be going non-stop, and the only time I would be able to sleep would be on the planes. When I awoke, we were landing in the Athens airport. The wait for the layover was short, about 15 minutes, so I decided to go to the bathroom. On the way there, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of bronze in the crowd. My heart started beating erratically, in hopes of seeing Edward, but when I turned around completely, it had vanished.

Great. I'm seeing things now. I guess I miss Edward more than I thought. I mused silently.

I used the bathroom, and in no time, we were all safely boarded onto the plane and it was taking off.

The flight was fairly boring, and I was happy to be off the plane and stretch my legs. Right after we grabbed our luggage, we were out the door. Luckily, the weather was cloudy, so we didn't have to take unnecessary measures to ensure we didn't end up on Youtube or something. We drove to Osaka, where, apparently, a Sumo wrestling tournament was being held. I still didn't understand how once we arrived, we would actually obtain a mawashi.

" Does anyone know how we are supposed to get one of these diaper things? Cause I have no idea." I asked from the backseat.

"Has anyone seen the Austin Powers movies?" Rosalie asked.

"Of course!" We all replied in unison.

"Perfect. So I'm thinking we pull a Foxy Cleopatra in Goldmember."

"You mean when she goes undercover, and collects their laundry?" Esme asked.

"That part was disgusting!" Alice exclaimed.

"I know" Rose replied, "we'll just do it better than she did, and not have someone in the cart."

"Makes sense to me." I stated, matter of factly.

Once we were all agreed, the question arose of who would actually have to go undercover.

"Nose goes!" I yelled, putting my finger on my nose.

Alice was next, followed immediately by Rosalie.

Esme just sat there, looking confused.

"What is nose goes?" she asked.

"Whoever puts their finger on their nose last, has to do the deed in question." Alice answered.

"So I have to go in?"

Alice nodded

"In that case, every single one of you is disinherited." Esme stated as we pulled up to the arena. She got out and slammed the door.

Esme POV

I hope my Kids didn't think I was serious. Disinherit? Who does that anymore? The last case I heard of disinheritance is when a younger cousin disinherited her older cousin, and that did not end well. Anyway, back to the task of obtaining a mawashi. I Bought a geisha-looking outfit and a floppy hat from a street vendor, and I was on my way.

It wasn't hard to get into the locker rooms, I just had to play the part of a laundry lady collecting giant underwear. The hard part was seeing all those disgusting naked men.

Think about Carlisle, think about Carlisle. That was my mantra as I collected the mens' mawashis. I couldn't get out of there soon enough. One more second and I would have snapped. As soon as I had the last of the mawashis, I broke into a run, cart in tow, and didn't stop until I was at the car.

Bella POV

I hope Esme wasn't serious about the whole disinheriting thing. Who does that? Crazy people that's who. As I was thinking, I saw Esme sprinting toward the car with a disgusted look on her face.

"Get. Me. Out. Of. Here."

She Threw a mawahshi in the trunk, threw the cart onto the sidewalk, and threw herself into the car. So much for not making a scene.

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