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Chapter 1


Loneliness is defined as the quality or state of being lonely.

Lonely is defined as being without company, or cut off from others.

It also means to not be frequented by human beings.

But if you aren't human... why would humans visit you?

It's simple logic really... They wouldn't.

And if you're a pureblood vampire, all the more reason why they shouldn't.

Yes, vampire, a creature that lives off the blood of others. A mythical being thought to be nothing more than a character in human fairy tales and horror stories. It was thought they were as real as unicorns and dragons. That isn't the case though, they are real and they do indeed exist. They have lived amongst humans for centuries. Albeit not always peaceably, but many are now making an effort to coexist peacefully. That is to say that vampires, not all, but many, and a few humans that are aware of their existence, for only a few know that vampires truly do exist, are trying to create a world where the two races can coincide harmoniously.

Pureblood vampires are the most elite of vampires, the most revered and loved.

And the most feared.

It makes for quite a lonely existence, to be treated as royalty, as if all that really matters is what you are, not who you are. Of course only a few purebloods are left, but they all have that same look of loneliness in their eyes, that longing to be free of the life that they are bound to and to just once have someone view them as a friend and ally. An equal and not as royalty or the most delicious meal in existence.

They are feared because of the powers that they hold. Most vampires have some sort of power that they are able to wield at will, but none of that could ever hope to match the powers of a pureblood. The purebloods are also the only ones that are able to turn a human into a vampire. That is assuming at least, that the human even survives the bite. Of course this is a highly taboo act, and so it is very rare that a pureblood bites a human.

There are many different levels of vampires. The highest of course being the purebloods. There is then the noble vampires with advanced powers, after which there are just ordinary vampires. The last two levels are vampires that were once human, including the vampire classified as level E. The last type is the type that after being bitten by a pureblood their body rejected the change and they slowly fell prey to the animalistic urges and the primal need to drink blood with no ability to stop themselves. They lose themselves in darkness, never to be saved, but instead to die by the hands of either a vampire hunter or a vampire.

Vampires need blood to survive that is true, but there are other alternatives as well. Since many are trying to create a pacifist world, tablets have been developed to quench the thirst that all vampires have. Of course this isn't the real thing and many hunger for something more, and even go so far as to drink the blood of other vampires to temporarily saturate that thirst.

I, however, know nothing more than those tablets that dissolve when placed into a glass of water, staining the clear liquid a pale red. Only once have I ever tasted real blood, and I will never forget that day, it is forever etched into my mind like some dark cloud that constantly lingers over the bright moon, filtering out the warm light. That, however, is a story for another time.

I am Reina Tsukina, and I am a pureblood. I am nothing more than a caged animal that others like to look and smile falsely at. I am even kept caged, well I suppose you would hardly call the fifteen room English style manor a cage, but that is what it is to me. All the times I have ever been outside these walls can be counted on just one hand.

That is all soon to change though...

I can hear the screams, they're getting closer, but I have nowhere to run to. I don't have the desire to run though... death may be better than this meager existence I live.

Just down the hall now. The sound of running footsteps. I wonder if it's someone coming to try and save me, the daughter of their now dead masters, or the one who came here to kill me.