A/N: Spices: MORE! MORE! -evil laughter-

51. Tattoo daisies on his face while he's sleeping.

52. Get Momo drunk. Lead her to Toshiro's room and lock her in.

53. Watch Power Rangers at the top volume the TV will go.

54. Doodle on the backs of his paperwork.

55. Write profane comments on his paperwork about whoever he has to turn it in to.

56. Dance around the office, blaring your iPod and singing at the top of your lungs.

57. Ask him why Rangiku has big boobs.

58. Shriek "BANKAI!" and fling a pretzel stick at him.

59. Beat him with a pair of pants.

60. Roll him up in an oriental carpet. Declare him "Snug as a bug in a rug."

61. The instant he steps out of the shower, immediately slather him with massive amounts of foul smelling lotion.

62. Glue Fig Newtons to the seat of his pants.

63. Dye his hair blonde and his coat red. Declare that he is Edward Elric.

64. While he is still in this get-up, wrap yourself in tin foil and place a metal bucket on your head. Burst into his office screaming "Brother! Brother!"

65. Let his entire fan club into his room.

66. Line up pencils in an immaculate, insanely perfect row on his desk. If he bumps one so much as half a centimeter, scream at him and refuse to speak to him for at least a week.

67. Steal Momo's panties and hide them under his pillow.

68. Explain to Momo where her panties disappeared to.

69. Laugh at him when she slaps him.

70. Tape yaoi fanart all over the walls.

71. Paint a black spot on his chest and declare him a Hollow.

72. Sew him up inside a sleeping bag.

73. Stand on the roof of the Squad 10 barracks with a megaphone. Scream to everyone that walks by that Toshiro is in love with Momo.

74. Fill his bathtub with live baby crocodiles.

75. Replace all of his office supplies (pens, pencils, staplers, etc.) with scissors.

76. Dance around on his desk with a globe, singing "I Got the Whole World in My Hands"

77. Hog tie Momo and hang her by her toes from the top of the repentance cell.

78. Loose a pack of angry carnivores in the office.

79. Follow him around carrying a chainsaw.

80. Talk incessantly about Sousuke Aizen.

81. Read his journal out loud to random shinigami.

82. Tie Rangiku to a stake in front of the Tenth Division office. Screech at anyone who gets too close and chase them off with a pool noodle.

83. Rip the seams out of all his clothes.

84. Pin a plushie of him to his door with a meat cleaver.

85. Shove jelly beans up your nose and sneeze them at him.

86. Somehow force him into a very frilly, very lacy, very pink dress. Take lots of pictures of this.

87. Pass them around at the next Captain's meeting.

88. Color his hair with Hi-Lighters.

89. Follow him around and squirt him with flowery perfume every five minutes.

90. Shove every single little thing that's in the entire Squad Ten office out into a pile on the street. Claim you were sprig cleaning.

91. Turn out all the lights and pull the blinds in the office. Drag in a large cooking pot and light a fire in it. Do tribal dances around the pot, while sacrificing his pillows, feather by feather. Shriek at anyone who comes in and chase them out with the desk chair, cursing them out in Gaelic.

92. Date all his papers September 31

93. Wherever there would be a comma in a sentence you are speaking, meow like a cat.

94. Ask for the kid's menu for him whenever you go out to eat.

95. Take him to an amusement park. Laugh when he's too short on get on any of the rides.

96. Chuck random body parts at him.

97. Stick his paperwork together with chewed up gum instead of staples.

98. Make a diagram of the height differences between the Captains.

99. Rig up surveillance throughout the entire Squad Ten barracks.

100. Fill his room six feet deep with paper cranes.