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Alright folks, this is what I call the 'END' chapter. It's here for a place to respond to your reviews where it will not interfere with the regular part of the story. I find it absolutely necessary to keep everything I think and do in the process of creating and nurturing these stories as open as possible. The only way I could make these stories any more open and public is if I assassinated the owners of their respective copyright and then wrote in their wills that I was their sole heir to do with their creations whatever the hell I so pleased for the vanilla/canon.

Since I'm not, and am instead a lowly fanfiction writer making about three pennies a day because I find them in the couch and then subsequently lose them in the couch, you'll kindly refer yourself to my disclaimers and realize I am not some guy named Sid Meier. I'm Ultimagu. An alias, but an identity all the same.

I hope you enjoyed the story and all comments to your reviews will be posted below.

Review Commentaries:

Black Lotus Flower: I'm glad to hear that! I tend to flourish when I don't have to write dialogue as much. I love to write descriptions and my academic papers tend to suffer for that same reason: too much description and not enough historiographical dialogue.

RMcD94: I don't know what I would think of a game that allows this sort of ending, considering it's really intimating at island-wide xenocide, a word I'm taking from Orson Scott Card.

Numbuh six-sixtysix: I think this is the first time I've been able to write your username without having to look. Phew! I guess that means you give me lots of yummy reviews for which I am eternally grateful!

To answer your question, The End was my original attempt finally kill off the Mogul Brianback Series. I had been writing the series for so long, including the original Eye of the Dragon which got deleted back in 2006 due to my frustration at writing (which included three wars with the Peacekeepers, and three wars with the Gaians before Mogul was ever taken seriously) that I was ready to just quit. The End was intended to be a one-shot end to the entire thing. In the end, ironically enough, I couldn't leave the world I had created alone and tried to respawn that feeling from the earlier stories through Eric Brianbacks in the subsequent After Mogul, and eventually in the grandchildren of Mogul Brianbacks in Xenocide when my creation of Eric did not stand up in measure to his father.

As I'm sure you know, that officially killed off the Original series more than anything: bad writing and no motivation. On the other hand, as I've mentioned elsewhere, it was a conversation on Dungeons and Dragons in high school that revitalized my interest in Mogul Brianbacks and brought him back to life, literally and figuratively, in Divine Intervention. The entire Brianback Series is a little convoluted, but I have done my best to make the parts mesh together in the Alternative Brianback Series in order to give a continuance which did not exist in After Mogul and Xenocide.

My current revitilization project, however, is aimed at breathing life back in to all of my stories: not just the ones that desperately needed it.

I hope that explains the past summarily.