A/N: Spice speaking again, and again, Mis and I did this together. School sucks.

1. Put his hair in pigtails.

2. Use his wasps for target practice.

3. Plaster his room with pictures of Kikyo.

4. Declare to all of Japan that he is a child molester.

5. Tell Sesshomaru that Naraku has a crush on him.

6. Claim there is hidden poetry in his room if you look hard enough.

7. Steal Kagura's feather and tickle him with it.

8. Tell him it's his turn to baby sit Hakudoshi.

9. When he refuses, cry and say "This relationship is never going to work if you don't do your part!"

10. Do rain dances in front of him, then squirt water in his face.

11. Scream "Where the chicken fried chicken is my rubber chicken?!" in his ear every morning at precisely 3 a.m.

12. Skip around him in circles and declare you wish to be his girlfriend. (Regardless of your gender)

13. Poke him into insanity.

14. Scream loudly whenever he says the word 'it.'

15. Rename him 'Freddy' and refuse to call him anything else.

16. When anyone talks to him, screech and cram a strawberry marshmallow in their mouths.

17. Three words. Give. Kagura. Crack.

18. Walk in when his giving Kagura her next mission. Take a large bite out of an apple, cram the rest down his pants, and calmly walk out.

19. Carry an air horn around. Blow it directly in his ear when he says 'then.'

20. Pretend to be a racecar driver, and run through his hideout…place at top speed, making 'vroom vroom' noises.

21. Finger-paint rainbows on every hard surface in his room.

22. When you go outside with him, chase random wildlife with a chainsaw.

23. Push a lawnmower up and down his halls.

24. Scream "Pillow!" and whack him on the head with one.

25. Do this a good 20-some times an hour.

26. Line up ravioli down an entire hallway. Get a dirt bike and ride over them.

27. Make him a sandwich out of two pieces of potato bread, a slice of provolone cheese, two slices of ham, and Kanna's mirror.

28. Buy a stuffed iguana. Dye it purple and name it Pablo. Tell him often that "Purple iguanas touch you in your sleep!" and shove Pablo down his pants one night.

29. Stick his head inside a rare antique vase.

30. Scatter French fries all over him when he walks into a room.

31. Toss several dozen lead pipes into the air, screaming "PICK UP STICKS!"

32. Laugh as everyone scatters to avoid them as they come raining down.

33. Repeat the words "Down Inuyasha's pants" after every sentence you say.

34. Grab him by the shoulders and shake him hard, screaming "THE KITTENS! THE KITTENS! PACO WILL EAT THE KITTENS!"

35. Refuse to say anything but 'Teletubbie,' 'Pink,' and 'Trout' for at least two weeks.

36. Say "Your hair is pretty. Can I have it?"

37. Catch a bird. Decapitate it and shove it's corpse in his face, screaming "IT LOVES YOU, NARAKU!"

38. Shoot hornets at him.

39. Beat him over the head with a carrot stick.

40. Ask him what he would do for a Klondike bar.

41. Place a pie on top of a ceiling fan. Watch form the doorway as he turns it on.

42. Insist that he learn Italian.

43. Mop the floor with pancake batter.

44. Bake him a cake. 'Forget' to mention that you secret ingredient is chicken bones.

45. Label everything in his hideout with sticky notes that say "MINE!"

46. Smack him with a tuna fish.

47. Declare that you are fish slapping him.

48. Tell him extremely loudly that "Penguins do it in Alaska."

49. Declare him a zombie and try to get him to walk as such.

50. Wrap yourself in toilet paper. Follow him around and insist that you are Onigumo.