A/N: Spice here. Just so you know, Misao and I are firm believers that Sessy's fluff is not attatched to his behind, so no angry comments about that, please.

51. Call him Sessina.

52. Hug him.

53. Exist.

54. Tie him to a stake with Inuyasha.

55. Make yourself a hat of frozen waffles.

56. Get up every five minutes or so during the night to hug the nearest tree.

57. Lock him in a very small closet with Jaken for 24 hours.

58. Dye his hair rainbow colors by any means possible.

59. Force him to watch old re-runs of the Muppet show.

60. Give Rin and Jaken energy drinks.

61. Claim it was a 'scientific experiment.'

62. See how many rounds of '99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall' he can take before he swears and draws his sword.

63. Cover his fluff in a generous amount of itching powder.

64. Walk up to him and hand him a spoon.

65. Insist that you go to the pudding mountain.

66. When he says it doesn't exist, start crying and demand he take it back.

67. Mail his clothes to Bermuda.

68. Say they got lost in the triangle.

69. Eat his shoes.

70. Cover every square inch of Tokijin in marshmallow fluff.

71. When he swears, gasp in disbelief and cram a bar of soap in him mouth.

72. Tell him he shouldn't play with magic markers, then strap him down and scrub at the markings on his face with steel wool.

73. Cut off all his hair.

74. Steal his diary and give it to Inuyasha.

75. Replace his clothes (now in Bermuda) with a bikini.

76. Invite Naraku over for tea and cookies.

77. Steal Naraku's makeup and place it with Sesshomaru's things.

78. Drop a bowling ball on his foot.

79. Every few minutes, point up the road at nothing in particular. Shriek at the top of your lungs and dive behind him.

80. Place a colander on your head. Walk around giggling insanely.

81. Bind, gag, and blindfold him. Give him to Kagome for her birthday.

82. When he squashes a bug, cry and give it a funeral.

83. Claim you are an opera singer and sing everything you say.

84. Force him to play chess with you. When he's not looking, replace the chess pieces with checker pieces, one at a time.

85. Screech hysterically that your hair is trying to eat you.

86. Nail his new shoes to the top of Jaken's staff.

87. Ask Kagome if you can borrow Inuyasha's beads, and put them on Sesshomaru.

88. Call him weak.

89. Steal his even newer shoes and replace them with fluffy pink bunny slippers.

90. Replace his strawberry milk with Pepto Bismol.

91. Stick a Chiquita Banana sticker to your forehead and refuse to take it off.

92. Ask him what color his underwear is.

93. Make sock puppets of him, Inuyasha, and Kagome. Act out scenes in which Inuyasha nearly kills him, but Kagome pleads for his life and they end up in some sort of inappropriate love scene.

94. Duck tape Rin to a tree.

95. Glue Tokijin to his pants.

96. Ask him what he would do for a Klondike bar.

97. Get him a subscription to a soap opera magazine.

98. Claim that you are Inuyasha. Wear a dog ear headband and carry around a stick dubbed Tetsuaiga.

99. Give him a book full of NarakuxSesshomaru fan fiction.

100. Glue random silverware to his clothes.