A/N: Spice speaking. -sigh- I miss the days before GX got...weird. I still love Chazz, though! And you know what? I'm too lazy to care about their real names, so GO DUBS! Mis and I did this together, of course.

1. Put a red sweatshirt in his wash.

2. Team up with Alexis and force fed him carrots.

3. Drop Pharaoh on his head when he walks out the door.

4. Dance around in a sombrero playing maracas when he's trying to sleep.

5. Follow him around with a bucket on your head.

6. Stick cotton candy in his hair.

7. Throw a wrench at him.

8. Hijack his coat and make him chase you for it.

9. Copy his every move.

10. Tattoo his face with Sharpies while he's asleep.

11. Say "Chazz? Why do you have a dead porcupine on your head?"

12. Empty Alexis's lingerie drawer on his bed.

13. Point out innocently that his nose is bleeding.

14. Latch onto his leg and scream nonstop for no reason.

15. Fill his bathtub with maple syrup.

16. Tie cats to his ceiling fan.

17. Play knock-and-run on his door.

18. Throw a party in his dorm but don't invite him.

19. Cut the heels and toes out of all his socks.

20. Throw his shoes in the ocean.

21. Nail toast to his door.

22. Draw faces on his furniture.

23. Sell him into slavery.

24. Put smiley face stickers on his cards.

25. Tell everyone he meets he learned everything he knows from you.

26. Get him a mail order wife.

27. Tell him the rest of his family is on the way.

28. Paint 'Chazz + Jaden 4 Ever' on the walls of the Obelisk dining hall.

29. Call him 'Chazz the Spazz'

30. Hand him a muffin. When he asks what it's for, laugh hysterically and walk away.

31. Flick peas at him when he's trying to do homework.

32. Replace his boxers with lace panties.

33. Superglue a cat ear headband to his head.

34. Duck tape. Use your imagination.

35. Steal his cell phone and paint it pink with little yellow flowers.

36. Laugh at him when he has to answer it in public.

37. Sneak into his room at 2 a.m. and scream "JUMPING RAINBOW TOAST!" in his ear.

38. Then demand he make you some. Right then and there.

39. Turn every item of clothing he owns inside out.

40. Including his shoes.

41. Glue toast to his pants.

42. Play the Jeopardy song at all hours of the day and night. When he yells at you, ask him why he hates Jeopardy so much.

43. Then make him watch it with you.

44. Hide toast in odd places around his dorm.

45. Like in his pillowcase.

46. Paint hand turkeys in neon colors all over his coat.

47. Then call him a turkey until he gets a new coat.

48. Put his cards in a puzzle box.

49. Drug his food so he falls asleep in class.

50. Cover his dorm and everything in it with sticky notes that say 'I'm a label enthusiast!'