Welcome one and all to the first real chapter of Kage no Naruto

Welcome one and all to the first real chapter of Kage no Naruto! Thank you to all who reviewed and without further ado, LET THE STORY BEGIN! By the way if you guys are wondering why I am posting again so quickly the answer is that I have been waiting for a WEEK to start up a story and I am really excited at this point in time.

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Summary of last chapter


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The day after the two shinobi vanished from the orphanage was pretty hectic for all involved. They had two shinobi missing, presumed dead, and the only evidence that they were even in the orphanage that night was a bloodstain, the broken off tip of a bloody kunai, and about a dozen eye witness accounts. Naturally suspicion was placed upon the 'demon child' for their murder but the Sandaime wouldn't hear a word against the boy. Eventually the case was closed with the most popular theory being that unknown assassins were going to attack the boy but were defeated and killed. They had managed to gravely injure the assassins and the assassins fled, taking the murdered ANBU with them, but forgetting to take the boy. Once again humanity proves that if they don't want something to exist they have numerous means to rationalize it to conform to what they already know. And people still wonder how Orochimaru got out of the village without anyone seeing him.

The years went on and after the first dozen people went mysteriously missing; everyone eventually learned that they shouldn't attempt to murder the child in his sleep. That didn't stop them from attempting to poison the boy's food, writing insults and cruel words upon his walls and door, preparing traps to kill him and other such nasty things. After the first few attempts on the boy failed, traps not killing him, poisons not working, assassins vanishing never to be seen again, one drunk old fool finally did it. He attacked the boy in public. Broken bottle in one hand and a knife in the other he charged the boy in the street one day when he was ordered to go get medicine for the 'sick' orphanage manager on October 10th. He had specific instructions to go to a specific pharmacy which was right on one of the more populated streets during the Kyuubi festival. The old man yelled out "DIE DEMON!" as he ran toward the boy, attempting to cut the child with a knife, but the strangest thing happened. The knife was blocked by a sudden black wall. The crowd followed the wall and found that it stemmed from the shadow of a nearby building. Before the crowd's eyes a tendril sprouted from that wall, wrapped around the man's neck and threw him into a side alley where he lost consciousness. The boy didn't react at all, he just turned around and continued on to the probably fake pharmacy, he wasn't surprised at all, he had seen that happen before, that and much worse. The crowd however went absolutely ballistic. What was once a silently glaring crowd with the occasional dark muttering became a stampede yelling 'The demon is attacking', 'run for your lives' and 'the demon is loose' and other such kind things.

The boy eventually reached the address he was given by the manager. He looked at the paper in his hand, glad that the Sandaime had taught him to read and write and then looked at the address of the building again. They were the same. Then he looked at the building in question. It was an abandoned building that needed repairs twenty years ago. By this time there was ivy growing on the walls up to the ceiling and there wasn't an inch of un-rotten wood to be seen. He sighed and went to return to the orphanage. The Sandaime found him on the way there. He cried out "Naruto there you are! Come here, would you?" The boy approached the old man and he checked the boy over. "We need to talk Naruto, about what happened earlier. Come on." He put his hand on the boy's shoulder and shunshined to his office. Naruto sat down in the guest chair while old Sarutobi sat down in the larger, more comfortable Hokage's chair and he looked at the boy.

"I have heard stories Naruto but I want the truth directly from you. What did you do to that man in the street, who taught you to use such abilities, why did you attack the man in question? I need you to answer these truthfully Naruto, if I went by the stories you would be considered a monster by anyone's standards. So I need to know the truth, your perspective."

The boy nodded and began his story "No one really taught me anything old man. The only one to ever teach me anything was you when you taught me how to read, write, and do simple math and that sort of stuff that everyone else got taught but wouldn't teach me. I don't know why but that thing earlier, that just happens. It doesn't have anything to do with me, it just happens automatically without my doing anything. The man in the street was trying to kill me and the shadows reacted. I don't know what else to say."

The boy looked sad and confused as he went on this tale and Sandaime just said "I have one last question Naruto, when did this all start, when did the shadows start protecting you?" Naruto just said "For as long as I can remember." Sarutobi knew then that this all must have been Kyuubi's doing.

Sarutobi looked at the boy and said "Right, well Naruto I don't want you using your abilities anymore than you have to, okay? People might get jealous of you, you know and who knows what could happen." While he said this he was thinking 'I will have to have Jiraiya look at the seal, these abilities might let the Kyuubi take over.'

Naruto nodded and asked "Ojii-san?"

The ancient in question looked at the boy and said "Yes Naruto?"

The boy looked down at his feet and mumbled something. The Sandaime leaned closer and asked "What was that?"

Naruto looked up and asked "Ojii-san, can I live on my own? I really don't like it at the orphanage. Everyone treats me badly, no one pays any attention to me, the food is awful and I would really like it somewhere else."

The old man thought about it and where he should put the boy. 'Well, there is that one building.' He looked at the boy and said "Okay Naruto, I think that that is fair enough given what I have put you through today." The boy nodded and the Sandaime said "Okay let's go get your things."

The boy looked at him and said "What things? The only stuff I own is what I am wearing right now."

The old man looked at the child in surprise and decided that he would be paying the orphanage a little visit later. HE took the boy's hand and said "Okay Naruto, now come on, we have to go to your new apartment." The boy went on, holding the man's hand, a smile on his face.

A few hours, a heated negotiation, and some bought furniture later and Naruto was now the proud tenant of apartment number 392. Complete with second-hand furniture, mold behind the walls, and roaches and rats if you knew where to look. The Sandaime left the boy alone in his new 'home'.

The moment the door was closed the smile vanished and the boy's eyes gained the shadows of malice and cruelty, the false joy evaporating. 'Idiot old man.' The boy thought. Honestly believing that he wouldn't figure out everything given the right clues.

Naruto, sweet innocent and abused Naruto, wasn't as sweet and innocent as the old ruler believed. He had been avoiding trouble his whole life. His skills in stealth and secrecy weren't to be underestimated. He knew a lot more than he let on. Since the day he learned to read he had been sneaking into the library, learning everything he could about every last subject. He had stumbled upon a great many things that no one knew was there. Some of them were high class jutsu and others were secret reports that were probably put in the wrong place by tired bureaucrats. He already knew more than enough to figure out that he was the Kyuubi's vessel; the scroll on Jinchuuriki that he had found had been a big tip. He had also managed to find out who his parents were. He had already decided three things. One, he hated his father who had placed the village of ingrates before his own son. Two, he hated Konoha which had made his life a living hell, had disobeyed its greatest leaders last wish and acted as if they were living gods. And Three, he hated the Sandaime. That old bastard had the gall to lie to his face about who his parents were, who his tenant was and other such important information. There were several things that he could not fucking stand and being lied to was high up there. He was hoping the old man suffered before he died and he hoped even more that he was able to watch.

He had learned a lot from the library. Basic Taijutsu, and Genjutsu as well as Ninjutsu were found there quite easily. He also found a few scrolls on chakra control which were important and even a few misplaced high level Ninjutsu scrolls. The one that he found most useful was the 'Kage Bunshin'. Once he learned that his rate of learning skyrocketed. He was able to spend more time on the training grounds and less time in the library after that. He had spent every possible moment out on the fields, undergoing monstrous training regiments to strengthen his pathetic form. He planned to be powerful; he could not abide by weakness in any form. His training really jumped ahead when he first met the Kyuubi.

He did not show any fear before that massive demonic fox. He showed a bit of surprise when he found out that HE was actually a SHE. She appeared as a tall woman with flowing red hair. Long, slender legs and crimson eyes with slit pupils. She appeared in a black kimono with no unnecessary adornment and had nine flowing red tails. She had a decent sized C cup and had fangs that protruded slightly past her lips when she smiled. Also she had a pair of cute fox ears of top of her head instead of normal human ears. She was overall very beautiful. Boy was he surprised when she turned out to be as sadistic as he was. She had improved his already monstrously difficult and strenuous training regiment and improved his senses as well. One major thing he enjoyed was the improved sense of smell. This was because now he could literally smell when people were lying to him. She also improved his hearing and sight. He could hear anything as far as one thousand meters with perfect clarity if he concentrated and his eyes were amazing. He could pick out the smallest detail in anything he looked at and could see amazing distances. He could even predict where people were going to be before they moved like the Sharingan could. Mind you he had to do all the movement calculations in his head to do so, it wasn't automatic like the Sharingan was, nor could he copy jutsus. He had to work for his power. The best thing about it was that the senses didn't come in all at once. It happened little by little, day by day so as not to overload him with information.

The thing he loved most was that he was no longer entirely human. Kyuubi's presence in him was turning him into a Hanyou, a half-demon due to the demonic chakra flowing through him. It wouldn't be complete until he was about eleven though, until then he was human. It was good to have something of a friend though since she would be with him until he died. They were stuck together for the rest of time whether they liked it or not. He would gain her powers but she would always be there even after her powers were fully assimilated, a consciousness within his own. One major benefit of half and eventually full demon-hood was that he would not die by mortal means. Age, disease and the like would never affect him nor would poison thanks to the demonic chakra in his system burning it away.

He had been showed Kyuubi's memories too. She had been around for a lot longer than anyone had guesses and he was not the only person to ever manipulate shadows or darkness. There were many others and he learned from them. One major thing he learned was that three of the associates of one of his shadowy predecessors were still alive. The predecessor in question was called Gecko Moria and he was extremely powerful. He learned a lot from watching Kyuubi's memories of him. Powerful magics involving shadows, the importance of underlings and much more including his methods on creating an army of the undead which were actually pretty good. He looked up to him more than any of his other predecessors. He was ecstatic when he heard that his three main lieutenants were actually still alive after all these centuries.

Two of them, Absalom and a doctor called Hogback had remained alive by having Hogback replace their aging body parts every few years and were still out there somewhere and he made it a point to track them down at some point. Same goes for the third lieutenant, a woman called Perona the Ghost Princess. She had remained alive by forever shedding her physical body and forever remaining as a ghost. The powers of Absalom and Perona would be useful and Hogback was a doctor to rival Tsunade even though his methods were different. He was determined to find them one day. He had also figured out why Kyuubi attacked Konoha. She was a guardian spirit for a certain place. Not Konoha, but for Iwa. She was royally pissed off at Minato for killing her people and she went after him determined to send him to Hell. She succeeded in her goal but she never saw this seal coming. Still she reasoned that it could have been worse. She could have been stuck with an idiot who wore an orange jumpsuit and yelled 'Believe it!' or 'Dattebayo!' after every other sentence.

Instead she got a sadistic and manipulative boy with a hunger for power and knowledge that could burn someone with their intensity. Each day he placed Genjutus she taught him over his apartment and trained to the breaking point, smiling all the while as he felt his muscles contort and harden with each practice strike, as his aim gradually improved until he could take the wings off of a gnat with a kunai from one hundred feet away without hurting the rest of the insect. All of this had one major flaw though. He was lazy.

Not when it came to combat or training, but when it came to doing much, he preferred to get others to do it for him. He could hold his own but why bother if your subordinates could do it for you? The question was where he would obtain subordinates. He was going to destroy Konoha, he needed an army. However he couldn't leave Konoha and by the nature of his goals and the locations he was limited to, he couldn't just open a recruiting office. So he planned to take a new path to domination.

The first thing was space. He knew that all of the other tenants left soon after he moved in so all he did was Henge into some random schmuck and went to see the landlord with a plan to buy the building the 'demon' was living in. After assuring the short and fat man that he indeed did know what he was buying he managed to get the building at a fraction of what any other complex would cost. When he got home he simply got out some stolen paperwork, signed some forms and turned them in at the appropriate places and the deed was in his name. He was now the devious owner of a shitty apartment building. He decided that he could spruce the place up later.

He also bought a new wardrobe with the stipend the old fool gave him. He hated the buzzard with a passion but Naruto was a born actor. He knew that people who pitied you were the easiest people in the world to manipulate, second only to people who admired you, and he managed to slowly get the stipend increased and that increased his savings since he no longer needed to pay rent since he owned the building. What he decided on was a pair of black pants taped off at the ankle and a pair of shinobi sandals. He decided upon a black long-sleeve spandex number to cover his chest. It clung to his body revealing the well-developed muscles for someone his age and some seals made it extremely resistant to damage no to mention comfortable, over that went a black trench-coat with an abnormally large amount of pockets for holding equipment. He dept the collar on the trench-coat up and only the top two buttons buttoned, keeping his arms free and finally he bought a wide-brimmed black top hat to cover his blonde hair. He didn't want to be noticeable in the dark and the hair was a dead giveaway. He also bought a large amount of ninja equipment and stole what he couldn't buy. He was quite the exceptional thief when the time called for it.

Now that he didn't look like a scrawny brat that could easily be picked on. When he finally managed to get the basement stocked with the necessary materials, these included a large freezer, a metal slab complete with restraints and a large number of medical tools he bought a shovel and went grave-digging. He came home the same night with two dozen coffins in scrolls. He spent the rest of the day waiting while he prepared one of the bodies, making it stronger, more powerful and more prepared for combat.

Finally the day came and some idiot ANBU decided to try and kill him in his sleep. The building was dark and so Naruto had an immense advantage. The idiot probably didn't know about his abilities since he had been having a low profile lately and he walked into the darkness, but he never walked out.

Naruto stood before the man who kneeled in front of him, arms and legs bound by solid darkness. He had wanted to try this out for a while, but he never got the chance till now. He leaned in and said to the man "Though you are a bigot and a fool, I must thank you for being my guinea pig." The man looked up at him with hate in his eyes only to be backhanded across the face. "Now sit still." He commanded as a spotlight shone on him. A Kage Bunshin went up to the man and squatted down. The clone of the boy did what the man had never expected and pulled his shadow up off the floor!

Naruto approached in the darkness and pulled out the implement he had found in one of the coffins. Probably a Chuunin given the status of the grave, pretty old too. The implement was a gigantic battle axe as big as he was. With his strength though, he was able to lift it and he brought it down on the shadow near the man's feet. The axe cut through the shadow and the man feel unconscious. He took the shadow from the clone and went into his laboratory. He looked at his creation. It was twice as tall as a normal man and was much more muscular. It had claws instead of fingernails and there was stitching over much of its body. He took the shrunken shadow of the disillusioned ANBU and slammed it into the dead bodies' chest. The shadow vanished into the creature's skin and Naruto waited with baited breath, as did the Kyuubi. Within a minute, the beast's eyes fluttered and Naruto let out a laugh. "I DID IT!" He cried "IT WORKS, IT'S ALIVE, MY FIRST ZOMBIE IS ALIVE!" He was the most happy he had ever been, this opened all sorts of doors and he was looking forward to the fruits that the plans he could hatch with those opened doors could bring.


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