Title: Forgotten

Warnings: Rated M. Violence, language, possible sexual themes.

Disclaimer: Gravitation and it's characters do not belong to me. I just like torturing them.

Authors Note: This is mostly just a taste of what's to come. None of the chapters are as short as this prologue, in fact they are much longer. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think and if you're interested in my continuing.

Prologue: Tired

The fall of that year had been unusually cold and rainy. The snow and ice, the frosty mornings where cars were frozen shut, arrived a month and a half early that year.

Shuichi awoke early that morning, too early. It was dark outside, the streetlamps still glowing brightly through the blinds on the windows. It was raining hard, the drops smacking repeatedly against the window pane in tiny tinkling rhythm.

His eyes hurt, his body hurt, he was still too tired to really understand that the bed was empty next to him. Shuichi raised his head to stare at the alarm clock. Unable to comprehend that it was four in the morning until he'd read the numbers blinking at him with blinding, fuzzy red lights three or four times. He sighed and shoved his head into his pillow, hoping the pain would go away.

His cheeks felt stiff and crusted over. His eyes felt like they were swollen, bulging from his face. He was cold, he was uncomfortable.

With sudden coherency he recognized that he was alone.

Yuki wasn't in bed. Not unusual.

But he wasn't in his study either. There was no clack of computer keys from the other room, no smell of smoke coming through the windows from the balcony, no glaring blue lights from a muted television. The entire apartment was empty.

Shuichi was completely alone.

He stood up, feeling wobbly and uncertain on his feet. There was confusion in his footsteps as he stumbled from one room to the other trying to find Yuki. His mumbled sighs were too loud in the silent apartment.


The bathrooms were empty.


The kitchen was deserted.


Car keys, jacket, cell phone. Gone.


Closet emptied of all Yuki's clothes, suitcases gone, laptop gone, cigarettes, toothbrush, soaps, razor, books.

All gone.

Shuichi's knees hit the floor, and the rest of his body followed slowly. Something was terribly, terribly wrong, and he was just so tired, and the room was spinning, and the world was falling.

He was so tired.