Epilogue: Where Are They Now?

Three weeks after returning home Shuichi also returned to work. He is currently working on a song called Forgotten, in commemoration of his year-long journey through his sickness and recovery.

The singer's memory loss remains stable. The memories he has regained are as strong as ever, but the ones he is missing have not returned. Most of the gaps in his recollection are of his early childhood. The doctors believe they will not return. His tumor has, luckily, not returned. Shuichi will have to undergo routine screenings every year to make sure they do not return.

Tohma Seguchi managed to recover the billions lost from Bad Luck's hiatus by putting Suguru Fujisaki and Nakano Hiro onto a series of radio and television interviews during Shuichi's recovery. The two also held a benefit concert, playing instrumental versions of all of Bad Luck's songs. Eighty percent of ticket sales went to multiple charities supporting health investigations into brain tumors. The remaining twenty percent went directly to NG. Between these events, the President of NG reclaimed all of his lost profits, and then some.

Eiri, during Shuichi's recovery, slowly began to quit smoking. Determined to never have one of Shuichi's health problems be of his own doing, he eventually kicked the habit, and then had the entire apartment cleaned and painted to get rid of any second-hand smoke residue. He does continue to smoke one or two cigarettes--though it's an extremely rare occassion--and makes sure to do it outside when he does so. In addition, he redecorated on of his multiple spare bedrooms into Shuichi's own office as a coming home present.

Also determined to never let his temper get the better of him again, Eiri voluntarily enrolled himself into extra therapy sessions, these ones for couples counseling. He has invited Shuichi to share in these with him. After three months the two lovers have learned better communication skills and have been able to avoid fighting in most extreme incidents.

In the weeks following Shuichi's first night home, the lovers have also put their new communication skills to use talking about what had really happened. Eiri, able to better express his feelings, used the opportunity to tell Shuichi how he really felt, and Shuichi was able to see how Yuki was willing to change for him. Eiri has been forgiven for his actions, but the deed is not forgotten.

Desiring to show Shuichi that he was no longer afraid of love or afraid of commitment, Eiri purchased and engagement ring and popped the question. The two are set to be married in the summer.

The Real End