Poems from Ninth Grade

By: SilverLunarStar

Cardcaptor Sakura

Syaoran + Sakura

I wrote these poems a LONG time ago. Ninth grade, to be exact, just as the chapter title says. I wrote them for Honors English, because my teacher had us write several poems, and assigned us a Poetry Project, which he warned us about earlier, as a final project for the last semester. I hated the project because we had to write an essay EACH for all twenty poems we collected – ten poems from any other poets and ten poems written personally. I wasn't able to complete the project (and still managed to pass the class with a B) and was left with a few Cardcaptor Sakura poems since this was the time I had rediscovered the anime, Japanese version, and was totally obsessed.

I'm going to categorize this under "COMPLETE" but I'll be updating each poem once a week.

These are the poems I'll be updating, in this order:


            Sakura to Syaoran


            Sakura to Syaoran

Heart of Ice

            Sakura to Syaoran

Know Nothing

            Sakura to Syaoran

Opposite Souls

            The beginning of this one is a blend of Syaoran to Sakura and Sakura to Syaoran, the second stanza, the two, then the rest is Sakura to Syaoran.

            Bold and italicized means Syaoran, just italicized means Sakura. Bold, italicized, and underlined means both.


            Syaoran to Sakura

You and Me

            Sakura to Syaoran

So, as you can see all of them are Sakura to Syaoran, well, with a couple of exceptions. Most of them are very short, which is why I don't want to update them one by one. I hope you'll enjoy them. Please let me know what you think about them. They're very cheesy and corny. (I was fourteen!) One or two are pathetic excuses for rhyming, but I'd still like to know what others would think about my ancient work.



Oh, can anyone tell me if this post is allowed? I'm not quite sure… If it isn't I'll just blend it with the first poem…