He stood there, feeling very out of place in the midst of his old school mates

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He stood there, feeling very out of place in the midst of his old school mates. It was indeed the high school reunion of Domino High school and Seto Kaiba, still as rich and arrogant as ever was looking around distastefully, while sipping his punch. He didn't see any of Yugi and the geek squad. 'Not that I even care' he thought. 'I bet they're still a bunch of losers' Sighing, he checked his watch. He was only here for the soul reason he ever did anything. His brother. Mokuba had grown up so much, but he still persisted that his older brother attends stupid things like 'this damn reunion' he contemplated. He leaned against the table nearest to him. Everywhere people were chatting or gaping at their friends they hadn't seen in years, while the pathetic bad played in the background.

Kaiba was just about to die of boredom when…

"Kaiba?" said a voice. He looked around, not immediately recognising the voice or person.

But he definitely knew him. He gave him a questioning look.

"Oh come on, please don't tell me I've changed that much?" said the man laughing a tad.

"Just get to the point!" he snapped. He never liked being left in the dark.

"I see you haven't changed one bit. I'll give you a hint" said the other, with a mischievous grin. Kaiba waited impatiently, then nearly collapsed as the blonde went "Woof"

Seto's eyes traced the man. That was when he placed the blonde hair and grin. "Wheeler?"

"The one and only." Laughed the other pleasantly.

Kaiba tried his best not to gape. What had happened to the mutt? To be honest Joey looked pretty well. His hair was slightly shorter, making him look older as he was. His face hadn't changed much, just enough to question it. He had also grown taller. Not the height of the CEO, but pretty close. And he looked pretty smart in the black trousers and shirt. He had a suit jacket draped on his arm. Yet, the thing that puzzled Kaiba most was the attitude. Where was the hot headed duellist, firing insults and petty glares at him? This person was mature and had a more smooth laugh and tone of voice. You could barely hear the accent anymore... 'And he even said 'woof'' he thought 'Wheeler would never…'

"You look…different." Said Kaiba stiffly, regaining his posture, over the shock.

"You don't" he said, smiling at the frown. "Actually, did you age in the last 15 years? And your still glaring at me" he noted with obvious amusement looking at the man closely.

"So, how have you been moneybags?"

Kaiba blinked at the use of the name he hadn't heard in so long. And he was being polite and talking to him. 'Things have changed' he said mentally. It gave him a weird feeling…he didn't know what it was, but it wasn't nice.

"Fine." He said simply, sipping the drink.

Joey nodded. "How's Mokuba? God I missed that kid?"

"Grown up" he replied, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"They do so fast don't they?"

Joey must have seen the look of uncertainty, because he smiled again. "I've got two little terrors at home."

Kaiba choked on his drink a little. "You have children?"

"Yup. Lily and Jack. Twins actually. Both five years old. And they're as mad as they're dad used to be"

Kaiba couldn't believe he had kids. I mean Joey Wheeler had kids! He didn't like this reunion at all, yet he was glad to be here. But, the Joey in front of him gave him a little sadness or something. He was beginning to get a headache.

"I can't believe you…have kids."

"Yeah, things have changed a lot. Judging by your shocked expression, I suppose you don't have any mini evil Kaiba's running around controlling the corporation" he joked.

"No. I don't have time for such things"

"What about duelling" asked the blonde slyly.

"Not much anymore."

"Yeah, I gave it up."

This surprised Seto a great deal. He thought Wheeler would never quit the game. But…things were different now. He glared without meaning to and this caught the mans attention.

Joey grinned. "It's almost nice to have that cold attitude thrown at me again. Reminds me of the good days. When I'm not attached to a controlling freak who's the love of my life. She's around here somewhere" he said, looking into the crowd. Then he shrugged "meh"

Kaiba spotted the ring on his finger. "Congratulations" he said in a monotone voice.

"Thanks. 7 years next week."

Blue eyes went even larger. He's been married for the last 7years?

"I trust all things are well at Kaibacorp?"

"Very, thank you for asking."

"I heard you've been raking in the money"

"Mokuba's as good at his job as I am.

"I guess he's vice president now. Wow."

Kaiba nodded, he felt the same way. "What about you Wheeler, did you make it into college?" he smirked.

Joey gave a small smirk. "Yes, I did. I'm an architect now."

This was too much information at once for the cold natured Kaiba. "ow" was all he said.

"Yeah, and call me Joey by the way"

"Don't expect to call me seto."

"Wouldn't dream of it moneybags" he said, laughing. "well, I'll be off. Have to look out for the rest of the gang. They have to be around here somehwere. I haven't seen Yugi in years."

"What?" he asked, shocked the two didn't stay in touch.

"Yeah, a lot of things have changed. I don't know what he's been up to."

Kaiba hadn't seen him in about…well, fifteen years. He hadn't seen any. And Joey was too much of a shock.

"And here I thought you two were best friends" he smirked.

"We were, but friends lose touch. Anyway, see you later Kaiba."

He got a nod in return. But just as Joey was about to walk away, he turned.

"Hey, I'd love if you could come to my wedding anniversary next week. It was…as hard to say it to my rival and the man I hated for so long" he grinned "It was nice seeing you. And it would be good to catch up, especially with all those years behind us."

Kaiba stood rigid.

"Just think about it. I'll probably see you later tonight and I'll give you a ring to see if you're going in a few days. See you around moneybags…" and he disappeared into the crowd. Leaving a speechless Kaiba behind, contemplating, that Joey Wheeler, had grown up. And almost fearing how the other few people he knew had changed.


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