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It seems like forever since that time that was only a few weeks ago. At that time I thought that I was completely and utterly alone, with no one to be there for me. I cried for hours and hours, and it didn't bring anything back to me, all it gave me was a pair of swollen eyes and a dampened sleeve.

I knew that no matter what I did, I couldn't bring him back, but that only made the tears worse.

However, I was able to stop the tears after awhile. I had stopped them just in time to hide it from my face and to face the host club once again.

And the moment that I met them all, in the music room that we have become accustomed to, I remembered something. I remembered that I had a family there too. I had a family in the host club.

I had Hikaru and Kaoru as my twin brothers.

I had Mori and Hunny as my Obaa-chan and Ojii-chan.

I had Kyoya as my evil, calculating Mom.

And I had a father. The very thing I had lost only the night before stood in front of me, sort of.

Tamaki could not and cannot replace my father. Kyoya cannot replace my mother.

But even though this family neither could nor replace my blood family, I learned that a play family can feel just as real.

When I was in trouble they helped me and kept me safe. They weren't afraid of being hurt or being in pain.

When I cried they comforted me.

When I was hurt they took care of me and worried for me.

The only difference between me and my family was the blood that was running through our veins.

I would have never guessed that I would really be related to one of them someday.

And that it would be Kaoru and Hikaru on top of that!

I've only legally been there sister for two hours and do you know what they have done?

They have super glued my fingers together. They have switched out my salt for sugar. They have even put a wash basin above my door. If Tamaki hadn't been there to catch me when I fell I would have been a goner!

When Tamaki first heard that I was going to be Kaoru and Hikaru's sister he went mad.


"Why should I let my precious daughter live with these animals?" Tamaki pleaded with Kyoya, "I will take better care of her then those animals! I'll make sure that she gets all of the care that she needs and-"

"Tamaki, it isn't like I'm marrying Haruhi off," Kyoya smirked at his little joke, "And it makes complete sense for her to live with the twins since she already has an apartment built here."

Tamaki's face was completely red and his expression was like a boy who didn't get what he wanted for Christmas.

"Besides," Kyoya continued in a more business like tone, "The costumers would be more likely to react if Haruhi moves in with the twins, since they are already so close. And maybe it may lead to a new brotherly love?"

Kyoya laughed, partly because of it at his own joke and also because of the expression on Tamaki's face.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of our new younger brother," Hikaru's arms wrapped around my hips, a move he often used during host activities, "Isn't that right Kaoru?"

"That's right we'll take great care of her," Kaoru smirked, playing along with his brother. Tamaki's face grew more worried by the second.

I had to laugh at this. His expression was just so hilarious it was impossible not to laugh!

Moments like that are the reason why I'm glad I found the host club.

Although we won in the end, there is still one matter that has not been brought to a close.

This all has to do with a certain grandmother.

Although she put us through all of this hell, in the end she came out clean. Although Kyoya had all the evidence needed and we have plenty of witnesses her money was able to quiet us.

We were about to push the matter further but, Tamaki told us to stop.

"Tamaki, after that women put us all through that hardship, you don't want to see her pay us back?" Hikaru asked.

"If I have her pay me back, then there is no way that she will let the host club be together," Tamaki explained, "It is like throwing stones at a tamed lioness."

His sad expression said it all. He was happy that I was back and everything had worked out. However, after this long journey he was still not able to see his mom, his grandmother still hated him, and his family situation hadn't gotten any better.

I see this expression on his face and I can't stand it. This man, who is practically like my father, was cheated, and it is partially my fault. There is no way that I could accept such an injustice.

"Tamaki, one day we will take her down!" I proclaimed rather fervently, "You just wait, one day I will get stronger, and I will march into your grandmothers' mansion and give her a piece of my mind! If that doesn't work, then I'll become a layer and sue the kimono off of her!"

Everyone just stared blankly at me.

"I'll help too!" Hunny cheered. Mori placed his hand on his shoulder, as if he was agreeing.

"Us too," my new brothers joined in.

"I'm in too," Kyoya added.

They all gathered behind me and we stared Tamaki down, there was no way that he could protest.

"Everyone . . . thank you," Tamaki smiled proudly at us.

We surrounded him in a group hug, sealing our promise to him, because all of us owe him so much.

Now we are finally caught up to the present. Today in the host club is going to be busy, because it is a secret Tamaki appreciation day.

Let me just let you know that this even was planned by yours truly.

"Haruhi! Get in position!" Tamaki scolds me as I move into my position to great the guests.

This is our opening day since our disappearance. Kyoya says that since it is my fault that so much time was needed to be taken off, I had to make the opening day spectacular in order to make it up in the funds department.

I get in the place and as the guests walk in. I greet them with a smile.

On first sight of the room they squeal with delight. On the side wall there are rented kimonos for each of them that are designed and borrowed from my Hitachiin-okaa-san. Then there are small tables throughout the room decorated beautifully with what I think are highlights of Japan. In the center where there is usually a statue has been replaced by a large sakura tree in full bloom.

For each of the tables there is tea ready for everyone to drink.

This seems a bit normal for girls so used to extravagant things, but there is a new feature that we are adding to our opening day.

"Today we get to see all you beautiful ladies again!" Tamaki greats the girls and they immediately swoon, "Since we haven't had any club activity in over a month we are going to do something a little different. Today instead of having one designated hosts, the hosts will be touring around the tables, visiting with everyone!"

All of the girls chatter with excitement.

"There are changing rooms in the back," Kyoya informs them, "These kimonos were designed by Hitachiin-sama, if you wish to purchase it before leaving speak with me."

The girls bustle over to the changing rooms and quickly change.

As they handle that I swiftly make my escape. I go down the hall to the place were the surprise is stowed and prepare myself.

I stumble back into the room just in time to kneel in my designated spot beside Tamaki.

When Tamaki sees the first surprise he is taken aback.

While I was away I had slipped into a kimono that Hitachiin-okaa-san had designed especially for me. It was an elegant pattern of sakura petals dancing in the spring are. It didn't make me look like a drop-dead beauty, but it did compliment me nicely. She had also given me a wig to match it. I looked very similar to the way I had before I lifted those scissors to my head.

"Hey Tamaki, I'm going to go and greet the guests with you today, is that okay?" I tilt my head to the side and wait for his approval.

"That's fine with me," Tamaki answers still dazed at the sight of me kimono clad.

He remains astonished by me until the guests come out. They all enthusiastically take there places and the club begins. The table hopping is a lot of fun, especially since every time we switch tables I get to see their reactions to may 'cross-dressing.' I see many faces that I have not before, because they are already the clientele of someone else. However, after a couple of minutes I have them contemplating switching to me as their regular.

When Tamaki and I reach Renge she is beside herself with joy.

"Haruhi-kun you look especially cute today! Very moe! Very moe! You should start making that your thing!" Renge suggests innocently, not realizing what she was saying.

"I'll think about it," I reply. I say this just because I know that it will put Tamaki on his toes.

The table hoping continues and time seems to speed right by us.

Now it is after club activities. All the guests have left and it doesn't seem like there is anything else left for us to do.

"Everyone, I thought that we would be here kind of late, so brought some dinner for us to eat," I begin our plan, "I left it in the fridge, do you want me to go heat it?"

Everyone nods yes excitedly and I head off to the home economics room to prepare the meal. Along the way I slip into the changing room to slip out of the kimono and into a more comfortable outfit

I made all of the food dinner style except for one dish. I heat all of the dishes carefully and carry it carefully to the host room.

I made a little something for everyone. I made cake for Hunny, Mori's favorite fish, Hikaru and Kaoru's favorite cookies, and some hot pot for everyone to share.

I hide the last dish behind me and sneak up behind Tamaki.

I tap out his shoulder and hold out a bentou neatly wrapped in a handkerchief. He stares stunned at me again; this time my surprise is the bentou and the outfit. Who knew that a simple apron could make me look like a newly-wed wife?

He accepts the bentou gratefully and is in awe when he sees the simple spread: a single onigiri, apple bunnies, and octopus hotdogs, everything that can be found in a stereotypical bentou.

He gleams happily at the bentou and thanks me.

"Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu!"

"Your welcome," I try to say awkwardly in English, only to realize that French would have been a better pick.

"Let's eat!" Hunny cries and everyone rushes for the food.

We all laugh and eat, just enjoying one another's company. The time passes and the sun sinks lower and lower behind buildings.

"I'd better get cleaning," I say as the gather the crumb filled plates, staying in newly-wed mode, "Everyone else get ready!"

"Get ready for what?" the words barely cross his lips when before he finds that he is restrained by Hikaru and Kaoru at both sides.

"Where are you taking me?" he cried as he was dragged out of the third music room followed by the rest of the host club.

Kyoya glances back at me before he leaves and gives me a sign for five minutes, when the door closes behind him quickly take my cue.

I leave the dishes in a nearby sink and rush to the changing room for my final transformation.

I relax in the horse drawn carriage and breathe in the salty sea air.

When Tamaki sees me is again enraptured by my unusual dress.

This time I am dressed in a cute white sun dress, the outfit that he had wanted me to wear the last time that we were at this very beach.

It is nearly an hour till mid-night, and the soft ocean air brushes by me as I descend from the carriage onto the soft sand.

Tamaki is by himself in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. There is no doubt in my mind that only seconds ago he was left their, stranded by his heartless friends.

He walks towards me and takes my hand and we begin to walk together across the shore.

"Haruhi, you look really cute," he says softly.

"This is what you wanted, right?" I turn to him and look him straight in the eye, "Today all of us have been trying our hardest to make it a great day for you. A way for all of us to say thank you for helping us find ourselves."

He looks at me with a bewildered expression.

"Kyoya says that if it weren't for you he would have given up trying to inherit the hospital from his father," I begin in chronological order and pause letting it sink in, "Hunny-senpai was able to find himself because of you. You told him that it was okay to be himself."

He looks really puzzled now, as if he had no idea he had done anything of the sort.

"You saved Kaoru and Hikaru from themselves and opened them up to new people," I continue on, "And finally there is me."

There is a long silence as he raises his heads and looks into my eyes forcing me to look into his.

"You gave me a new family, people that I could hold onto when I was hurt. Everyone has been such a great support to me, and I never would have made it if you hadn't made the host club," I finish as eloquently as I can.

The tide rises and I feel the cold ocean water bite at my ankles. The feeling bring me back to the time when he and I were at school searching through the fountain for my wallet.

"So today is 'Tamaki Appreciation Day' in honor of the host club's number one host, Suoh Tamaki," I conclude as if reciting it to the stars above.

Tamaki's expression changes to something that I have only seen a few times and my body reacts immediately.


Before he even has a chance to finish his deed he is squirted in the face with a cool stream of water. I feel a weight on my shoulders and find my brothers on both sides. Hikaru is armed with a water gun and Kaoru a convenience store bag.

"Milord, I knew that once you saw our cute little sister you wouldn't be able to keep you hands off of her," Hikaru teased and smirked at the soaked blonde.

"After all Hikaru, he is a kissing fiend," Kaoru continues, "It's a good thing that we should up on time, or our new sister's lips would have been sullied!"

Tamaki makes a sad face and assumes the fetal position.

"Why are you two so meaning to me? Can't you tease someone else?" Tamaki cries.

"Who knows? You're just so fun to tease," they reply at the same time. I laugh from the amusement of their antics. It's hard to believe that I'm apart of their family now.

My attention is brought to the bag in Kaoru's hand and its contents.

"Kaoru, are those fireworks?" I ask excitedly.

"Yup," he lifts the bag proudly, "We brought them so that all of us could enjoy the time together a bit longer. Kyoya, Hunny, and Mori should be coming by soon with some more."

"We're already here," Hunny announces. He is on Mori's bag carrying two more bags with him. Kyoya follows them with a bucket and some matches.

By now Tamaki is too excited to be bothered by his wet outfit.

"Let's begin!" He shouts and rushes towards the fireworks.

The sparklers go off in beautiful colors. The only thing that could compare to their grace is the twinkling stars above and the smiling faces of my new family.

I see a shooting star and make a wish that my entire life would be like tonight. And I'm pretty sure that with my luck, this wish will come true.

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